Extended Goatee Beard Styles: 5 Styles To Show Off in 2024

Extended goatees came out way before you can imagine. In the 1800s, beard styling was a common phenomenon and the famous people that you come across, including the ones who have left their mark in the world, were all interested in styling their beards to stand out.

Eventually, the commoners began adopting the styles that they thought would suit them. They didn’t have a lot of resources to use and keep a beard that makes them feel good about themselves. Now that you have a chance to find relevant resources online, it’s easier than ever before, to pick something that you’ll like pulling off.

With time, facial hair fashion went in all different directions and now, in 2022, there are more styles than you could try out. One of the coolest ones is the extended goatee. Now, this has multiple variations that are highly appealing. Considering that facial hair styling trends are always changing, the extended goatee beard style can be altered to create various shapes that stand out from the regular fads.

What Exactly is the Extended Goatee Beard Style?

What Is The Extended Goatee Beard

The extended goatee is synonymous with the tailback or the Hollywoodian. It uses a combination of the goatee as well as the mustache. Since one style can quickly become boring, variations arose over time to keep the trends in check. That’s why several extended goatee beard styles can be brought about by making a few simple adjustments to create noticeable changes.

Knowing the extended goatee’s primary characteristic that identifies it is essential. In its appearance, it looks like a mustache connected to a beard with the sideburns removed. For a properly done extended goatee, growing out the beard and then making the necessary changes to cater it to a specific style is a preferred path to take.

In simpler terms, it is a blend of the classic goatee and mustache extending to the jawline. A lot of celebrities have fallen in love with this particular style and you could try them out too. However, remember not to confuse the extended goatee with the Hollywoodian. More on that is provided below.

Difference Between the Hollywoodian and an Extended Goatee

For a more ‘throwback’ kind of look, the Hollywoodian does a good job. The primary difference is that the Hollywoodian is much thicker and longer around the chin and the jawline. On the other hand, the extended goatee falls on the outline of the jawline while the area around the chin is kept a little tighter.

The Hollywoodian also has a much thicker mustache in contrast to the extended goatee. That being said, there is a similarity between both styles – both require a buzz cut or a shave of the sideburns so that the lower portion of the face stands out while the upper portion takes on a cleaner look.

How Do You Grow an Extended Goatee?

How Do You Grow An Extended Goatee

When trying to grow your beard for an extended goatee, recognizing a few things is important. Firstly, for an extended goatee, you would require proper growth of the mustache, the chin, and the soul patch. Along with these, you would also need to have beard growth that ‘extends’ from the chin towards the mandible.

Growing out the beard and the mustache to a suitable length is the first step towards creating an extended goatee so take some time to do that. 6-8 weeks of growth is enough to shape your beard and bring in the look that we’re focused on here. Remember that having thick growth along the jawline is important as well as we mentioned.

If you’re struggling to grow a goatee or the ‘extensions’, then this may not be the right choice for you. But if you’ve got the growth covered, then read ahead.

Time for the Big Question: Will the Extended Goatee Suit You?

Will The Extended Goatee Suit You

The face type is important when determining whether the style will suit you or not. Facial hair should always be kept and styled according to the shape of your face. This helps create a balance while providing an appealing look that’s accentuated with a beard.

Round/Oval Faces vs Long faces

The style is best suited for men who have oval or round faces. The extended goatee can help those with oval or round face types as it helps make the face seem longer without contrast. Those who already have longer faces might want to avoid this style as this can take things a little overboard. If you’re okay with that, go ahead! What’s there to lose right?

Will It Suit Those Who Have Patchy Beards on Cheeks?

Thanks for letting us bring you glad tidings by informing you that patchy beards on the cheeks can be better when it comes to carrying an extended goatee. However, do keep in mind that if you have a longer face than usual, a regular goatee would probably be better rather than an extended one. If you’re on the side having a rounder or a more oval-shaped face that has patchy growth on the cheeks, it’s almost like your face was designed to house an extended goatee beard style!

Are You Too Old for an Extended Goatee?

No, you’re never too old for an extended goatee. This is one of those styles that go with any age. If you’re an amateur beardsman just starting on the beard journey, it will suit you. If you’re a veteran who’s tried different styles over time, it will suit you too. Also, this style is great for men who want something more than a mustache but not a full beard.

5 Extended Goatee Beard Styles That Are Always Trendy

Check out these five extended goatee beard styles that are designed to deliver greatness. Try one or the other and see which one suits you best. All of them should be quite trendy at least for a couple of years down the line. You could also try your own styles after you’ve mastered the following five.

Style One: The Classic Extended Goatee

Classic Extended Goatee

This is where it all started. It’s called the classic extended goatee because this style is what coined the term in the first place. It bears the identity of the term as intended to carry, cleanly done, and look good. If you are just starting with the extended goatee, this should give you a fair chance at safely taking this along the classic approach.

To shape your beard like this, you will have to grow out your beard, especially the area around the chin and along the jaw lines. The sideburns aren’t exactly too important so you could trim them without growing them out.

Once things look okay to style, you could either shave off the sideburns or trim them to the lowest length possible. To make this easy, you could use a goatee trimmer for the sides. Next, you need to shave the neck region completely. Keep the goatee extended as you’ll see in the image, and trim the mustache and the area around the chin a little to keep things clean. Now you have the classic extended goatee.

Style Two: Faded Sideburns With Extended Goatee

Faded Sideburns With Extended Goatee

This one uses a classic approach but with a difference that’s quite noticeable. The difference is that the sideburns are not completely shaven off and neither are they trimmed to a complete minimum. Rather, a faded appearance is brought about on the sides while the goatee stays extended similar to the classic look. So here you have the extension as well as fades to make it look even more awesome.

To apply this style, take the approach of shaping your beard the way you had for the classic approach. But here’s where you make a slight change. Instead of completely shaving off your sides or trimming them down to a bare minimum, you need to keep them slightly faded. When starting with this style, it might take a couple of attempts before the perfection sets in. Once that does, you have the faded sideburns with an extended goatee.

Style Three: Two-spike Extension With Mid-slashed Sides

Two Spike Extended With Mid Slashed Sides

You probably remember a similarity that this one has with Iron Man’s double-spike anchor – the one that you’ve seen in the avengers. Well, in contrast to that, this could be a little more complicated. All that being said, it certainly looks smashing and some might tell you, it’s a little too much. But jazzing up that extended goatee is called for once in a while!

If you want to try this out, first you need at least 6-8 weeks of beard growth. Grow it out well enough so that you can style it comfortably. Next, trim the sides but keep them full. Afterward, minimize the upper portion of the sides by carefully trimming it diagonally. Once that’s done, use a blade to create a diagonal divide. You could also create the division first and then apply the trimmer to the upper sideburn, whichever you are more comfortable with.

The double spike on the goatee extension is quite simple actually. You just need to shave starting from the top of the connection to the extension, to the bottom. Make sure it’s not too much though. Once that’s done, you have your two-spike extension with mid-slashed sides.

Style Four: El Bandito With Goatee Extension

EI Bandito With Goatee Extension

Time to go bandit-style. This one is for those looking to keep things classy and rogue at the same time. While the extended goatee can be done using the approach discussed in the beginning, the difference is made by the mustache once it’s twirled towards the top. This is an interesting look. It flaunts attitude and an air of sophistication if you’re also giving your hair a slick appearance.

To try out this style, keep the classic extended goatee but don’t touch your mustache. Before you attempt to use this style, you must make sure that you’ve grown your mustache quite so that you can do the ‘El Bandito’.

Trim the upper part of the mustache a little and keep the lower part at a few weeks of growth. Use hair gel or wax to twirl the sides of the mustache and point them towards the top, giving it an appearance of gradual thinning as it proceeds towards the tip. Remember, the mustache is vital for this look so you could take some time to do this one right.

Style Five: Light Brown Viking Extension

Light Brown Viking Extension

The main attraction here is the color. The light brown tone and a slightly outgrown look of the mustache and the beard provide a Viking-like appearance. The simplicity that comes with this one is the freedom that you have to do it as you wish.

To try the style, you could keep the goatee and mustache short while shaving off the sides. On the other hand, you could also grow it out a little, keep the sides trimmed, and the mustache long while giving the chin a nice trim.

The important part though is the color. If you need to color your mustache and beard to bring this look, use a light brown tone so that the ‘Viking-like’ appearance sets in easily. You could even try coloring a few strands of hair white to flaunt a bit of wisdom!

Final Thoughts

The extended goatee is certainly one of the best styles to carry in 2022 and the variations that we have mentioned in this article are quite appealing. The five styles outlined here will ensure that your beard looks great and trendy.

You do have to make sure that your face shape is appropriate for the extended goatee variations. However, if you’re willing to experiment regardless of the shape, then you’re most welcome to do so. Just remember that it’s always a good idea to grow out your beard and then do the styling as needed.

The extended goatee will remain in trend for quite a while in the near future. So if you’re planning on keeping one style for a couple of months, that’s perfectly fine.

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