What Oil To Use After Shaving Private Area: Picking Amongst The Best Candidates

Crossing the finish line when shaving your privates is typically relieving. Since the outcome of the activity depends on your efficiency with the tool you’re using and the ability you have, finally being able to drop the razor and stepping in the shower to wash away the accumulated dust, and minor strands of pubic hair is a feeling that can’t be described by many.

A common component that is often absent in one’s shaving routine is a routine for after care. Although it is rather redundant when using trimmers, if you’ve used a razor, soothing the skin using an aftershave lotion is mandatory to manage razor burns, itchiness, and more.

While an aftershave lotion is the perfect tool to incorporate into the aftercare routine, certain oils can also be added as the perfect alternative to the product.

Even though oils such as olive oil aren’t necessarily in the mix, there is a list of oils you can definitely use to moisturize, soothe, and heal your skin after the perfect grooming session. From relying on the potential of baby oil to placing your trust in the abilities of coconut oil, here are all the oils that can be the perfect candidate to incorporate into your post shave routine!

Option 1: Baby Oil

Baby Oil

If you’re done with gliding a razor past your scrotum, and pubic region, make sure to apply a soothing gel or aftershave, at least. However, if you’ve run out of both the options that were mentioned previously, and just happened to stumble upon a container of baby oil in your cabinet, go ahead and apply it all over the hairless area!

Since baby oil is made of minerals and contains the same properties as most moisturizers, it is an excellent option to use when you’re seeking to soothe your skin. It contains ingredients that not only protect the layers of your skin, but also introduces a pleasant fragrance onto the area.

Due to its smooth texture, baby oil can also be used as an alternative to shaving foam on certain occasions, especially when removing facial hair with a razor.

Furthermore, if you happen to have sensitive skin, then you should definitely use it more often than not, since baby oil contains properties that treat skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, rashes, and so on.

An underrated characteristic of baby oil is how long lasting it is. While the substance often leaves stains and could come as a challenging material to wash off, it always keeps the skin more moisturized than needed, which can aid those that have relatively scaly and dry skin.

Additionally, if you do use baby oil, there are certain steps that you might have to take if you want to attain a successful outcome.

First and foremost, make sure to wash your pubic region thoroughly to remove any dirt build up. Since oil is heavily moisturizing, applying baby oil on your pubic area could cause discomfort, especially if it’s unclean. It can also cause side effects like acne and even make the area infected if it’s left on for too long.

Once you’ve washed the area, go ahead and apply a small amount of baby oil and run a patch test. If your skin remains calm and doesn’t feel itchy, lather it up with baby oil.

After lathering the skin up, keep it uncovered for a while to let the oil settle in. Failing to do so might clog the pores around the area and bring to the table harmful side effects like acne, fungal infection, and so on.

Option 2: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil could also be an excellent contender to rely on if you’re in need of a substance that will help your skin recuperate after a lengthy shaving session.

In addition to being a source of antioxidants, coconut oil is known for relieving one’s skin from itchiness, reducing inflammation, and protecting the skin from dehydration; all of which could arise during the aftermath of shaving.

In contrast to the previous entry, coconut oil can be used anywhere and everywhere due to how compatible it is. Despite being just as slimy as the former candidate, it is extremely easy to remove and can be washed off effectively by using lukewarm water.

Using coconut oil on a newly shaved area is extremely convenient. Although the substance itself comprises multiple beneficial properties, it is often combined with topical ingredients such as aloe vera for obtaining good results. You can also pair coconut oil with shea butter on certain occasions if you want the fragrance to be less apparent and the texture to be more lotion-like.

Option 3: Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

If your skin feels extremely painful and uncomfortable to touch after shaving your pubes, take some aloe vera gel, mix it with a few drops of tea tree oil, and lather it across your pubic region to control the outcome!

Tea tree oil, just like its rivals in this article, contains antibacterial, and antifungal properties that are effective in getting rid of blemishes, rashes, as well as acne.

In addition to getting rid of scars, tea tree oil is very efficient at soothing a newly shaved skin. It acts as a healing balm, and even promotes the growth of healthier skin and hair!

Although it does moisturize the skin thoroughly, the substance isn’t as runny or slimy in contrast to its opponents, which could be a great feature to take into consideration under the heat of summer.

Since tea tree oil dries up rather quickly, if you do place your trust in the potential of it, try to make a solution with tea tree oil and oils such as grapeseed oil for obtaining commendable results. Before you even create the solution, make sure to run a patch test just be on the safe side.

Honorable Mentions

Lavender Oil

Although the frontrunners have already been mentioned and revealed in the previous segments, oils like lavender oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and even carrot seed oil could also be used to soothe your privates once it’s been shaved for their remarkable properties.

The former options can also be your perfect wingman if you’re planning to head out and live in a relatively humid area. Even though the smell of each oil is rather apparent and noticeable, all four of them have a non-greasy consistency.

The Winner: Baby Oil

While it is a tad bit greasy in contrast to its competitors, baby oil is the safest alternative you may turn to after shaving your privates.

Although it does contain the same properties as its opponents, baby oil is also free of chemicals and often comprises ingredients that are organic and completely natural. It can also be used before, during, and after a shaving session, making it the most special option amongst the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never relied on anything other than aftershave lotion, using coconut oil, tea tree oil, and even baby oil could be a bit unusual to use, and might seem a bit confusing in a few ways. To take a minor portion off your plate however, we have prepared and solved a series of questions regarding oils on this segment. They are placed right below this paragraph, and we hope they’re able to make things less stressful!

Question: Can I use oil after shaving my private area?  

Answer: Absolutely! Before aftershave lotion and aftershave balms hit the shelves, many used oils to soothe their skin and relieve it from rashes, itchiness, razor burns, and dryness, all of which could arise after a shaving session.

Additionally, due to how smooth and greasy they are in terms of texture, certain types of oil can also be used as an alternative to shaving foam or gel.

Question: What are the side effects of using an oil on my private area?

Answer: Due to its hydrating properties, using an oil on your private area on a regular basis can stunt the production of sebum, which can lead to clogged pores and acne in some cases. However, this issue can be avoided entirely if you carry out a patch test before implementing it on your skin.


Whether you’re in a tight situation or just tired of the fragrance of your aftershave perfume, picking an oil to work as a substitute could be a great decision to make. Since it contains healing properties as well as antibacterial and antifungal properties, most oils that are currently available on the market could help your privates recover from a shaving session without a hassle.

The oil that is often opted amongst the crew is baby oil, mainly due to the natural and organic ingredients it comprises. However, those that aren’t fond of its fragrance can also take into consideration tea tree oil and coconut oil, as they are just as beneficial and useful for this scenario.

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