13 Outstanding Mutton Chops Beard Styles To Proudly Flaunt Your Manhood

Even though the name Mutton Chops beard may remind you of a certain type of food, in reality it’s the name of a beard style that’s prominent among men who are bold and tasteful. Such styles have a historical past as it draws back from the Imperial era of colonization. Apart from that, it’s still a fashion choice that promises to boost your looks in the most unique manner!

Our article today caters to the demands of mutton chops enthusiasts as it presents you with some of the remarkable concepts to follow. It includes styling guides, a DIY tutorial and looks back at the origin from which this style found its inception.

So, dig deep into our all-inclusive article right now to make mutton chops a part of your looks today! It’s a daring leap into the industry of fashion and only the ones courageous enough will survive all the associated challenges. You’re going to need all the knowledge you can muster up on the matter, and our article gives you just that!

What Is A Mutton Chops Beard?

What Is Mutton Chops Beard

Mutton chops beard is basically an extended sideburns style. When you let your sideburns grow out to be longer than usual, it can then be classified as mutton chops. The original concept was drawn from General Ambrose Burnside back in 1865 with his menacing look that’s still the inspiration for many people.

The sideburns derived the name from this individual’s surname ‘Burnside’ and the mutton chops lay the foundation on top of that. The sideburns in this style are often connected to the mustache that extends each of the ends to connect with the burns. The ideal style sports a seamlessly sharp line with the same width from the mustache all the way up to the sideburns.

Valiant Mutton Chops Beard Styles To Endorse

Let’s take a look at some of the unique & diverse mutton chops beard ideas that you can try out to generate the most mesmerizing look to be followed by many!

The Irish Chops

The Irish Chops

This unique beard style dates back to prehistoric Irish mythological days when it was a highly common style among men who fought wars. There have been numerous attempts at reviving this style, one such instance would be WWE’s star wrestler Sheamus and his chops. Despite being such an aged design, it still has the potential to be one of the trendiest styles today!

You’ll require some significant amount of facial hair to get into the styling process. It would look better if your beard and mustache are connected, because some people have a bald patch at that precise place. With your facial hair, you have to remove everything beneath the neck and at the chin area.

Clean up some portion of your cheeks as well so that your beard becomes a thin line that carries all the way to your mustache!

Chops With A Fancy Mustache

Chop With A Fancy Mustache

The beauty of modern beard styles is that they can be interpreted in the most unorthodox ways. Such an interpretation is this specific style which takes mutton chops to a whole new level! Merging the concept with traditional Indian trends, this style is going to catch everyone off guard and have them appreciate your aesthetic sense.

It starts with facial hair aged one month that’s groomed into shape. The basic shape is a long pair of sideburns that barely reaches the height of your mustache, but doesn’t cover the distance. An Indian mustache with pointy ends rising upwards is part of the mix, and a stubble underneath should give this look completion.

To make it look sharp, line the sideburn ends to a 30 degree angle and trim the edges of your beard regularly.

Mad Viking Chops

Mad Viking Chops

If you think our last mutton chops beard was out of the ordinary, then we reckon you won’t find any adjective for the current one we’re projecting. One has to be really mad, passionate and patient to grow his style out to be something so outrageous and jaw-dropping. The way vikings would wear their beard, this rendition follows the same principles but does it with the mutton chops!

It’s probably going to take you years to get into the stride for such an auspicious look to be bloomed into perfection. You’ll have to allow your sideburns and the area beneath your mustache grow a significant amount of hair – almost to the length of Gandalf’s beard. With this spectacular length, all you’ll need to do is groom regularly and tie a couple of bands over it!

Mutton Motorhead

Mutton Motorhead

This time round we’re back to an underwhelming style which sports a metal or motorhead vibe with the look. It too takes the mutton chops concept into something beyond the typical style and such a fine variant is always welcome into the world of tasteful fashion. The best part about this style is, it requires less maintenance, less hair growth and a higher degree of styling points!

Based on your hair growth, it’s going to take you around a month’s beard to work it out nicely. Go for the regular mutton chops grooming process, but make sure not to trim off the hair on your cheeks because that’s a part of this look. Trim that hair down a little bit to create some contrast with the main chops line and cleanly shave everything beneath your lips to complete the style!

Professor Chops

Professor Chops

Mutton chops is something that people from any age can easily try out and it won’t look out of place for a single second! As you already know, the original style was derived from someone who is older than the majority of today’s fashion enthusiasts and it’s proof that this style will work for literally anyone! All you’ll need is some courage and sense of aestheticism to reflect on your look!

It basically follows all the major aspects of the most traditional mutton chops beard. Long sideburns taking a swing right before the chin to meet the dense mustache sitting on top of your lips. If you have elegant hair on your head, brush it all backwards with a single group standing out to hang over your forehead. The beard paired with such a hairstyle will have everyone call you the coolest professor in town!

The Headphone Mutton Chops

The Headphone Mutton Chops

This version of mutton chops is going to sit on your face looking like an actual headphone because of its shape. This is one of the many ways you can interpret this beard trend as long as you keep on styling with your sideburns. Unlike other designs of this genre however, it doesn’t contain any sort of mustache and keeps the rest clean.

You’ll probably need some significant amount of time for your sideburns to grow into such a dense bush. Keep the rest of the beard body in check by regularly trimming and refining the edge lines, until the intended look manifests to satisfy your needs!

Subtle Chops

Subtle Chops

It’s the inverse edition of an actual mutton chop and this is why we’ll call it subtle chops. It doesn’t highlight any sizable sideburns and plays with only the mustache area – the portion where the sideburns connect and generate the menacing look that it’s known for.

Basically, you’re going to need a goatee but with a chin area that’s neatly shaved. Only your mustache and the extensions on each end will have to remain intact while the rest of the facial hair should be removed. Draw the edges regularly with your razor to maintain the look’s integrity!

The Wolverine Style

The Wolverine Style

This style doesn’t need any introduction as it’s self-explanatory due to the massive popularity it has gained among men over the years! Hugh Jackman’s iconic Wolverine look is indeed the must have mutton chops beard that you should most certainly consider trying out at least once in your lifetime!

It’s not edgy and it’s nothing over the top, just the sideburns growing into a beard as it gradually fades toward the chin and mustache area. Former editions of this look sported only the sideburns which abruptly ended before getting connected with each other with a sharp end line.

Chops & Handlebar Mustache

Chops And Handlebar Mustache

While you’ve seen such a mustache with mutton chops earlier in our list, this one flaunts the handlebar mustache with an additional beard underneath. This style in itself is a fashion statement and is right here to make you look more classy than ever!

The styling process doesn’t rely on distinction as it’s more of a casual trend nowadays. Instead of creating lined up sideburns into long mustaches, it grows a regular beard with increased density to the sideburn areas. A stubble on the chin & cheeks with a mustache connected to the beard but yet maintaining the handlebar features, this is an exclusive style to definitely die for!

The Casual Look

The Casual Look

When you don’t find enough time for grooming on a regular basis and high-maintenance styles become a burden in the end, this casual style is going to relieve you from such duties altogether. The most basic mutton chops style presented in a casual manner, it has the power to become your everyday styling companion!

For this to work, you’re going to need a certain amount of beard to work on. The beard lines don’t need to be neat & sharp as well as the mustache lines. A stubble on the remaining areas is often a go-to option for such styles with the thick sideburns covering up most of your facial area.

Long Chops

Long Chops

These chops resemble long & outgrown beards, but fall slightly short as it remains only to the sideburns area and don’t transcend past the chin region. Paired up with a very thin mustache and equally light beard on the neck, the only significant aspects are the long chops. Such a quirky beard style is guaranteed to set you apart from the rest of the pack for your preference and boldness!

Mutton Into Circle

Mutton Into Circle

Hybridizing is one of the go-to features of contemporary styles and this is one way of keeping old styles relevant. This style in particular goes the extent of connecting mutton chops to a circle beard and has been able to produce a highly soothing style. You’ve only witnessed such instances with hairstyles, but it’s rarely evident with beards as not a lot of people have the courage enough to experiment in this way!

The Macho Chops

The Macho Chops

Being a macho man has all of its perks and downsides, but this beard style only stresses on the good aspects about it. Complimenting your well-built look, the macho chops are based on short but wide sideburns. A small soul patch finds its way into the mix with mutton chops that are really far from being connected to each other. Unlike most chop beards, it doesn’t rely on a mustache for the style to look voguish!

DIY Guide For Mutton Chops Beard

The ‘Do It Yourself’ part of our article briefly tells you the way you can apply a mutton chops beard on yourself without running to a professional stylist!

Step 1: Selection

The design selection is the most important part, as it’s going to work as your blueprint for the final outcome and all the procedures in-between. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can move on to the styling section!

Step 2: Growing

It’s always going to take you a certain amount of time to achieve any of the looks from this genre because it requires sizable facial hair available for styling. It can require two weeks to a couple of months of growth for the regular styles, and having a beard beforehand will always cut down on this time!

Step 3: Styling

Grab your trimmer and neatly draw out the lines of your desired mutton chops beard. After creating the outline, trim off any redundant facial hair completely. Use a razor if your style demands a clean shaved area where a beard isn’t necessary.

Step 4: Final Touches

Once you’ve completed all three steps, you now need to sharpen up the edges by making the beard lines more apparent. You can do it with your razor or trimmer, but it’s going to require some degree of finesse and skill with the instruments.

Once all of these are done, you’re going to be the proud owner of a mutton chops beard of your own making!


Our FAQ section today answers some of your questions that you’ve asked regarding mutton chops beard online. Scrolling through this section should give you valuable information about the trend that you didn’t know until now!

Q: Are mutton chops attractive?

A: Mutton chops are definitely attractive as they radiate the manly vibe which is appreciated by many people worldwide.

Q: Should I shave mutton chops?

A: It depends on the look you’re intending for. Shaving mutton chops create a stark contrast which increases the styling potential, so you might as well consider doing that.

Q: Are sideburns out of style?

A: Sideburns are technically out of style since it’s been a part of the 80s fashion trends. However, if done right, then the mutton chops based off of sideburns can swing you back to popular trends because of its diverse nature and dynamic designs!


It’s the endpoint of our feature article on mutton chops beard. As you can see, it’s still highly popular among men and many people are still experimenting with it to generate unique & new styles everyday! If the torch of such experimentation goes on, it’s going to witness a complete revival with contemporary interpretations!

We hope that our guide has proven helpful to you in this matter. We’ve tried our best to be thorough about all the details and the procedure for your convenience. What we expect in return is that you try out mutton chops and contribute to the trend. Only then, this traditional style will be able to withstand the corrosion of time. Cheers!

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