How To Sharpen Electric Razor Blades For A Better Shave

Electric razors have made life easier in many ways. Whether you are using it to shave facial or body hair, these razors offer a smooth experience.

Unfortunately, no matter how good or expensive your electric razor is, after a certain period of time its blades will get dull. Then, the shaving experience won’t be so smooth.

Dull blades don’t just give you dreadful shaving experiences. Using dull blades can be quite dangerous as well. There is a high risk of cutting yourself. You might also get bumps, rashes, and infections.

Now the question is, how to sharpen electric razor blades for a top-notch shaving and also save some hard-earned money. Do not worry because we have found the answer for you.

We have multiple electric razor blades sharpening methods for you to choose from. We are ready to bet that the easiest method will surprise you!

Can You Sharpen Electric Foil Razor Blades?

Before we get to the sharpening methods, we need to mention that whatever method we discuss in this article, it only applies to electric rotary razors. None of these methods will work for electric foil shavers.

Sharpen foil razor blade

Foil razors are unfortunately designed in such a way that there is very limited space between the blades. It is practically impossible to reach that space, which is mandatory for all the sharpening methods.

Also, the blades of foil razors are extremely thin. They can easily bend if you try any of the methods. These are the reasons why you can’t sharpen foil razor blades.

So, if you have an electric foil razor, we would suggest replacing the dull blades or the entire razor if needed to ensure your safety and great shaving experience.

Now, let’s look at the methods. Read them and decide for yourself which method is the best for your electric rotary razor.

The Toothpaste Method

When you feel the blades of your electric razor have become dull, it’s actually the oxidation of the edges of the blades that makes them feel dull. The best way of deoxidizing is using toothpaste.

The toothpaste method

It may sound surprising, but using toothpaste is the easiest and the most economical way of sharpening your electric razor blades. Just keep in mind that this method will only work on cordless wet/dry rotary razors.

You only need toothpaste, a small brush, baby oil, and hot water for this method. Gather these and you are ready to start. Follow these easy steps to sharpen the blades.

Step 1

The first step is disassembling your electric razor. Some razors have a switch which disassembles the blades and the screens. For other razors, they need to be removed manually. Check the instruction manual if you are confused about how to disassemble. After disassembling, use a small brush to clean the stuck hairs from the blades and the screens. Then, use hot water to properly rinse and wash them. If the design of your electric razor doesn’t allow it to be disassembled, just try your best to clean the blades with a brush and running hot water.

Step 2

Now, it is time to apply toothpaste. First, put the shaving head back on the razor. Take a small amount of toothpaste in your hand and gently rub it on the blades and the screens. Take your time and make sure that the paste reaches every corner. Next, turn on the electric razor and let it run for 15-20 seconds. This will spread the toothpaste and properly distribute it everywhere. Then, stop the razor and repeat this same action 2-3 times. You can do it more times and apply more toothpaste if your razor is too dirty.

Step 3

You need to wash off the toothpaste now. Disassemble the entire razor. Then thoroughly rinse and wash all the pieces with warm water. You have to make sure there’s no toothpaste stuck in any part. All of it needs to be removed, otherwise it might harm your razor. Once all the parts are properly washed, let them air dry for an hour. You can use a small dryer to dry the parts faster.

Step 4

When all the parts have dried, lubricate the parts with a single drop of baby oil. Just one drop will ensure smoother shaving experiences. Finally, reassemble the razor and carefully store it in a cool and dark place.

Congratulations! By following this method, you have successfully sharpened your electric razor. One final tip for you would be using regular toothpaste. Avoid using the extreme whitening or minty ones, because they do not help and rather hamper the sharpening process.

The Glass Method

This is another easy and traditional method for sharpening your electric razor. You just need a piece of glass or even a mirror would do. You will again need a small brush, a lubricating agent and hot water.

Like the previous method, disassemble the razor first and clean all the parts with a brush and warm water. Once that is done, separate the three or however many cutting heads of the razor.

You will need to sharpen the cutting heads one by one. Now, lubricate the surface of the glass or the mirror. Some metal polishing paste would do.

Then, take a cutting head and gently press it against the lubricated glass. Make sure that the blades are facing down. Next, press the head and start moving it in a circular motion. The best way is to keep creating the number 8 on the glass.

Keep repeating this action at least 50 times. When you are done with one cutting head, move on to another.

After you are finished with all the cutting heads, thoroughly clean all the parts of the razor with running hot water. Then, let the parts air dry and reassemble the razor when they are dried.

Before reassembling, you can use baby oil on the parts in this process as well.

The Sharpening Heads Method

This method will cost a bit of money because you need to buy the sharpening heads. However, if you do buy them, using the sharpening heads will be worthwhile. This is undoubtedly the most professional method of sharpening your electric rotary razor.

Sharpening heads method

First, you need to buy the appropriate sharpening heads for your razor. There are different ones for different models. So, make sure you are buying the correct ones.

Then, you need to disassemble the razor and remove the blades from their housing. You can use a brush to clean the blades. You don’t need to use water in this process.

Next, you need to install the sharpening heads. You will basically replace the screens with the sharpening heads.

Do not worry, because there will be detailed instructions on the packaging of the sharpening heads. Just follow those instructions carefully and you can easily install them.

Then, turn on the razor and let it run for a while. There will also be instructions on how long it needs to run. Read it before you turn on the razor.

After you’re done, disassemble the razor again. You need to remove the sharpening heads and insert the screens where they were.

Well done! You have successfully completed the process.

Some Methods to Avoid

Let’s discuss some other methods which are available on the internet. It would be wise to avoid these methods.

You should definitely avoid the Sandpaper Method. This has the same process as the glass method. Instead of glass, you need to use sandpaper for this one.

The grit of the sandpaper can actually jam your razor. Your razor can become clogged, dull and even completely break down.

Sandpaper might also create an uneven surface. That will guarantee poor shaving experiences. So, avoid going for this method.

You should also avoid using Jeweler’s Rouge. Rather than sharpening your razor blades, it can actually cement them together. You can’t get a good shave if your blades are stuck.

Avoid directly using any kind of polishing compounds as well. These compounds are grainy and gritty. If you apply such a compound and let the razor run, it can severely harm your electric razor.


You have now learned about different methods of sharpening your electric razor and also which methods to avoid. You can choose whatever method seems most appropriate for you.

Let us give you some final pro tips and tricks before we conclude. The first thing to remember is that you can’t use the same electric razor blades forever.

No matter how much you sharpen them, they will eventually become dull. It is necessary to replace them when the time comes.

It is also important to know when to replace the blades. Usually there is a standard time given in the instruction manual. However, it actually depends on how often you use your razor, for what purpose and how thick your facial or body hair is.

So, if you feel your hair is being pulled, or discomfort in general, or you’re not having a close shave, know that it’s time to replace the blades.

The electric razor blades might not last forever, but our tips and suggestions will make sure that you are getting the maximum out of them.

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