Electric Razor Vs Manual Razor: A Debate Between Cost & Comfort In Shaving

Modern men always thrive to achieve the best possible result in terms of grooming. And when it comes to shaving frequently, consumers find themselves in a massive dilemma having to pick sides in the electric razor vs manual shaver debate.

While each of them has their own benefits and shortcomings, there must be one winner in this argument that excels at providing the most efficient service considering all the factors. As one has the advantage of low-cost immediately, the other speaks durability from the word go.

Thus, analyzing the key differences between the two would be fruitful to enhance your knowledge on the matter. It’ll also help you pick out the right shaver for your unique needs. I have personally tested out both these types of razors to make an experiential assessment between the two.

So the verdict you’ll receive by the end is completely based on personal experience mixed with opinions from some of the experts I’ve drawn knowledge from!

Understanding The Razors: Electric & Manual

Before reaching any conclusion about these two types of shavers, you must first understand their individual characteristics that’ll help you differentiate between the two.

Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver

Electric shavers function as the name suggests – with electricity. A powerful motor oscillates the blades to make the shaving process effortless and straightforward. There are two main genres of electric shavers – rotary and foil – who have their own distinguishing aspects.

However, there are some other forms of shavers as well that are vibrated by a motor, but they don’t really fall under the top-class criteria of an electric razor. Some confuse the uses between trimmers and shavers, but they are built for completely separate purposes.

Electric shavers are widely available in the market and only a handful of brands like Braun, Panasonic, Philips, Andis, Wahl, Skull Shaver etc. stand out from the lot for their unmatched quality & performance.

Manual Razor

Manual Razor

Manual razors are the ones that don’t include any electrical units and function completely on its merit of minimal equipment like the blades and a handle. There are certain upsides and downsides to using such razors on a daily basis that are discussed further in this article. Gillette is one of the most prominent manual razor brands worldwide as it’s been a consumer-favorite for a long time.

Electric Shaver Vs Manual Razor: Key Differences

Here, we’ll dive into the debate of electric razor vs manual shaver to understand what they excel at and assess their key differences, so that you can make a worthwhile purchase ensuring your skin’s maximum safety and health!


Electric shavers perform in a completely different manner than manual razors. During my shaves, I was able to perform effortlessly while shaving toward and against my grains using an electric device, while doing the same with a manual razor required much finesse on my account.

Electric Shaver Performance

Also, electric units have made my shaving a convenient procedure in terms of saving time, ensuring better health for skin and cleaning. As manual razors require a constant flow of water under the faucet when I shave with foam or gel, electric shavers can be cleaned after a complete shaving procedure.

Manual Shaver Performance

On top of that, foil shavers always capture my flying hair particles to ensure a smooth cleaning even after a dry shave. But on the other hand, a manual razor leaves behind a hairy mess that leaves behind a painful cleaning routine afterward.


Good electric shavers are durable and easy to maintain. They last a long time, they are water-resistant and I could even take them inside my shower for a wet shave. Manual shavers in this case are comparatively fragile and don’t allow flexibility of where I’m intending to shave. It demands a sink and water source for constantly cleaning in between the shaving.

Shaver Durability

The electric shavers I’ve used have lasted at least over 3 years even after the roughest of uses. I could even sharpen my electric razor blades to make it more durable which isn’t really the case with manual razors. Overall, an electric unit has proven to be more durable than a manual one!

Shaving Time

The time it generally takes for me to complete a full shaving from pre-routine to post-procedures can be time consuming depending on my beard’s situation. A manual shave always ends up taking a large chunk of my time out as I have to scrub the blades on your skin several times to ensure a shave up close.

Also, the pauses in-between to wash off the residue foam isn’t a great help either. The entire process can take up to 30 minutes even if I’m trying your best to speed things up. But then there’s the risk of getting cut or causing a razor burn if I’m vigorous and lose concentration while trying to save up some time.

Electric razors – both rotary and foil – transcend in this regard. They have reduced my shaving time so much that it hasn’t remained as a difficult section of my morning routines. All I need to do everyday is to switch on my device and pass it over my beard areas, be that a wet shave or a dry.

Avoiding electric shaving errors has made sure I’m the most efficient with my device. Taking it inside my shower and shaving while I’m bathing – it’s all possible with such units. And shaving up close to the skin with a foil shaver is so easy these days that I don’t even need a second pass unlike a manual razor!


Many of the consumers opt for a manual razor just because it’s budget friendly, but is it truly cost-efficient? My manual razors last a maximum of one month on average if I shave every other day, or two weeks if I shave everyday. Using it past this point leaves me to deal with dull blades which can cause all sorts of trouble, like inducing a shaving cut or ingrown hair.

Electric shavers do cost a significant amount, that we do agree on. But it’s actually a one-time investment because the shaver-heads will last at least three months even if someone shaves everyday, at least it has been the case for me! And not to mention, all the other utilities I’ve received with an electric device, my manual razors could never match those.

If I compare all of these side by side, I’ll have to say that manual razors do come in cheap, but after a one-time investment, electric shavers come out on top in terms of cost-efficiency. And when it comes to comfort and healthy shaving, making an initial investment is always going to be worth it.

Closeness Of Shave

Many people argue that a manual razor can get much closer to the skin than an electric shaver, which is actually the truth. However, an electric razor doesn’t fall much shy, only the skin needs some time to get adjusted to its shaving techniques. Thus, after the initial couple of weeks with my new electric shaver, I’ve never found any beard patches left behind unshaved.

Closeness Of Shave

Once the skin gets well-acquainted with the shaver, anyone can follow the proper methods to get the closest possible shaves out of it. Also, getting a close shave with an electric shaver has been more comfortable and convenient than with a manual razor for me.

Skin Health

Manual razors actually scrub sharp blades on my skin which isn’t a healthy practice and I’m not really a big fan of. This has often led to accidental cuts and nicks that take significant time to heal properly. Also, these shavers aren’t made to follow the facial contours, thus I had to be very careful and expert while handling such sharp blades directly next to my skin.

Electric Shaver Is Better For Skin Health

Electric razors like foil or rotary units have a layer of foil protection over the blades. The foils pull my hair inside for the shave, removing direct skin to blade contact. This has not only ensured my skin’s safety with a gentle shave, but also allowed me to go over any dents or bumps without any worry.

These don’t leave behind shaving induced discomfort and specialized electric shavers for sensitive skin are the gifts of technology for modern men. The way such razors ensure skin’s health can never be matched by the manual razors and the close contact with sharp blades. Ingrown hair, rashes or burns will always be a part of it, no matter how careful you are.


After going through the conundrum of electric shaver vs manual razor, you probably have made up your mind on the matter to settle it permanently. No one understands your needs better than you do, and I’ve only tried to highlight all the pros and cons you’ll be receiving with these two types of shavers.

However, our experts aspire to leave behind an ideal guideline to follow which should be optimum for most people. Picking a manual razor would be beneficial if you’re on a very tight budget and have no possibility of investing in a device that’s priced quite higher than this.

Otherwise, buying an electric shaver would be the most efficient way to go about it. These are durable, give a closer shave with minimal effort, easiest cleaning duty and can save your time by a long, long margin.

If you manage to make a one-time investment, it’ll keep coming back to aid you in many different ways that you possibly didn’t even think of! Also, there are some budget electric shavers that might just make you change your mind!

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