Freedom Grooming Vs Skull Shaver: Helping You Pick Between Diverse Shavers

The Skull Shaver Pitbull and Freedom Grooming FlexSeries shavers resemble in many ways in looks and performance. Added to that, they share almost similar price points which in total leaves the consumers indecisive on which one to choose to get the best shaving experience.

We’ve listened to your concerns and have tested these two shavers side by side to generate the knowledge to identify the significant differences. We’ve also placed our experiences regarding these two shavers in context so that you can easily understand what each of these are capable of doing.

So follow through our article till the end because we believe it’ll help you settle upon your perfect shaver that caters to your unique needs. We’ve designed it as a battle between Freedom Grooming vs Skull Shaver and placed our own verdict in the end to assist you in the process!

Freedom Grooming Vs Skull Shaver : Comparison Chart

Name & BrandSkull ShaverFreedom Grooming
Run Time
30 minutes
90 Minutes
Usb Charging
10.58 Ounces
1.17 Pounds
Our Rating
Check Price
Check Price

How Are Skull Shaver & Freedom Grooming On The Same Ground?

How Are Skull Shaver And Freedom Grooming On The Same Ground

Although these two are completely two different entities, Skull Shaver is a prominent producer of shavers that consumers have relied on for many years. On the other hand, Freedom Grooming is a small business that aims at producing quality shaver products at an affordable price point.

Despite their differences in company size, the Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO and the Freedom Grooming FlexSeries Electric Shaver share a lot of attributes that are quite similar. Thus, only going through their features isn’t enough to make an assessment between the two.

With tons of similarities and almost equal differences, these two shavers are placed in a gradient that requires a comparative understanding by the experts. With first hand experience with both of these, this can be assured that the quality of shave they provide along with the way of operation, they deserve to be compared and to be placed on the same ground.

Skull Shaver Vs Freedom Grooming: A Worthy Battle

The fight between these two shavers to achieve supremacy bases the battle upon six key features that set them apart from the rest of the pact. So buckle up and enjoy our expert analysis based on experience for each of these devices!


Shaver Design

Both the Skull Shaver and Freedom Grooming shavers are built with an ergonomic design. They would fit perfectly in the palm of your hands and allow you to shave comfortably. Be that shaving your head, your face or your body – these electric shavers will take you that extra mile in reaching difficult places with ease!

That said, the Skull Shaver features a body made out of premium material. It feels really good in your hand and radiates the aura that only top-notch shavers are able to provide.

On the other hand, Freedom Grooming shaver feels a little underwhelming when it comes to the material quality. It’ll feel like something that’s made out of affordable materials to cut down on costs.

While they share almost equal traits in comfort and grip – be that a wet shave or shaving in dry conditions – the feeling about the materials is there to stay. But you must consider the price point Freedom Grooming is set at, thus the quality of material is bound to be less competent than of Skull Shaver.

So, despite being highly comfortable, we’ll place the Skull Shaver on top of Freedom Grooming when it comes to design. It doesn’t mean that the performance is compromised for the material, it just feels and looks less exquisite than the Skull Shaver’s captivating body and design.


Although most of the shavers of such designs follow a similar blade pattern, the Freedom Grooming spices up our battle of Skull Shaver vs Freedom Grooming to a whole new level! As the Skull Shaver features four pivoting blades that are marketed as 4D blades, Freedom Groomer on the other hand offers you an extra blade in the middle!

When it comes to Skull Shaver, the blades are designed in such a way that it can follow your contour precisely! We’ve tried it out on our face and head to shave off stubble hair and were gifted with a supreme delivery! This rotary shaver’s blades are ultra-flexible and they’ll adjust to your jawline, neck or pretty much anything perfectly without leaving behind any hair patch!

As opposed to Skull Shaver, the Freedom Grooming shaver’s additional blade allows you to forget that you’re using a shaver. The blades are gentle and require fewer passes to get rid of your unwanted hair. We’ve tested it on sensitive skins and found the entire experience to be highly comfortable and it’s a proven one of very few shavers to perform effectively with sensitive skin.

Although highly similar in terms of blade types, the Freedom Groomer has a little edge because of the convenience to sensitive skin. An additional blade seems to have done the trick!

Shaving Diversity

Shaving Diversity

These shavers are two of the most diversely capable devices available in the market for consumers. They cover a wide area of expertise which you can assign to different parts of your body and are fully functional in both wet and dry conditions. With such diverse operations available, they carry significantly different aspects to one another.

Freedom Grooming shaver sports an irritation-free shave all around with free accessories and goes a level extra in terms of grooming. It’s good for both dry and wet shave, as you can take it in your shower for a mess-free body shave. However, be wary since it doesn’t have any certification regarding water-resistance, so being cautious won’t put you in harm’s way.

In contrast, the Skull Shaver always offers you premium shaves. Like its competition here, Skull Shaver allows you to take your shaver inside the shower with you, but the upside to this is that this unit comes with an IPX5 water-resistance rating. This guarantees you sustainability and safety during a wet shave in the right way, without any concern of damaging your device!

In this case, Freedom Grooming vs Skull Shaver is a tie and is completely preferential. If you’re looking for a shaver that can do pretty much everything that a trimmer can also do on a smaller scale, Freedom Grooming is the one for you. Otherwise, we’d recommend the Skull Shaver for its IPX rating for convenience!


Having a travel-friendly shaver is a dream for many men because this removes a huge burden off of the shoulder during constant moving. Both of our shavers in concern excel at being a traveler’s prime choice in different ways.

The Freedom Grooming shaver has gone to the extent that many shavers of such caliber aspires to reach. It comes with accessories like a precision clipper/trimmer that you can swap out for your shaver head and attach trimmer guards of 3mm, 5mm and 7mm length.

Added to that, there are nose and ear trimmers added to the pack alongside an exfoliating brush. Which means, buying one unit of Freedom Grooming will cover various dimensions of grooming from the pre-shave to post-shave grooming.

While such is the case, Skull Shaver’s only sizable aspect apart from its size is the easy-cleaning feature. If you want a quick shave before heading out, this should save your time during traveling and also your office days.

The last pickle that seals the deal in terms of travel on the Freedom Grooming vs Skull Shaver matter is the battery life. Skull Shaver lasts only 30 minutes in one charge – which is sufficient but not enough to leave the charger behind at home.

Freedom Grooming in this case gives you an astonishing 90 minutes after a full charge! It’s going to last you almost a week and won’t demand you to drag around cables while you’re traveling! All things considered, Freedom Grooming has the upperhand in terms of traveling facilities!


Shaver Longevity

Longevity is an important factor that creates difference between these two shavers. We’ve found the Freedom Grooming device to be a little fragile when it comes to sustainability. Skull Shaver on the other hand gives you the sturdiest shaver that doesn’t die out on you even after prolonged use!

This gives Skull Shaver an advantage in the longevity aspect. It means that you’re going to have to be cautious and careful in your handling if you should go for the Skull Shaver. Learn all the procedures like lubricating your shaver to keep its health in check and it should serve you just the way you want it to!


You must make sure if your investment is worthy before spending your hard-earned money on either of these shavers. It’s mainly preferential when it comes to choosing between Freedom Grooming vs Skull Shaver because they have their significant differences.

Freedom Grooming gives you tons of features at a price point slightly shy of Skull Shaver. On the other hand, Skull Shaver gives you premium build quality, assurance that it’ll last a long time and offers you top-notch shaves with some additional money spent on it.


It’s time for us to give a verdict on Freedom Grooming vs Skull Shaver units! While there are tons of similar and different features between the two, it all comes down to two things in the end – your budget and your way of using it.

In our opinion, the Skull Shaver is the winner of this battle because of the reliability that you’ll find in each step. It gives you the most amazing shave on a regular basis, the material feels good in your hands and aspires to last for the longest possible time without dying!

But, Freedom Grooming could be your option too if you’re a frequent traveler and running on a tight budget as it’ll save you a few bucks as opposed to getting the Skull Shaver. You must make sure to take good care of it and use it cautiously to keep it maintained, and it’ll do your grooming justice unquestionably!

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