Haircut Numbers From 0 to 8: A Complete Guide To Hair Clipper Sizes

Haircut numbers often come as a confusing concept to many people because it demands a certain degree of understanding. Haircut numbers generally refer to the numeric digits written on a clipper guard that tells you about the length it’s going to trim down your hair to. With that knowledge, you can trim down your hair at home to the precise length of your desire.

Apart from DIY, it’s even going to help you out on trimming your beard to a particular length. While all this magic is happening, you certainly realize how important it is for you to understand haircut numbers, especially if you’re not opting to pay a visit to your local barber and spare your pocket some extra cost.

We bring you an all-inclusive article that uncovers all the knowledge and connection that exists between haircut numbers, clipper sizes and actual hair length. That’s not all! We’ll even explore some of the prominent hairstyles and their genre while briefly enlightening you on how you can achieve them at home!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the details of haircut numbers to make your hair grooming life more convenient than ever!

What Do Hair Clipper Sizes Mean?

While trimming with your hair clipper, you may notice there are some numbers written at the side of each clipper guard. These are called clipper sizes, and the haircut numbers have derived from those digits. It means, the particular clipper size you are going to use will give you that specific number of haircuts. Let me break this down to you.

Haircut Numbers Clipper Size (Inches) Clipper Size (mm)
Number 0 1/16” 1.6 mm
Number 1 1/8″ 3.2 mm
Number 2 1/4″ 6.3 mm
Number 3 3/8″ 9.5 mm
Number 4 1/2″ 12.7 mm
Number 5 5/8″ 15.9 mm
Number 6 3/4″ 19 mm
Number 7 7/8″ 22.2 mm
Number 8 1” 25.4 mm

From the haircut numbers chart, you’ll see that there are 9 haircut numbers, starting from 0 all the way up to 8. Each of these numbers signify a particular length of hair, all of which are up to 1” in size, or 25.4 mm. If you are looking forward to trimming your hair or beard to any desired length, check out the haircut number against that in the chart and clip on the same numbered clipper guard to get a seamless haircut!

Unique Hairstyles For Each Haircut Numbers

In this section, we are going to offer you haircut ideas for each of the haircut numbers that you can achieve with that particular clipper comb. These contain some of the most prominent hairstyles and will give you the subtle, underwhelming look that you’ve always wanted!

Haircut Number 0

Haircut Number 0

If you want almost no amount of hair on top of your head but don’t intend on going for the bald haircut, the number 0 haircut is here to rescue you! As it trims your hair down to the shortest possible length of almost 1.6 mm in size, it’s going to expose your scalp but with the minimum hint of hair that’ll set you apart from being called bald.

This is the easiest possible way for you to get away without shaving your head and look fashionable at the same time. All you need to do is trim down tightly by removing the clipper head and make sure not to leave behind any patch of hair. It’s the most ideal hairstyle for summertime to avoid all the struggle of hair maintenance any time of the day!

Since this is going to expose your scalp to the sunlight, however, you have to apply some sunscreen on your scalp until your hair grows back. This will save your scalp from getting sunburnt if wearing hats isn’t part of your look. Be it a corporate meeting or a university program, this look is ideal for every setting!

Haircut Number 1

Haircut Number 1

As you can assume, the number 1 haircut is going to resemble the haircut number 0 since there isn’t any sizable difference. That’s why we aren’t projecting any short hairstyle, rather we’ll show you the different uses of your clipper guards of varying length to generate styles containing different lengths of hair at the same time.

Start off by trimming your head with a number 1 clipper comb. It’ll give you a seamless look with slightly longer hair at the length of 3.2 mm on every area. Once there, put on a number 0 comb guard and trim down the sides. This is usually used for drawing fades around your head that reach your neck at the back, and the sides are matched to the same length.

With such a varying degree of hair sitting on top, even this subtle contrast will elucidate on the fact that you are careful about your hair and the style you are carrying is something crafted artistically. You’ll be trending on social media with such a haircut, and that comes with an added bonus like maintenance-free style everyday!

Haircut Number 2

Haircut Number 2

The number 2 haircut is popularly known as the ‘high and tight’ haircut. This style relies on the varying length and stark contrast between your top and side hair with a high fade that smooths out the different lengths in the middle. Such hairstyles are popular among men with high taste and in due time, this will grow up to be the most unique hairstyle you could ever imagine!

You’re going to go through the same styling process for this like the number 1 haircut, as it’ll demand you to trim down all of your hair with a clipper guard number 2. When all of your hair is trimmed down to 6.3 mm, swap out the comb to a number 0 and trim the sides to the degree that exposes your skin, which is necessary for the fade to work.

Now we’ll teach you the fading technique that you can apply during the styling of this haircut. With the number 0 guard attached to your clipper, when you reach the top part of your sides, don’t press the clipper too hard against your skin. Rather, while moving up, gradually lose the pressure as if you’re trying to move your hand away, and it’ll generate the fine fade of your dream!

Haircut Number 3

Haircut Number 3

This particular type of haircut is also known as the ‘butch cut’ worldwide and it’s placed among one of the favorites for styling enthusiast males. It renders a rough and tough look with almost zero maintenance effort and this is one of the major reasons behind this haircut becoming so popular! Everyone is going to call you a handsome man if you should opt for such a classy style!

Your clipper guard number 3 is the solution for getting this haircut done at home. Make sure to situate yourself in front of the mirror so that you can know exactly what you’re doing. Getting the back area perfectly can be quite tricky. You can either set a second mirror at the back or have someone else trim that particular area for you.

As an addition, you can apply a mid or high fade to this haircut which will enhance the styling potential of this look. Since short hair doesn’t have much volume to show, a contrast between the top and side hair can boost the performance in many ways that you might not have realized! And once everything is settled, you’ll find yourself to look as dashing as Justin Timberlake rocking the world with his looks!

Haircut Number 4

Haircut Number 4

The beauty of numbered haircuts is that the type of your hair and the texture don’t really matter because of the short length. Whether you have fine, straight Type 1 hair or the kinkiest or coiliest dense Type 4 hair, the haircuts from the numbers chart are going to treat you in the same way, which is, you are going to look fashionable without the hassle of a high-degree maintenance.

The key point is that you’ll pick out a length from the chart, in this case it’s almost 13 mm in length. If there is a size restriction for your next job application or you’re planning ahead for your next hairstyle, understanding haircut numbers is really going to come in handy. For 13 mm, you’ll pick out the clipper guard number 4 and carry on with your operation.

You can go either direction with this haircut – trim down seamlessly all over your head or draw a contrast by throwing some sort of fade into the mix. If you want to tone it down, then you can only fade your sideburns or add a taper which should go perfectly with this style. With a neatly shaped stubble, you are going to look both aesthetically and physically stunning to all the ladies out there!

Haircut Number 5

Haircut Number 5

This hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles in our list that is endorsed by the Marine or Military personnels and it’s called the ‘buzz cut’. It has its own charms when it comes to style or aesthetics, and the connection between the frontline fighters to this haircut makes it even more interesting. This is going to highlight you as the macho man of the group because it has that much influence!

A buzz cut usually comprises a hybrid between number 5 haircut with a number 1 fade on the sides. The top part spares you all the trouble of cutting manually with your hands as you can just throw the clipper guard size 5 and trim down without a single care. The sides then are to be treated with a number 1 comb for drawing a high skin fade that exposes your scalp.

Buzz cuts are handy in terms of maintenance and care-free nature. You can jump into any adventure at any corner of the world with this haircut without thinking twice. It won’t demand your attention and can withstand anything thrown at it with a rinse afterward – be that ocean water, swimming pool or excessive sweat from the tropical area.

Haircut Number 6

Haircut Number 6

The haircut number 6 has the flexibility to be merged with different styles like flat top, Takuache haircut or similar styles that rely on a short foundation. Compared to the previous haircut ideas, this style is significantly long in length, going up to about 19 mm at peak. This hits the sweet spot between styles that expose your scalp and the ones that require maintenance in a perfect equilibrium.

For this to work, you’ll need to take refuge in the clipper guard number 6, as it’ll perfectly trim down your hair at this particular length. This is ideal to be merged with a mid or high fade, while some prefer skin fade to have the top hair stand out than the rest. If you’re intending on experimenting, then we suggest you leave a small portion of hair up front a little longer to make into a faux hawk style.

This is by far stylistically superior to most other hairstyles of this genre. This is where comfort meets beauty, convenience meets taste. Getting such a hairstyle should gain you access to all the posh venues as well as to all the ladies’ numbers. Throw in some hair pomade to give your hair more texture that you can play around with!

Haircut Number 7

Haircut Number 7

The number 7 haircut is known to hairstyle enthusiasts by another name which is a very common and highly revered hairstyle – ‘the crew cut’. Deriving its name from the cabin crews of long voyages, this haircut has been made popular among men for the past few decades as one of the fanciable styles. Getting yourself something like this can upgrade your looks in the best possible way!

This is to be achieved by the comb guard number 7. With this, you’ll end up with hair all over your head at the length of around 22 mm. This short yet not so short haircut welcomes any type of fade, be that a taper or a high. Neatly drawn edge lines further stress on the composed aspect of this haircut and the volume saves you from any type of sunburn to the scalp.

Although this ideally looks good on people with square shaped faces, ones with long or oval face shapes can get away with it pretty easily. It caters mostly to the fine and wavy hair, but ones with curly hair can adjust it by trimming down the sides mercilessly. In this way, you’ll be creating a look that’s completely unique to your hair texture and start a trend to be followed!

Haircut Number 8

Haircut Number 8

This one sits at the peak of the hairstyles from the haircut numbers chart. With a voluminous 1” hair sitting on top, you’ll be allowed styling diversity as the longer hair can be treated in many different ways. Be that a spike up front or a hawk down the middle, this style will even embrace highlighted streaks or colors with open arms due to its modular nature.

Most people don’t commit to a seamless number 8 haircut because it feels too long for the sides. Thus, after trimming down everything with a clipper guard number 8, you’ll have to alter the comb to a 1 or 2 for doing the sides. This way, the contrasting length between the top and sides makes this haircut ever so intriguing, both stylistically grammatically and aesthetically.

This is such a look that you can apply on yourself both during summer or winter, as the light volume will spare you the heat build-up, while in winter you’ll have something to cover your scalp with. It even works perfectly with both of the seasons’ outfits, be that a leather jacket or a Hawaiian shirt with shorts. This is the fashion enthusiasts wet dream of a haircut that’s inviting you to be tried on today!


Here, we are going to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding haircut numbers on the internet. Going through them should equip you with better knowledge on the matter.

Q: Does the number 0 clipper guard exist?

A: No, there’s nothing called the number 0 clipper guard. This is the base clipper blade without any comb, thus it trims down to the shortest possible length.

Q: What guard is best for waves?

A: Ideally, you can choose between guard 0 or guard 1 for the best outcome for waves.

Q: How do I ask my barber for a Number 5 haircut?

A: You can always ask your barber directly for a number 5 haircut. If that doesn’t work, you can either tell him to trim your hair down to around 16 mm length, or even better, you can advise him to clip on the number 5 guard and trim away with it!

Q: Do all the clippers follow the same sizes on the chart?

A: Yes, the clipper sizes that are placed side by side with hair lengths are universal and exactly the same for all brands of hair clippers. So, don’t get fooled by the articles that try to tell you the same thing with specific clipper models, because each of them follow the same principles that we’ve mentioned here.


Now that you’ve reached the concluding mark of this article, we hope that you’ve been able to pick up a great deal of knowledge about haircut numbers and the chart that explains them. In short, haircut numbers are basically synonymous with clipper guard numbers. The haircuts you’ll get from each of the numbered comb is basically the name of that haircut.

The chart we’ve mentioned breaks down the relation between haircut number and the actual length between the comb and the blades. It’s not only useful for getting these precise haircuts, but also gives you insight into what to expect when you put on one of these clipper heads. You can apply this knowledge on your hair or even your beard.

We assume this knowledge will make your life significantly easier, especially during the times you prefer to get your hair done at home. You can follow our ideas to stick to these authentic haircuts, or experiment with your knowledge to generate new & unique one – how you do it is completely up to your creativity and aesthetic sense!

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