Cleaning an Electric Razor: Everything You Need to Know

A lot of people do not take the task of cleaning their electric razors seriously. Some might feel that they are too busy and do not have enough time. Some might not be aware of the right process of cleaning.

You would be surprised to know that it only takes a couple of minutes to properly clean an electric razor. By not choosing to do so, you are actually missing out on a lot of great benefits.

However, there is not one single way of cleaning your electric razor. The process depends entirely on what type of electric razor you are using.

The cleaning method will be different depending on if your electric razor comes with a cleaning station or whether it is waterproof or not.

We have covered everything for you in this article. Keep reading to find out why you should regularly clean and how to clean an electric shaver.

Why is it Important to Clean an Electric Razor?

Why is it Important to Clean an Electric Razor

Let’s start with the importance of cleaning your electric razor. The benefits can be divided into two parts. One would be ensuring long and great service from your razor. The other one would be the hygienic advantages and keeping your skin safe from many kinds of problems.

Keeping your electric razor clean will actually make it last for a long time. You would not have to constantly replace parts of it or the entire razor. So, it will save your time and money.

Apart from the longevity, regular cleaning will keep the blades sharp. You will have a pleasant shaving experience and a smooth result every time.

If the electric razor is not properly cleaned, the dirt and gunk stuck inside it will hinder its performance. There will also be a higher chance of cutting your skin.

An uncleaned electric razor can harbor dangerous bacteria as well. Your skin can easily be infected using such a razor. Using a clean razor will save you from infection, skin burn, rash, irritation and all sorts of issues.

So, you can see that there is no way of dismissing the importance of cleaning an electric razor. It would be wise to clean it regularly to enjoy a safer and smoother shave for a long time.

How to Clean an Electric Razor?

You need to first check if your electric shaver or razor is waterproof. If it is, then you can clean it with only water and liquid soap within just five minutes. We have an easy-to-follow tutorial for you.

Before you start, always ensure that your electric razor is unplugged and turned off. There can be an accident if you are not careful about it.

How to Clean an Electric Razor

Step 1:

Start by carefully removing the head of the razor. Take the head and start shaking it to remove all the trapped hairs. You can gently tap it on the sink as well. But, only tap the plastic part and avoid hitting the blades. Otherwise, the blades can be severely damaged. Keep doing it until you see no hair falling out. If you have a rotary shaver, it might not be possible to remove its head. In that case, you can use a small toothbrush or paintbrush to remove the hair. Also, if you use shaving cream with your electric razor, none of these would do, and you would have to rinse the head with water.

Step 2:

Then, put the head back at its place. Wet the blades properly before applying the soap. Any type of liquid soap would actually do the job. For example, liquid hand wash or dish wash soap. You can even use shower gel as well.

Step 3:

You now need to turn the electric shaver on. Let it run for 10-15 seconds. It will create a nice lather, which will cover the head. You can apply more water, if it is needed. Make sure that the surface of the entire head is covered with lather.

Step 4:

Let warm water run and put the razor under water. Now, start thoroughly rinsing the head of the razor. This should wash away all the hair and the lather. Keep rinsing for about 10 seconds.

Step 5:

Now, turn off the electric razor. Take off the head again and remove all the removable parts of the razor. Start thoroughly rinsing them. Remember to wash everything from all the sides to make your razor completely clean. If your razor has a cassette, then be more careful. It has a more complicated structure and is more difficult to clean. Take some time and do it with patience to clean it properly.

Step 6:

It is time to disinfect your razor to keep your skin safe. After you are done cleaning everything, disinfect the blades and the entire head with a disinfecting spray. You can do it with isopropyl alcohol as well. This small step will ensure further protection.

Step 7:

Keep all the parts lying down and let them air dry. Do not use a towel or a piece of cloth to dry the parts. There will be a chance of damaging them. Just leave them be. Make sure all the parts are completely dried before reassembling them.

Step 8: 

The final step is reassembling all the parts. Do not forget to use lubricant oil on your razor to ensure better performance. The lubrication oil usually comes with the razor. If you do not have it, you can buy a container. Just apply a few drops to finish the cleaning ritual.

How to Dry Clean an Electric Razor?

Dry clean an electric razor

Now, let’s talk about what to do when your electric razor is not waterproof. First of all, keep it away from water at all costs. Do not follow the previous method, as it will irreparably damage your shaver and cause a major accident.

We are afraid that you have to go for dry cleaning with your razor. But, do not worry as we have a simple process for dry cleaning as well.

The method is the same until the part where you start using water. So, remove the head and get rid of all the trapped hair by shaking or tapping, or using a small brush.

You can also use a can of compressed air to blow away the hair. It is definitely more effective than tapping or using a brush.

Then you need to disassemble the razor and remove all the removable parts. Then, instead of water, you would need to use a spray cleaner.

Keep generously using the spray cleaner to properly clean all the parts. Many of the electric razor manufacturers also sell these sprays. So, it would not be difficult to buy one.

The best part about using a spray cleaner is that it disinfects your electric razor and also lubricates it so that it operates smoothly.

In fact, if you are following the previous method for your waterproof shaver, you can still use a spray cleaner for even better results.

After the cleaning is done, reassemble all the parts. This brings an end to the dry cleaning process.

How to Use the Cleaning Station?

Use the cleaning station

Cleaning stations are becoming really popular as it saves your time and effort. Some famous manufacturers like Braun, Panasonic and Philips have come up with their own cleaners.

The rise in popularity is not surprising. Because, a cleaning station covers everything like cleaning, drying, lubricating and charging.

The only drawback is that it is pretty expensive. But, if you can afford it, then you should definitely buy one. It would certainly make your shaving routine more convenient.

Now, let’s see how it actually works. To use a cleaner, you first need to fill the cleaner up with the cleaning solution.  It usually comes in a cartridge, which needs to be inserted.

Then, plug in and push the power switch to turn on the cleaner. After it is turned on, insert the electric razor. There will be a sound or light indicating that the razor has been inserted properly.

Start the cleaning process now by pressing the button. Some cleaners provide multiple options and you can choose which one you want.

Everything will be done by the cleaner itself. You just wait for the process to be finished. When there is an indication that it is done, just take out your razor.

Some cleaners only take a few minutes and some might need an hour including the drying.

Final Tips & Thoughts

We sincerely hope that this article has made you realize the importance of regularly cleaning your electric razor. It is better for the razor and yourself.

While a cleaning station does make the process much easier, we have provided you with simple methods of both wet and dry cleaning your razor. Follow these methods and you will have a properly cleaned razor within a few minutes.

We have some additional pro tips for you to maintain your electric razor. One is to ensure that you are changing the blades every 12 to 18 months. After this period, the blades will definitely become dull and you can have a horrific shaving experience. Your skin can negatively be affected as well.

In fact, you might need to change the blades even earlier. Pay attention if it is becoming difficult to shave, and if there is more pulling and tugging than shaving. Then, it is clearly time to change the blades.

Another tip is avoiding over-charging your electric razor. Also, check every time before shaving if the razor is charged enough or not for a better shave.

Keep these tips and mind and you will be having a smooth shaving experience for a long period of time.

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