How To Shave Your Back? Step-By-Step Procedure With Alternate Methods In 2023

Back shaving has become a common phenomena in the 21st century as beauty standards have changed and it’s aesthetically soothing to carry around a hairless body in public. According to Statista, around 24 percent of male population in the U.S. shave their back frequently between the ages of 30 to 59, while the number increases for people of lower age.

To climb the chain of aesthetic beauty, you might find yourself riddled with one question: how to shave your back? There isn’t only one way of performing such a task, but having a technical guideline can always be of aid because trying to shave your back out of whim might generate catastrophic results.

Thus, our experts bring you this all-round instruction manual that you can utilize to achieve a cleanly shaved back. Along with telling you what to do and how to do it, we’ll enlighten you on the precautionary steps as well as the techniques you can endorse to mitigate some of the difficulties at the comfort of your home!

Challenges Of Shaving Your Back

Challenges Of Shaving Your Back

Shaving your back all by yourself isn’t the easiest of tasks and there are numerous challenges you are going to face during this. Being mentally prepared will make things less complicated and have you ready to take on every challenge!

Difficult To Reach

As you can imagine, you’re going to find it difficult to reach every part of your back since our hands are only allowed to move to a certain extent. This makes back shaving difficult but it can be managed if you act smart. Some techniques are mentioned in our shaving guide.

Proper Knowledge

Back shaving has become a part of standard beauty these days. But there are certain aspects that we aren’t always aware of. Without proper knowledge of back shaving or manscaping in general, you’re going to be put off when you actually enter the procedures.

Lack Of Back Shaving Techniques

There are certain techniques to shave your back efficiently, without which you might struggle and end up cutting yourself. Our article today aspires to equip you with such knowledge to reduce your misery by a long margin.

How To Shave Your Back By Yourself?

In this section, we’ll find out the answer to this question with a detailed breakdown of the back shaving process. We have broken down these complex procedures in 7 comprehensive steps to ease your journey through this operation.

Step 1: Set Your Stage

Set Your Stage Before Back Shaving

By setting up your stage, we mean to find out where you are going to shave your back. This is important for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, you have to set mirrors on either side of you, so that you can clearly see what you are doing, how much you have shaved and if there’s any patch of hair left behind.

Secondly, shaving your back means you’re going to leave behind quite a hairy mess. So shave somewhere you can clean up very easily. Also, your shaving might require you to constantly wash your razor to remove the residue gel & hair mixture, so situating yourself beside a faucet would come in handy!

Step 2: Get A Shower

Getting a shower right before this procedure will help you out in a major way! If you’re confused whether to shower before or after, you can always learn to properly understand the necessity of this step.

Briefly speaking, showering with hot water will soften up your hair and allow your blades to run through smoothly. It also reduces your chances of accidentally cutting yourself and makes hair removal a convenient process.

Using shower gel or soap for your shower should be an added bonus as it further softens your hair and prepares it to be removed nicely.

Step 3: Trim Excess Hair

Having an excessive amount of body hair isn’t a bad thing. You can flaunt it out in public or you can trim it off before moving on to the shaving procedure. For such a purpose, getting a body trimmer over a beard trimmer would bear fruitful results.

When you trim your hair down to a short length, it gets easier for you to remove it completely with your razor. You can use a trimmer arm extender or buy ones that come with such accessories to make your trimming effortless.

Stand before the mirror, clip in the particular trimmer guard or set to a specific length if it’s adjustable and trim away every bit of your hair into a stubble. After this, wash off the leftover hair on your back to finally move on to the following step.

Step 4: Exfoliate

Exfoliating before a shave is a good practice which you should include in your shaving routine. It’s not only helpful for back shaving, but also for any shaving in general. You can find out more about the handy procedures before electric shaving to broaden your horizon of knowledge.

You can apply an exfoliating scrub over your back. Not much is necessary though, only a few ounces should do you just fine. You can use your hands or a loofa for the procedure to go smoothly.

Rub the scrub solution with water on your back for around 30 seconds at each location. Scrub in a circular motion until it removes all the dead skin and residue that’s been built up. Make sure to rinse it off properly, because any leftover can cause you accidental and painful cuts!

Step 5: Shave

Shave Your Back Carefully

Now we have arrived at the most crucial part of our procedure – this is where you’ll have to do most of the hard work. Such shaving operations shouldn’t draw out any compromise from your end, and you are advised to pick out the most delicate instrument available on the market to ease your difficult task.

Particular back shavers come with handle accessories that extend your reach to the most difficult places on your back. If it doesn’t, you can easily buy one from the market as there is a wide variety of options.

Then we move on to the shaving part. Apply some shaving gel on your back. Spread it over evenly using either your hand or an extended brush. Scrub it over nicely so that it generates hints of foaminess. Once done, it’s now ready for your blades!

Some might feel uncomfortable shaving with foam or gel as it’s really hard to reach every area of your back. You can adopt some of the shaving methods that don’t require any shaving foam to ease your process.

Draw a mental picture of areas on your back and clean out each of them before moving on to the next one. Since we’re not dealing with beard here, your back hair isn’t so tough and you should only shave toward your hair growth. Otherwise, you might end up getting ingrown hair or razor burns – none of which is a welcome feeling.

When you’re done with each of your sections, check out your back on the mirror and try to feel the grains with your fingers to assess if you have any leftovers. Clean the patches up and you’ll be done with your shaving!

Step 6: Clean Up

Clean Up Your Back After Shaving

Now it’s time for you to clean up all the leftovers. There’s shaving gel residue, extra hair particles – everything mixed up into molds and stuck on your back. It’s ideal to get another shower, as that way your cleaning up will be thorough.

If you don’t want to shower again, use your hand shower to wash off everything, you can use your soap & loofa to help you out in the process. Mop everything up and check out your beautifully shaved back ready for action!

Step 7: Moisturize

Finally, you must moisturize your back after everything is over. Because, these multiple instances of washing, trimming and shaving tend to dry up your skin. It’ll make your back itchy and rough which isn’t exactly ideal.

You can use any body lotion or moisturizer for this procedure. If you feel there’s been any accidental cuts or nicks, you shouldn’t need to worry as there are many viable ways to stop bleeding using household props very easily!

In the end, your back shaving procedure would be completed with a moisturized, cleanly shaved back that’s begging to be laid bare under the bright sun on the sea beach or any poolside party!

Alternate Methods To Shaving Your Back

Laser Hair Removal Is Alternate Methods To Shaving Your Back

If you feel that shaving your back isn’t your cup of tea because of the level of difficulty or for the result it produces, there are a few alternate methods of shaving your back!

Ask For Help

You can always ask for your help. There’s no shame in taking assistance in this regard as back shaving is one of the most difficult grooming procedures that ever existed. Ask your friend, your brother or your significant other – it will drastically make things easier for you!


Opt for waxing if you feel shaving isn’t your preferred method. Go to a waxing parlor or buy waxing strips to try at home. If you want to go for a DIY approach, you’re going to need an extra pair of hands to help you out in this process. But remember, it’s going to be very painful at times!

Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams are also known as hair removal creams which work like a charm. But it’s not ideal for frequent use as the creams are based on chemicals, and they have the potential to cause damage to your skin. For occasional cleanings however, these creams can be a quick escape, but make sure you know properly what you’re getting into!

Laser Removal

For a permanent approach, you can settle for laser hair removal. This is going to remove your back hair almost permanently and your back shaving needs would soon cease to exist. But it’s expensive and proper preparation knowledge before going to a laser treatment is highly necessary.


Electrolysis is the last alternative to shaving your back, but it has some downsides as well. It can cause inflammation and blisters, and not to mention it costs a lot more than shaving too!

Overall, you’ll realize that shaving your back is the most innocent, cost-efficient and convenient method for frequent operations. The few negative aspects aren’t that big of a deal and it can easily be overshadowed by all the positives that such a method has to offer!


We’ll take a detour into some of the most commonly asked questions by men regarding the how-to of back shaving. These questions will give you access to a broader knowledge regarding this matter.

Q: Are guys supposed to shave their back?

A: It’s highly preferential as back shaving has no other benefit than cosmetic beauty which provokes the sense of aestheticism. So, whether you’re supposed to do it or not, it’s completely up to you.

Q: At what age hair growth stops in male?

A: It depends from person to person, but on average, after the age of 30, hair growth starts to reduce in males.

Q: Does being hairy mean high testosterone?

A: Usually high levels of testosterone are one of the main reasons behind being hairy, among other genetic and hormonal factors.

Q: Is back shaving as difficult as shaving your pubes?

A: Both of these have their own challenges, but knowing the proper ways of shaving your pubes using an electric razor should prove it easier to perform than shaving your back.


Now that we’ve reached the concluding mark of our article, we believe our experts have been thorough in offering their knowledge on the matter. With that, you’ve been able to fully understand our answer to your question ‘how to shave your back?’ and apply the expertise in real life.

Our opinion is that shaving is the best approach for your back since the hair is soft and delicate. Shaving your back doesn’t cause any harm to your skin or body in general, and if you’re cautious enough, you might get away without a single cut on your body!

Follow our step-by-step guidelines properly and take good aftercare that’s required for any kind of shaving. If done perfectly, consider your summer body is ready to go shirtless with full confidence!

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