How To Get A Close Shave With An Electric Shaver? Perfect Method Ensures A Fine Shave

Getting a decent shave for men is always a concerning factor, as looking sharp and presentable is of utmost necessity in social life. But not a lot of shavers are able to provide the closest shave men wish for. And the electric shavers that do manage to give you such closeness in shave are often misused, thus the result isn’t as expected.

This is why men aspire to learn how to get a close shave with an electric shaver. With the correct device and the proper methods of shaving with it, you’ll achieve the highest degree of close shave. Once you get into this practice, you’ll see fine shaving outcomes that you desired for a long time.

Follow along this article to learn in-depth, precisely what your electric shaver can do and the techniques you can implement to bring your A-game with the closest and finest shave!

How Close Can You Get With An Electric Shaver?

How Close Can You Get With An Electric Shaver

This is something consumers always ask before opting for an electric razor for a close shave. While a lot of pundits claim that manual razors perform better than electric shavers in this regard, it’s anything but a false claim.

An electric foil shaver can get around 30% closer to your skin than a manual razor, reducing your beard strand’s length down to 0.05 mm. It’s short enough to get you through the entire day without showing evening shadows on your face.

Thus, we recommend settling for an electric shaver for a close shave as it’s most-effective and cost as well as time-efficient in every manner.

How To Get The Closest Shave On Face?

There are certain aspects you have to remember & follow during the procedure with an electric shaver to achieve the closest shave. Apart from the pre-shaving & post-shaving routines, there are techniques that can ensure you reach the roots of your beard with minimal effort!

Guide To Get The Closest Shave On Face

Ensure Sharp Blades

Many people don’t know that sharp blades are key ingredients in terms of achieving a really close shave. About a half of the consumers end up trying to shave with dull blades that either don’t give a fine shave or end up inducing razor burns.

Thus, you have to check before shaving whether your blades are sharp enough. Depending on the condition, you can either replace your blades as well as the foils, or take an alternate way of sharpening up your blades at home to cut down on your costs.

Lube The Blades

Lubing the blades is essential if you want your device to give you a fine shave efficiently each time you try it out. A proper lubrication makes sure your blades don’t get jammed and last the longest time without having to replace.

You can either lube right before your shaving, but that tends to leak the oil and get it all over your shaving area. The proper method is to lube after washing and drying following a shaving session and let it rest so that you get the best performance out of it next time round.


Exfoliating your beard is very important among other electric shave routines that you perform right before the session. It nourishes your beard and removes all the unnecessary dirt from your facial skin that can disrupt your shaving or even prevent you from getting to the root of your beard.

There are certain lotions or creams that are made for exfoliating. Pick yours out based on your beard’s texture and skin’s type. Wash your face thoroughly beforehand. Scrub the solution nicely for a good few minutes to seal in the exfoliation – the perfect stage for a close shave with your electric shaver.

Apply Foam/Shaving Lotion

If you prefer a wet shave, you can always apply a shaving foam or lotion if you want, just make sure that your shaver is water resistant. There are certain differences between a wet and dry shave, so make sure you figure out which one suits you the best.

We recommend having some sort of moisturization for a close shave with your electric shaver. Even if you don’t have foam or gel at arm’s reach, some even suggest trying it with vaseline, but make sure if it’s the right way to go about in such a context.

Start With Difficult Areas

Once you’re decided on whether to go wet or dry, start up your electric shaver and begin with the shaving process. Starting from difficult areas often prove to be beneficial since getting that challenge out of the way is a good starting point.

Start Shave With Difficult Areas

Also, having your tough spots like your jawline, under your neck or area over your lips shaved first ensures you make another pass over them anyway throughout the procedure. Don’t press your shaver too hard on your skin because not all shavers will let you get away without damage.

There are certain mistakes that people make during shaving which deprive them from a close shave and result in all sorts of discomforts.

Shave Against The Grains

Another pointer for a very close shave is that you shouldn’t shave toward your grains with your electric shaver – whether it’s a foil shaver or a rotary. Go against your grains for the most part as it’ll pick up your flat lying hair and bring them under the blades’ jurisdiction.

We recommend a foil shaver for a close shave as it’s designed to go the closest to your skin without damaging in any way. If you know the proper ways of using a foil shaver, you’ll get so used to its comfort and convenience that you’ll never want to settle for anything else for a close shave!

Apply Aftershave

Once you’re satisfied with the shaving result, don’t forget to apply some aftershave on your face! It helps you to disinfect the areas that are accidentally cut but have gone unnoticed. Shaving cuts can take a certain amount of time to fully heal and proper maintenance can fast-forward the process.

With this, you’ll be left with a fine and closely shaved face to the supreme degree only an electric shaver is able to achieve.

Which Shavers Can Get The Closest Shave On Face?

Perfect Shaver For Closest Shave On Face

Not all of the shavers can’t achieve the level of closeness that a specialized shaver is able to reach. If you have a sound understanding of such shavers for close shaves, it’ll make your shaving routine much easier.

Also, a close shave razor will make your procedure efficient and ensure your skin’s health like no other razor. Let’s take a look at some of the brands that specialize on making razors which are made to deliver the closest shaves of your dreams:

  • Braun
  • Panasonic
  • BaBylissPRO
  • Wahl
  • Remington

Mostly, the foil shavers are the ones you should look for if you want to pick a razor for your close shaves. Other razors will fall a little shy of the closeness that such a type of shaver will be able to provide you with.


This marks the endpoint of what proved to be a very insightful article on ‘how to get a close shave with an electric shaver’. Our experts have provided all the subsidiary knowledge on the matter so that you’re well-equipped with every information that is vital to achieve a close shave.

There are quite a few brands that make electric shavers, and we recommend picking a foil shaver if close shave is your primary preference. Apart from the premium products, there are some cheaper alternatives that you can opt for to get similar results.

Finally, we suggest you follow our shaving method with your electric shaver as it’s proven to be the most efficient and effective strategy for achieving a close shave. It’s also healthy for your skin which isn’t the case for most techniques, and promises you a gentle shave to render your looks into a sharp, corporate gentleman!

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