Should Men Shave Their Legs? Age Old Query Finally Resolved!

If you have a fascination towards looking clean and also admire the art of grooming, there’s no doubt that you’ve already contemplated the thought of shaving your legs. While we do believe that grooming does add to having good hygiene, shaving the legs entirely is more of a choice than an option.

Still a bit lost? Worry not, we’ve got you covered! Make sure to stick around till the end to find the answer that you’ve been searching for!

How to Shave Your Legs: A Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

Before we get into why men should or shouldn’t consider the act of shaving their legs, we believe that a tutorial would allow you to have a better perspective. Shaving the legs isn’t as easy as it seems. It isn’t just time consuming, but also requires precision and care. From washing your legs to using the right tools, here are the steps you need to follow in order to achieve the perfect shave!

How to shave your legs

  1. Wash the area thoroughly

Before you let the equipment work its magic, make sure to exfoliate the leg and wash it properly. Doing so will not only result in a smoother shave, but also prevent cuts and nics. Exfoliating the skin will also get rid of dry patches of skin, whose presence could affect the impact of the razor.

  1. Apply shaving foam or gel

Once you’ve carried out the previous step, take a generous amount of shaving foam or gel and spread it evenly across the legs. Products like shaving foams are useful because they protect the barrier of the skin. They also allow the tool to glide through, making the timeframe shorter than expected.

  1. Use a razor to shave towards the grain

After applying the foam, use a new razor to shave the existing hair strands on the legs. You may shave towards the grain for a cleaner appearance, but can also shave against the grain if your skin isn’t on the sensitive side.

  1. Rinse the area afterwards

Before you wrap things up, make sure to rinse the newly shaved area with cool water. The cold temperature will not close the pores, but will definitely tighten and soothe the area.

  1. Apply aftershave

Although you can definitely leave your legs as they are after rinsing it with cold water, using an aftershave lotion or even a moisturizer will really prevent the area from becoming dry and allow it to fight back against razor burn. If you have neither of the items, you can use natural remedies like aloe vera gel as a replacement.

When To Consider Shaving Your Legs?

As mentioned earlier, shaving the legs is nothing but a choice. It is the best possible outcome if one’s main aim is to have the cleanest looking pair of legs, as a razor as well as an electric shaver will effectively remove every hair follicle of the area.

When To Consider Shaving Your Legs

However, it might be a bit tricky. Directly using a razor might result in minor inconveniences such as cuts and nicks, which will probably burn and leave a mark over time. To achieve the most effective results, one might need to invest in shaving foam or shaving gel.

Shaving foam or gel tends to soften the follicles, which makes things easier for the razor to remove all the strands. It also relieves the skin from any irritation and itchiness, a trait that can be prevented even further by using aftershave.

Additionally, before taking this question into account, one must also consider the density of their hair. While carrying this out isn’t mandatory, we believe that more often than not, men tend to forget about the act of trimming, which involves a much safer procedure with minimum drawbacks.

Is Trimming Just As Good As Shaving Legs?

In contrast to shaving, trimming involves removing the hair by using electric clippers. The clipper consists of micro blades with a slightly curved surface, which is mainly present to prevent the risk of minor injuries.

Trimming leg

In addition to the previous feature, a clipper is adjustable. A clipper when bought alone contains a 0 guard, which is suitable for those that want to trim as much hair as possible, but can also be supported with the 12 guards of different shapes and sizes. This feature is great for those that are beginners, as well as for those that don’t really have much to shed to begin with.

All in all, trimming is an excellent option for a quicker and less hectic clean up. While one might need to charge it on a regular basis and replace the battery every now and then, the act of trimming is much less harmful for one’s skin.

Other Methods To Get Rid Of Hairy Legs For Men

Even though the options mentioned above are more than useful enough and contain great results, there are other techniques that are just as effective, especially if you’re seeking a time-friendly procedure.

Get Rid Of Hairy Legs

The first option is laser hair removal. While the only drawback is the cost, laser hair removal could be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a permanent solution. Since the procedure involves destroying the hair follicles in the desired area indefinitely, you might not need to shave your legs or trim it ever again if you go through with this option.

On the other hand, if you want a more budget friendly procedure that has the same effects as the former suggestion, you can always look into waxing.

Waxing involves removing the hair through the use of multiple waxing strips. While it is extremely painful, one can go up to 2 months without a trim after waxing the area. Since the procedure removes the follicles temporarily, it takes weeks for the waxed area to regenerate and grow noticeable hair strands.

Final Verdict

All in all, even though shaving the legs is rather therapeutic and extremely affordable in most cases, it does have its fair share of drawbacks. For instance, if the person isn’t consistent and loses momentum, they might receive multiple cuts and nicks. A sensitive skin will also not adjust well to the sharpness of a razor or a shaver, as the texture of it will cause irritation and itchiness.

On the other hand, in contrast to shaving, we do believe that trimming is an excellent option. Not only does it involve a shorter time frame, but it ensures safety for the user.

In addition to ensuring one’s well being, using a trimmer doesn’t strip the area of it’s natural oils, a concern that shaving usually triggers.

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