Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro: Which One Suits You The Best?

The dilemma to choose between Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro is very real when it comes down to buying one of them. Both are unique in their own capabilities & features and have the potential to offer you the best possible shaving results.

But if you have to pick only one, you must then fully understand what are the strengths & weaknesses of each of these shavers, and align them with your shaving needs. That may include the type of shave you want, the kind of skin you have and your shaving convenience.

Our article acknowledges all of these concerns and offers you a comparative analysis of these two premium shavers. After completely understanding what each of these shavers are capable of doing, you’ll be able to find the best fit for your specific requirements.

Scrolling down till the end should clear out all of your confusions and help you make your decision for selecting the one that’ll serve you the best.

OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro Comparison Chart

Philips OneBladePhilips OneBlade Pro
Best For
Face & Body
Number Of Length Settings
Running Time
45 minutes
60 Minutes
Charging Time
8 Hour
1 Hour
LED Display
0.71 Pounds
10.86 Ounces
Check price Check price

The Grand Duel: OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro

Norelco is one of the prominent trimmer and shaver series by Philips that consider the users’ needs before designing their product. Such a high degree of production makes us ask one question: Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro – which one is better?

Let’s look at their features and find all the similarities & differences they have to offer you an in-depth understanding.

Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro Review

Oneblade Pro by Philips Norelco is one of their top of the line razors imbued with premium shaving features required for the most convenient shaving. This particular shaver is an all-rounder device that can satisfy your every shaving needs.

Philips OneBlade pro

This shaver comes in only one color of black and is super lightweight, weighing only 0.68 pounds. This foil shaver can not only shave, but also trim and edge your beard to your desired taste. The rounded tips paired with glide coating makes shaving with this device feel like cutting through butter.

A big plus for this shaver is that it comes with a protective comb that has 12 adjustable length settings between 0.5 mm to 12 mm, so you won’t feel the need to switch between separate combs. This comb along with the featured dual protective system of the blade renders it one of the safest shavers you can find on the market.

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Unlike many other shavers, the Oneblade Pro has the functionality for shaving your body. The rounded tips enhance skin safety and have the capability of following your contour, which minimizes any chance of cuts, tugs or ingrown hair. You’ll be able to shave in both dry & wet conditions and rinse it under water due to its water-resistant technology.

It features a big lithium-ion battery that can run for 60 minutes after a full charge and the LED display indicates the amount of charge you have remaining. With this strong battery, the motor is able to move the cutter 200x per second, ensuring you the smoothest shave or trim you can ever imagine.

Oneblade Pro has utilized modern shaving technology to the fullest and made electric shaving more convenient than ever! And you’ll get the safest of face and body shaves without causing any irritation at such a price point which is a real catch for its price point!

Philips Norelco Oneblade Review

Philips has designed their Norelco Oneblade to offer you the most convenient shaving session possible with the lowest level of maintenance. This handy device comes with the most unique design that not only soothes your eyes, but also gives you a comfortable and smooth face which isn’t very close to your skin.

Philips OneBlade

This unit by Philips comes in three captivating colors of black, green and silver. Blades made with stainless steel, you’ll get the best results out of it without having the need to swap it out every four months, considering you shave twice per week. It weighs only 0.71 pounds, placing it as a strong contender to be your regular shaving companion.

Apart from comfort of use and low-maintenance nature, this shaver can trim and shave your face while creating neat edge lines. Bi-directional shaving blades will allow you to shave in all directions that’ll shave you more time and give you a clean result. The blades are easily replaceable and available at your nearest marketplaces. A blade can last up to 4 months of regular use, which is quite significant given the neat shaves it can generate.

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The Oneblade package includes 3 trimming combs of 1 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm, which can give you a range of lengths, from tight trim to a long stubble. The dual protection system incorporated in the blades retains skin health and integrity and minimizes any form of skin irritation or disturbance. The blade’s technology spares you from accidental nicks or cuts as it doesn’t shave too close to your skin and comfortably follows your contour. Be it a slow, comfortable shave to a quick and efficient one, the Oneblade has got it all in its arsenal.

This battery powered shaver can run 45 minutes at a stretch after 8 hours of charge. Some may claim the charging time to be quite long, but considering you’re getting all the features of a top-notch shaver with premium quality shaving at a highly-affordable price tag, you’ll never want to spend more after getting used to it.



The Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro battle continues. Although these two shavers cater to unique shaving needs, they do share similarities between some of their prominent features.

Taking a look at these common features will help you in identifying which of these devices you’d want to settle for.

  • Weight

The OneBlade and OneBlade Pro weigh almost the same, the former 0.71 pounds and the latter 0.68 pounds. Such lightweight devices make for good shavers as they won’t get your hands tired during longer shaving sessions. The portability also helps if you’re traveling, because these shavers will be one less trouble for your luggage’s weight.

  • Blade type

Both of these shavers feature foil blades that don’t shave too close to skin, can trim, edge & shave at the same time and stay friendly to your skin. The cutters on both blades run 200x times per second, making your shaving an exceptionally fast operation. And the durable, bi-directional blades are certain to give you a shaving flexibility that are unparalleled by many other shavers.

  • Wet & Dry

Philips has made our OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro duel more interesting by enabling both of these shavers to perform in wet and dry conditions. Having such features allows you to use shaving foam or gel that’ll guarantee a clean and effortless experience, resulting in the smoothest of skins.

  • Water Resistant

It may sound surprising, but both of these shavers are water resistant which isn’t often seen in shavers at such price points. Being water resistant means you’ll have to spend less time in cleaning since you can simply rinse them under running water. Also, it’ll allow you to take these shavers inside your shower and get the maximum shaving comfort out of them.


The differences in features between Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro are the key aspects that you should pay close attention to before opting for either one. Because these are the vital points that’ll separate one from the other and help you realize which features you would prefer over the other.

  • Design & Color

There is a major difference in color and design between the OneBlade and OneBlade Pro. The former comes in three colors: black, green and silver while the latter is only available in black. Apart from color choices, they are both built differently as well. The OneBlade features a rubber grip and a thinner body and on the other hand, the OneBlade Pro has gone for a more premium looking chassis. This is completely an aesthetic preference and you’ll have to see them side by side to understand which design attracts you the most.

  • Blade Guard

Duel between OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro takes a significant turn when it comes to the blade guard. While the OneBlade doesn’t include such an attachment, the Pro version features a prominent blade guard that protects your skin from any sort of nicks or tugs. This is an additional safety feature that comes in handy when you’re regularly shaving your face or other body parts.

  • Length Settings

Philips has allowed both of these shavers to trim in separate lengths, but OneBlade Pro prevails in this field over the OneBlade in regards that it can adjust the lengths with only one comb. The OneBlade comes with three separate combs of unique lengths, and you’ll need to swap them each time you need to alter between the lengths.

OneBlade Pro on the other hand, simply needs the comb scale to be rotated in order to reach the desired length. But you have to understand that, you’ll be paying significantly less for OneBlade and still get almost identical results.

  • Battery Life

Although both of these shavers are battery powered, the OneBlade Pro features a bigger lithium-ion battery than the OneBlade. The former can shave relentlessly for 60 minutes while the latter can run 45 minutes straight. Although on paper this looks like a significant difference, in reality this wouldn’t matter much as 45 minutes of runtime is more than enough to shave or trim your entire face and refine the edges.

  • Face & Body

This is a vital aspect for Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro, as the Pro device can shave your body hair as well as your face, making it redundant for you to have two separate shavers for two purposes. The OneBlade can shave only your face as it lacks the blade guard and you’ll need to be quite adventurous to use it on your body. This along with many other features justifies the OneBlade Pro price point since you’ll be getting the work of two shavers done by one and end up saving a significant amount of money.


Now that you’ve read all the features and gone through the similarities and differences, it’s time for us to announce a winner of the Philips OneBlade vs OneBlade Pro battle. Our experts consider the OneBlade Pro to be the winner while both of these shavers come with some of the most exclusive features in the shaver market.

The OneBlade Pro embodies two shavers in one, saving you the money and storage capacity of keeping a separate shaving unit. Built with a premium design and ensuring skin-safety, this device is a solution to many shaving based problems.

While the OneBlade lacks a blade guard, body shaving capability and comes with a smaller battery, you have to consider the amount of money you’ll be spending on it as well. For how much it’s worth, it delivers almost twice as much as that, because it shares most of the prominent features with the Pro variant. So you won’t be missing out on much if your shaving need is solely concentrated on your face.

So, assess whether you need body shaving, aesthetic designs and length-adjustability in your list of priority. When you sort out your needs, you’ll find that you can easily pick between the two shavers, and whichever you may choose, you’ll be the ultimate winner.

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