Should You Wash Your Face Before or After Shaving? Let’s Find The Answer

Shaving is an essential part of one’s grooming routine. However, the activity is often met with various questions. One of the queries that people often ask about is shaving and the face washing routine that should be carried out with the act.

The answer to this question, however,  is rather obvious. In short, while it isn’t the worst idea to wash your face after shaving, washing the face before shaving generates a more favorable scenario for the person.

In this article, we will be explaining the importance of washing one’s face before shaving and the desirable process of washing one’s face after the activity. We will thoroughly emphasize on each topic to the maximum, in an attempt to make our readers understand the severity of it to the fullest.

Washing Your Face Before Shaving: An Easy and Effective Measure

Washing Your Face Before Shaving

Soft skin eases down the process of shaving. Similarly, washing your face with warm water before trimming your facial hair will allow the pores to open up, and unwind the texture of the skin. The newfound smoothness in the skin will result in a better shave, which will be of immense help to those seeking a clean cut aftermath.

Washing your face will also work wonders if you use loads of skincare products on your face, as it will get rid of any pre-existing bacteria before the act of shaving begins. Doing so will also reduce the chances of razor bumps, razor burns and acne, which often arises when one’s face has a pre-existing buildup of a series of products.

Furthermore, when washing your face, it is a necessity to use lukewarm to warm water. This is because the temperature of the water itself helps with draining the skin of any existing product buildup.

However, make sure to gently splash the water on each part of the face, especially if you’re using hard water. Hard water tends to contain more minerals than its opponent, which can be disadvantageous when it makes direct contact with one’s skin. Exposing one’s skin to hard water will result in dehydrated and flaky skin, mainly since it will absorb all the natural oils from the skin.

All in all, if your skin is oily or normal, perhaps washing your face with lukewarm water and a cleanser will really be effective. Those with dry skin, on the other hand, really need to keep an eye out on the temperature of the water and need to be extremely gentle when erasing residue from the skin before shaving.

The Simple Routine to Washing Your Face After Shaving

Washing Your Face After Shaving

Although many people think it’s a good idea to give the face a thorough clean up after shaving, it brings to the table a scenario that is rather unfortunate.

The reason behind the outcome is directly related to the sensitivity of the skin.

A person’s face is extremely vulnerable once they’re done shaving it. It contains multiple pores that are exposed to the brink, which also makes them prone to attaining damage. Washing the face will damage the skin even further. It will not only be prone to infections and acne, but will also become extremely flaky and dry.

This situation, however, comes with a completely different solution that can most definitely be taken up without an issue.

To fight back and prevent the chances of facing drawbacks after shaving, make sure to splash some cool water to the face to unlock your post-shave skin care routine. Use a toner to close in the exposed pores, and seal them even further by using a moisturizer afterwards. Those with sensitive skin may also use a serum before using the moisturizer so that any irritation through shaving subsides almost immediately.

Furthermore, if your schedule is packed and you have no room for a lengthy routine, you can also attain the previous benefits by using an aftershave.

Make sure it is free of alcohol to prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated. To prevent your face from feeling heavy, you can also purchase a grease free aftershave lotion that feels weightless.


Here are some common queries regarding the guide to shaving that we’d like to address.

Question: How do you wash your face before shaving?

Answer: The main incentive of washing the face before shaving is to unlock its pores. One can achieve open pores by simply using a facial cleanser on a damp face and washing it off with lukewarm water afterwards.

You can also clean your face before shaving while taking a shower. Allow the showerhead to take control by naturally splashing water on your face in a gentle manner.

Question: Can I apply anything to my face before shaving if I have dry skin?

Answer: While shaving your face when it’s clean and dry offers you the best outcome, those with dry skin may use a light moisturizer before kick starting the activity. Doing so will reduce the chances of irritation, making the process more friendly to the skin.

Final Thoughts

The art of shaving is tremendous and offers multiple outcomes that are beneficial. It gets rid of the unnecessary bushes on the face, and gives the user a clean and presentable appeal. We hope to serve you with useful knowledge on shaving and encourage you to make this activity a part of your daily routine.

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