Wet Shaving With An Electric Razor: Easy Method For Fine Shave Every Time

Wet shaving has been rising in popularity in recent times because men have taken up safety & comforting measures to be a necessary aspect for daily shaving. According to a survey by NHCS, around 2.22 million Americans use shaving gel or foam during their shaving procedure and they use these around 14 times per week on average.

The numbers are the evidence to our claims that wet shaving with an electric razor should be your standard approach. It has numerous benefits as well as tons of razors today that recommend shaving in wet conditions. This is one of the reasons why prominent brands are making 100% waterproof shaving devices.

Since a wet shave is of so much help in different ways, we must learn from our experts how to properly do it with an electric razor. So scroll till the end and you’ll master the appropriate techniques in less than no time!

What Is A Wet Shave?

What Is A Wet Shave

Wet shaves imply that your beard will remain drenched with water – hot or cold, foam, gel, cream or something similar which should make it moist. Some even suggest you can get away with vaseline when you shave with an electric razor.

No matter what you use, wet shaving starts from your pre-shave practices where you apply plenty of your preferred nourishing agent to aid you in the process. In this method, there’s always a thin layer of protection from the agent that saves your skin from harm’s way.

There are certain shaving creams that provide vitamins to your skin which allows it to stay healthy. Overall, this is one of the most comfortable and convenient approaches you can include in your daily shaving routine!

How To Wet Shave With Electric Razor?

There are certain differences between a wet shave and a dry shave procedure. Go through the steps we’ve highlighted below to achieve a healthy and clean shave with your electric razor!

Things You Will Need To Perform A Wet Shave

Step 0: Things One Will Need

There are certain things that one should have sitting around before jumping into the process to cut down on your procedural time. I always keep my electric razor around, with exfoliating cream, shaving gel or foam and some aftershave lotion. Once these are placed next to the shaving station, the shaving journey can be commenced immediately!

Step 1: Wash The Face

I always start by washing my face as it’s one of the most essential phases of a wet shave. Wet shave principles demand me to soften the beard as much as possible so that there’s very little resistance when the blade tries to remove them.

Washing my face with a face wash made with natural ingredients always helps in more than one way. I usually clean my face thoroughly so that the exfoliating routine becomes more effective and straightforward!

This step relies on whether I’m shaving before or after a shower, because a shower can alter someone’s beard’s properties for a certain period of time. Once I’m settled with this, I can move on to the next step!

Step 2: Scrub For Exfoliation

Exfoliation is very important when it comes to wet shaving. Many people make this mistake of skipping exfoliation among other ones which actually contributes to a swift and clean shave. It also removes the possibilities of accidental pulls, tugs or even cuts with my electric razor.

I start by applying an exfoliation cream and scrub it nicely all over my beard area. I always make sure to scrub the roots thoroughly, massage gently for around 10 minutes overall. This removes the leftover dirt and oil that may have been missed out by the face wash, and I can feel my beard to be so soft that they are easily chopped off with the slightest effort!

Step 3: Apply Foam/Gel/Lotion

Now comes the crucial part of this routine where I need to apply some foam or gel or even shaving lotion. These mostly depend on the preference as well as your skin type. This is what sets a wet shave apart from a dry shave with an electric razor, however some methods nowadays ask to apply a little lotion for safekeeping.

It emphasizes on how important it is to keep the beard moist while I’m shaving. Shaving foam or gel processes my beard in such a way that the strands stand right up to be picked out by the electric razor. Also, the texture is reduced and rigidity is compromised for the most effective & clean cut!

This is a must-have part that I follow when I’m looking for a close shave among a few others, and the appropriate close shave devices for the task every time makes my life significantly easier!

Step 4: Shave With The Electric Razor

Now we’ve come to the key part of this article – the shaving routine. It’s important to pick out the right shaver for my specific needs from the renown brands. Because a good razor comes back to help out in so many ways that one can’t possibly imagine!

Usually, I start with small strokes from areas that aren’t easy to shave. I stretch my skin out if I have to, so that the razor’s blades are able to smoothly operate on them. Also, I pull down my top lip to expand the area, or the jawline to take the same approach. Necks are a little tricky to do perfectly at first try, but some techniques have eased out my process for a more effortless shave.

With a good shaver, a couple of passes are more than enough for me to get a clean shave. I consistently make sure that the electric razor goes through proper maintenance to give me an optimum result. There have been cases where consumers reported discomfort after a wet shave with an electric razor, but it turned out they had dull blades which they didn’t replace timely.

Once I’m satisfied with the neatness of the fine shave, I tend to wash my face to remove all the residue foam or hair particles and move on to the last step of this procedure!

Step 5: Post-Care

The last step is actually a part of the elaborate post-care framework after a shaving session with an electric razor. I generously apply some aftershave lotion as an antiseptic to the accidental cuts that will heal in due time.

Also, shaving with foam tends to dry up my skin which isn’t really a healthy practice. Putting on some aftershave provides nourishment to my skin and makes me feel refreshed after the engaging wet shaving session!

Following these steps accordingly should land anyone the finest wet shave with an electric razor any time of the day!

Benefits Of A Wet Shave

Benefits Of A Wet Shave

There are a handful of benefits when you perform a wet shave on your face. We think going through them should convince you to settle for wet shaves with your electric razor from this point onward!

Prevents Razor Burn & Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is a major concern when it comes to shaving, and so is razor burns. Wet shaves often mitigate these issues and allow you to shave against your grains should you need to. Also, this is the right way of proceeding your shaving if you have thick or coarse hair, but make sure you have the appropriate tools for the task as well!

Keeps Your Skin Moisturized

Wet shaves keep your skin moisturized. While shaving dry can leave your skin prone to breakage or even cuts induced by dryness, wet shaving gives you all the nourishment your skin needs even when you’re shaving. It contributes to achieving healthy skin in the long run!

Adds A Protective Layer From Blades

When you’re shaving in the wet conditions, the water, exfoliating agent, shaving foam or gel sits with the skin as a protective layer. It prevents your electric razor’s blades from getting too close and ensures there is enough lubrication for the foils to glide past effortlessly!

Saves Time

Wet shaves always cut down your shaving time by a significant margin. As the pre-routine might seem like a lengthy process, you can always do it inside your shower with a waterproof Braun or Panasonic razor. You’ll get two tasks done at one go and the best part, you won’t have to clean anything out additionally!


Now that you’re at the endpoint of our wet shaving with an electric razor guide, there are a few things you must remember. First and foremost, maintaining your skin’s health should be your first priority whether you’re shaving wet or dry. Wet shaves generally ensure a better quality of your skin and I personally recommend that you make this into your regular practice for a healthy skin.

Secondly, wet shaves increase the durability of your electric razor’s blades and you won’t have to go through their sharpening procedure very frequently. Also, lubricating the razor blades is highly beneficial and a necessary part of your razor’s maintenance as it can increase the longevity of the device as well as remove the risks of cuts or tugs.

Lastly, we hope you’ve been able to pick up the wet shaving with an electric razor properly and will be able to find smoother results once you start applying on a daily basis!

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