How to Trim a Beard Neckline? An Easy and Comprehensive Guide

It is very important to know how to trim a beard neckline, if you want your beard to appear well-maintained and groomed. You might get away with a shorter beard, but without a defined neckline your long beard will surely look untidy and messy.

Men usually do not put as much thought on their neckline as they do for the cheeks. It is unfortunate because the scrappy and patchy hair on your neckline can really ruin your beard game.

Apart from giving you a refined appearance, it is also more hygienic. You will not feel the itchiness that can come from an unkempt beard neckline. Also, your beard will look thicker from the sides by having a clean neckline.

So, you should not avoid this vital part of the beard maintenance routine. You do not even need to go to a barber. We have an easy process for you that will help you to tidy up your beard neckline at home.

How to Identify Your Beard Neckline?

Identify Your Beard Neckline

Before you learn how to trim a beard neckline, you need to identify and define the line. It is quite easy to do so.

You need to stand before a mirror, and imagine a curved line shaped like ‘U’. The line will go from one ear to the other passing just above your Adam’s apple.

You can also imagine two separate lines coming from both your ears and meeting above your Adam’s apple. When we say ‘above’, we mean around 1.5 inches above.

Easiest way to measure it is to put two fingers on your throat. One should be right on Adam’s apple and the other finger right above that. Where the other finger is resting, that is your point.

There is another easy way to find this point. You just have to tilt your head down. Find out the crease where your jaw meets the neck. Keep a finger in that crease, and straighten your head. This will be the middle point of your neckline.

Your beard stops growing around this line. What you get there is hair sprouting out sporadically. That is why you need to trim it to tidy up the area.

Remember, the end goal is to stand up in front of a mirror and not see any hair below that line.

How to Trim a Beard Neckline?

We have created a step-by-step method for you which is really easy to follow. You just need to keep in mind these steps and you will get a neat and tidy beard neckline every time.

Step 1

First you need to gather all the tools. If you are going for a trim, we would recommend using a beard trimmer. Those have the appropriate guards for your beard. But if you don’t have one, you can do it with a hair clipper as well. You’d need a razor if you are going for a shave. You will also need a comb, mirror, beard shaper, and an aftershave product.

Step 2

Then, wash your beard with warm water and then dry up. This will soften your beard and make it easy for you to trim or shave. You can also use a comb to straighten up the facial hair around the neckline to make it easier.

Step 3

Next, stand in front of a mirror. It would be better if it’s a three- way mirror. This is the part where you identify the beard neckline. We have already discussed how to do it. So, you can start the trimming process when you are done doing that. You can draw a line with a pencil if you want or you can just eyeball it.

Step 4

If you want to shave off the hair below the neckline with a razor, apply some shaving gel or cream first. Check if you have the right guard when you are using a trimmer. Use the lowest guard for a really close trim. Now, you need to start trimming. Whether you are trimming or shaving, always start from the middle. It is better to start right at Adam’s apple.

Step 5

You need to trim from the middle to one side. Then you have to come back and again trim from the middle to the other side. This is the best way to follow the neckline. You might use a beard shaper as well to make it even easier. Stretch your skin and make sure you are not leaving out any hair. Also, do not trim or shave against the grain.

Step 6

Take your time while trimming. Be careful and don’t go above the neckline. Some men want a round shape on the sides, and others want a square shape. Decide what you want beforehand, and trim accordingly. When you are done trimming completely, check on the mirror if you are happy with your neckline. If you are, wash and clean up everything.

Step 7

Never avoid the aftercare routine. Whenever you trim or shave, your skin is in a sensitive state. You would not want to get an infection. So, always use an aftershave gel, cream or lotion on the area. You are now done with the whole process and have the desired beard neckline.

How to Create a Fading Beard Neckline?

Not all men are fans of how the beard stops abruptly at your neckline. Some prefer more of a fading effect. That is also pretty easy to achieve with a beard trimmer or a clipper.

You just have to keep in mind the basic philosophy, which is that your beard will be gradually shortened around the neckline. For that, you first need to figure out the length of your beard.

Then, find a guard that will give you half the length of your beard. You need to attach that guard to your trimmer and start trimming a bit above your neckline.

It is better to start from above and then keep going down. When you are moving to a lower section, you need to go for a lower guard. That will ensure you have a gradually short beard neckline.

To give you an example, let’s imagine you are starting with a 2-inch guard. Then you need a 1-inch guard for the next section, and finally a 0.5-inch guard for the lowest section.

Using this simple method, you can create a fading effect. If you have a long neck, this is a cool alternative to trimming your beard neckline.

Some Pro Tips for Maintaining Your Beard

Tips For Maintaining Beard

We have some final suggestions and recommendations for you to ensure that your beard has the neatest and tidiest appearance.

Let’s start with the obvious one. There is no point in trimming your neckline, if the rest of your beard looks messy and unkempt.

You need to groom your entire beard. It will include having a defined line on the cheeks. You need to also make sure your beard looks symmetrical. Use a trimmer to have the desired length all around.

Also, just like your skin or hair, your beard needs maintenance and care as well. Remember to regularly wash and clean your beard, so that there’s no dirt or gunk stuck in anywhere.

You can use some products as well for better care, especially if you have a long beard. You might use beard oil and conditioner to moisturize your beard. Using these will also prevent any chance of dandruff on your beard.


You have reached the end of this article, and we would like to congratulate you on learning everything you need to know about grooming and maintaining your beard neckline.

Though we have advocated tidying up your neckline for a polished appearance, we completely understand if you like to keep things au naturel. It is not absolutely necessary for everyone to do it, and you can have a free-growing beard as well.

But, for those who want to go for it, we have got you covered in every way. You can easily do it by yourself at your home. Even the laziest of you can find time for it, because it only takes a couple of minutes.

So, pick up your trimmer right now. Identify your beard neckline and clean it up. This simple task will take your beard game to the next level.

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