How To Use A Foil Shaver [Step-by-Step Guide]

The world of shavers and trimmers is a vast one, and choosing between which one to go for can be one of the most challenging decisions you might have to make.

But once you’ve sorted out your needs and picked up a foil shaver for your regular use, you may want to learn all the basics of it. Additionally, knowing how to use a foil shaver can benefit your shaving operation and spare you from mistakenly left out hair patches.

This article covers all the issues mentioned above, along with a maintenance guide, telling you why you should choose a foil shaver and answering some of the most common questions asked by beginners.

So, scroll down till you reach the end to become a pro at using foil shavers for your daily needs!

How Does A Foil Shaver Work?

Foil shavers work differently from the other established shavers like rotary or cartridge. The technology implemented here is that: on top of the shaver handle, there is a base that holds the blades and the foils.

Foils are metallic cube-shaped meshes with holes. When the shaving switch is turned on, these foils are rotated and the blades beneath start vibrating.

What the foils do is – they grab the ‘hair to be shaved’ and guide them to the blades that chop them off. The highlight of the process is that the foils separate the hair from skin so that there’s no contact between skin and blade.

The hair is systematically removed with twirling foils and vibrating blades without causing any skin disturbances, and in the most convenient manner.

How To Use A Foil Shaver?

Use a foil shaver

Using a foil shaver is one of the easiest things to do. It is intuitive and playing around with it for a few minutes can give you an idea of how you should be proceeding.

However, to mitigate some associated risks during shaving with a foil shaver, we offer you a step-by-step shaving guide. If you follow these steps, you’ll become a master foil shaver in less than no time!

Preparation [Not Essential]

As the title of this section suggests, this preparation step is not essential. You can still follow it if you match one or both of these criteria – 1) if you have sensitive skin and 2) if you want a safer approach for your skin.

As preparation, you can wash your face clean and dry with a towel. You can also apply shaving oil or powder instead of shaving it dry.

What it does is, it softens the roots of the hair and enables a smooth proceeding of the shaver. You can have your oil or powder applied right before the session, and rub it in nicely for a finer result.


The shaving part of this article will break the process down into 3 small steps, and provide some handy tips and tricks you can use while shaving.

Step 1: Pick The Most Sensitive Area

While starting your shaving with a foil shaver, you should start with the most sensitive portion of your shaving area. This allows you to adjust your grip and depth at the start of each shave.

Step 2: Shaving Technique

Before diving into the shaving, you must learn about the techniques that you’re going to use. Your shaving technique should be simple – shaving in a straight line. Like rotary shavers, you cannot shave in circles or rotating motions using a foil shaver.

You must go straight; it doesn’t matter whether you go up-down or left-right. So, you should get yourself familiar with horizontal and vertical motions for using this type of shaver.

Step 3: Shave

Now we shave. Starting from the sensitive area, you can then move across to the rest of the surface. Remember, you don’t need to press the shaver down very hard. Rather, hold it gently and let the blade do its thing.

Below you’ll find some neat tricks to utilize your foil shaver the best:

Short Strokes

Shave in short strokes. It ensures proper and clean shaving.

Stretch Your Skin

Use your free hand to stretch your skin for a smoother shave.

Cover Twice

Cover one shaving area twice to ensure proper shaving.

Correct Angle

Hold the shaver in the correct angle to minimize the gap between hair root and blade.

Hair Direction

You should generally shave in the flowing direction of your hair. But going the opposite way won’t cause any harm, even in some cases it favors a clean finishing.

Post-Care [Not Essential]


Much like the preparation phase, post-care is not a must for foil shavers, but you can do it for a healthier skin nonetheless. Applying a basic post-care routine will ensure that your skin retains moisture and remains fresh.

You can wash your face with cold water after shaving with a foil shave and have it dried with a towel. Then you can use any moisturizing cream or a shaving balm.

We recommend avoiding aftershave gels or solutions that contain an alcohol base, as it ends up drying up the skin. Since foil shavers are safe from skin cuts and tears, deducting such aftershave products can easily be done.

Foil Shaver Maintenance

Foil shaver maintenance

Foil shavers require very little maintenance to be honest. The regular demands are very basic, like cleaning the shaver properly after each shave.

You can either use a brush to clean the blades properly, or you can rinse it in water. But in such cases, you MUST remember to dry the shaver and blades before putting them away in a pouch or a box.

If you opt for a more advanced series of foil shavers, then they could come with their self-cleaning kit, but those would cost you quite a lot more.

Why Should You Pick A Foil Shaver?

Why should you pick a foil shaver

Although foil shavers are one of the most convenient shaver types due to its ease in getting acquainted, it has some other positive aspects too.

  • Good For Sensitive Skin

Unlike other shavers, foil shavers are skin-friendly due to the technique of cutting. The foil meshes hold the hair, while keeping the blades and skin separated. This lack of skin-blade friction allows for your skin to remain itch-free and it’s a big win for sensitive skin in terms of shaving.

  • Regular Shaving

As the positive aspect mentioned above, the lack of skin-blade contact is a big plus for foil shavers. This, along with a guaranteed fast shave render foil shaver a good prospect for regular shaving.

  • User Friendly

It’s hard to argue that foil shavers are one of the easiest shaving instruments to pick up. Be it a new & young consumer to a more frequent shaver, this type of shaving is suitable for all. Especially, if an adolescent is exploring their first shaving equipment, foil shavers are the most convenient tools for beginners.


This section addresses some of the regular queries you may have regarding foil shavers and attempts to find the most convenient answers for you!

Q: Can you use a foil shaver on your pubes?

A: You can use foil shavers to clean your pubes. However, you must remain cautious and use moisturizing oil for a better result.

Q: Is a foil shaver better than a rotary?

A: This is a question that cannot be answered in yes or no. Both of these shavers have their unique characteristics, benefits and limitations. You can check out foil vs rotary articles to gain a better understanding that’ll help you choose between the two.

Q: Does a foil shaver hurt?

A: No, a foil shaver does not hurt. Still, if you feel any discomfort in your skin, you should follow the preparation step mentioned in this article which should minimize all irritations that may occur.

Q: Do you oil foil shavers?

A: It is advised that you oil your foil shavers from time to time. This provides lubrication for the blades and allows for longevity.

Q: Can you use a foil shaver on your neck?

A: Of course you can! Foil shavers can be used in almost all circumstances based on their models, so make sure to check the manual before buying one for a particular purpose!

Concluding Thoughts

This article has covered the specific area that guides you on how to use a foil shaver, breaking the process down into smaller steps. It also covers the territory of how a foil shaver works for your better understanding of the devices.

Additionally, this article has given you a few tips and tricks that you can apply while using a foil shaver, and turning your shaving process into a smooth experience.

Our verdict for you would be that you must give foil shavers a try – if you are new to shaving, if you are a regular shaver and if you want your shaving journey to be hassle free. Our article will always guide you on performing the shaving with foil shavers properly.

So, we wish you good luck on your foil shaving adventure!

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