Should I Shave My Beard? Pros & Cons Of Beard Shaving For Men

Growing a fine beard isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, because it takes a lot of patience and care to take it to a place that people find envious. It becomes a matter of great contention when you’re faced with this riddling question: should I shave my beard? While the answer isn’t as easy as this question, there actually are a lot of things that you should consider beforehand.

First and foremost, you have to ask yourself a few more questions like is it necessary to shave your beard? What would be the benefits if you did, and what things would be the downside of it. Settling these dilemmas can be troublesome, thus we’ve composed this article to help you reach your final decision.

Here, you’ll learn about the things you’d gain if you kept your beard unshaved as well as the facilities of not having a beard. Also, your beard requires some degree of grooming too, which includes shaving to some extent. When you learn about all these factors that we’ve provided in this article, you’ll hopefully be able to make up your mind and decide whether to shave or not!

Reasons Why I Should Shave My Beard

In this section, we explore the reasons behind shaving your beard, and how this decision will help you in the long run at multiple aspects of your life!

Irregular Beard Patches

Irregular Beard Patches

If you have irregular beard patches, it makes things difficult for you to maintain a proper beard style. Full beards are thrown out of the window because of this, and you might have to settle for some unorthodox styles that aren’t often appreciated by the mass of people, or you don’t find those attractive yourself.

When such is the case, we think it’s wiser to shave off your beard and carry around the clean look that wouldn’t raise a brow. Shaving regularly often helps with hardening the beard strands and eventually allows you to style into various designs. For that chance to occur, you’ll have to go through with the beard shaving in the first place.

To Look Younger

Beard has the potential to make you look significantly older. Take Jensen Ackles for example. His clean shaved look in the Supernatural days made him look significantly younger as opposed to his bearded Soldier Boy appearance in The Boys.

The same effect can happen to you as well. Beards are such styling instruments that have been around to increase maturity of a person’s looks and add a few years of age automatically. If you are looking for ways to make yourself look younger, getting a clean shave can be your best possible start in such a venture!

If Beard Isn’t Part Of Your Formal Look

Shave When Beard Is Not Your Formal Look

If you’ve kept your beard for the longest possible time and intend on keeping it, then this section is not for you. But if you’re someone who wishes to jump between bearded and clean shaved styles, you must decide upon which look you want to make into your formal look.

Because your passport or driver’s license photograph is your identification document. Any lack of resemblance between your look and your photo may land you in a meeting at the local police station. So if you don’t have a beard as part of your formal or regular look, it’s wise to get a clean shave before sitting for a formal photography session to avoid any legal hassle.


The summer sun is cooking up everything in an extreme manner, and under this scorching heat keeping a full beard is actually a toilsome task. Your beard adds a layer over your facial skin that builds up heat and sweat underneath. If you have oily skin, your problems become even more severe as you have to deal with it every hour of a hot day.

A clean shaved face spares you this trouble during the sunny days. Your skin remains exposed so you must make sure to apply some sunscreen to prevent sunburns. This exposure to skin allows you to wipe your sweat at all times and prevent any dirt from getting clotted at your beard follicles.

Skin Condition

Skin conditions are part of human lives that may occur due to a lot of reasons. Having dense beards that aren’t maintained regularly can become another cause for skin related problems. Apart from that, having rashes or acne at the root of beard strands isn’t something healthy to keep around, and a clean shaved face will help you treat these in a better way.


Beard Maintenance

Like every body part and organ that you have, your beard demands some degree of maintenance as well. That can be grooming from time to time, proper cleaning after returning home or applying beard oil to keep the strands healthy and in perfect shape.

If you’re someone who is outgoing and don’t always find the time to take good care of your beard, shaving it off would be the best solution for you as keeping an unmaintained beard can cause you all sorts of discomfort and hygiene issues. A cleanly shaved face will relieve you of those maintenance duties that come at the cost of shaving regularly.

Why Shouldn’t I Shave My Beard?

After all the reasons to shave off your beard mentioned above still have you confused whether to go through with it or not, let’s give you a few good reasons to not shave your beard.

For A Particular Style

A Particular Beard Style

We follow the prominent styles in popular culture or prominent sports icons to make ourselves look fashionable in front of the crowd. If such a style contains any type of beard like a full-grown or a French cut in it, we have to keep our beard unshaved to make ourselves fully committed to that look.

It comes with a cost however. To keep the style neat and tidy at all times, you have to follow proper maintenance procedures, otherwise it can even backfire on you. But remember, every good thing has its price, and a fine-looking bearded style only demands you to look after it properly!

If You Have A Full Beard

Having a full beard is actually a blessing from upstairs, because there are many people who aspire to grow something like this but aren’t able due to genetic deprivation. So gloat your beard once in a while, make yourself look like the cool daddy that you are and dazzle everyone’s eyes with the most unique full-beard styles frequently!

If Beard Is Part Of Your Look

Beard Is Part Of Your Look

When you’ve made your beard a part of your look, it’s better not to shave it off because your beard reflects your personality. No matter what style you wear, everyone is used to seeing you under a certain light for your beard and shaving it off would simply change everything about it. Remember, beards are such strong instruments that can shift your look upside down, so think hard before making such alterations!


Beard Growing Commitment

Most of the long beards require commitment and dedication. The styles like Scandinavian beard or the one Thor had in the Avenger films aren’t something that grow overnight. And shaving off such a carefully grown property of your body would mean you’d have to go through such a long cycle over again to reach the point you were right before the shave. So this time and commitment should be taken into your consideration as well in this regard.


Many of you probably don’t know that your beard works as a protection for your facial skin. It saves you from the exposure of sunlight and various forms of dust as everything is halted by your thick layer of beard. Shaving this protective layer can leave your skin vulnerable to such things as it isn’t used to being the outer layer for the duration of time.

So not shaving your beard can benefit you in terms of healthy skin this way. But you must remember that you have to clean and maintain your beard properly to keep it as your protective layer. Otherwise, it’s going to do the opposite by building up dirt at the roots, leading up to even skin infections at a further extent!


As for the verdict on this question: should I shave my beard? It all comes down to your preference in the end. We’ve provided you with all the information on what you’d gain if you keep your beard on. This can work as your motivation too, since there actually are a lot of upsides of not shaving your beard, some of which are even healthy in some respects!

On the other hand, shaving your beard offers you liberty from a lot of hassle. You won’t need to follow maintenance procedures, you’ll look young and feel less heat on your face during the days of summer.

We hope you’ll be able to find your own answer based on all the important factors in this debate. No matter what you decide, remember that your health comes first and style comes much later than that. So make your choice upon this notion and we are certain that it’ll do you good in the long run.

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