How To Dry Shave Using An Electric Razor: A Simple Guide

Whether you’re going for a quick trim or shaving off a month’s worth of facial hair, dry shaving is definitely an activity you can benefit from.

On top of being extremely convenient to implement, dry shaving requires using an electric shaver; a tool that is usually safer than a razor, but could be less effective in multiple scenarios.

Moving on, if you’re particularly new to the act of shaving, dry shaving could be a term that you could be unaware of, but an activity that you should definitely take into account, especially if you’re not the biggest fan of the drawbacks that shaving with a razor usually brings to the table.

Furthermore, in this article, not only will we be dropping an easy guide on how one could incorporate the act of dry shaving with an electric razor into their grooming routine, but we will also provide the readers with a segment on which we will talk about the benefits as well as the drawbacks the activity attains.

However, before all that is covered, follow us as we unveil to you what dry shaving really stands for!

What Does Dry Shaving Mean?

What Does Dry Shaving Mean

Long story short, dry shaving is the act of shaving that requires zero contribution from water. While many prefer incorporating this technique when shaving their body hair, a majority of the people take assistance from this technique when trimming or removing each and every strand of their facial hair.

Even though many use a razor when partaking in dry shaving, using an electric razor or trimmer brings to the table results that are more beneficial than the former equipment. It also reduces the chances of razor burn, bumps and other forms of skin irritation.

Dry shaving is an excellent activity to take into consideration when you’re running late to a party, or just having a lazy day, but also has drawbacks that could be uncomfortable on certain occasions. However, due to how easy it is to implement, many people typically find joy in the act of dry shaving.

Dry Shave Using An Electric Razor Using These Basic Steps!

Electric Razor Dry Shaving Steps

Using an electric shaver isn’t just an excellent option to resort to when you’re short of time, but could be a great method to incorporate if you’re a newbie in the grooming world. Since it is obviously more skin friendly and often leads the way without requiring any assistance, using an electric shaver could save the lives and time of many.

Furthermore, if your main priority is to obtain optimal results with zero consequences or repercussions, here are all the steps that you need to follow when dry shaving with the help of an electric razor!

Wash Your Face

Before you even touch your razor, ensure your face is crystal clear and fresh. Failing to do so won’t necessarily hamper the results or the efficiency of the tool itself, however, it might bring to the table inconveniences such as razor burn and irritation.

Once you’ve washed your face, pat dry the damp area with a towel or with a t-shirt if it’s closer to you for making the shaving process easier and decreasing the chances of facing repercussions.

Clean Your Electric Shaver

On top of washing your face, ensuring the fact that your electric shaver is clean should be a priority to take into consideration. Since shavers and razors often have bits and pieces of hair and accumulate moisture as well as build up on a regular basis, using it directly onto your skin won’t be the wisest move, especially if the equipment isn’t cleaned beforehand. Therefore, rinse the shaver with some water and clean the edges with a brush before you let it run the show.

To play it safe, use a towel to ensure the blades are dry after it’s been washed thoroughly.

Electric Shaver Cleaning

Start With The Sensitive Areas

Instead of saving the worst for last, do the opposite. Shave the areas that are often prone to razor burn first, such as the area along the neck. As the shaver will be relatively new and fresh, the procedure will also be beneficial and bring to the table successful results, especially if you take your time.

Pull The Skin Taut

When trimming your facial hair, use your thumb and index or middle finger to expand the width of your skin. Widening the surface will allow the razor to trim effectively over a smooth layer of skin. It will also be a good maneuver to use if the strands are particularly short.

Shave Against The Grain

As opposed to a normal razor, one needs to shave against the grain when using an electric razor. Follow a circular motion as well when shaving particular areas for beneficial results.

Since the blades of an electric shaver aren’t nearly as sharp as that of a regular razor, the tool is safe when it’s used against the grain, unlike the latter, which causes razor burn, itchiness, and rashes on certain occasions.

Wash The Shaver After Every Use

To say goodbye to ingrown hairs and razor burn, rinse your tool thoroughly with water after you’re done with trimming each area. Following that method won’t just prevent minor conveniences, but will also improve the quality and final results of the shaving session.

Dry Shaving With An Electric Razor: The Benefits

The Benefits Of Dry Shaving With An Electric Razor

Dry shaving is a technique that is often implemented by many all over the world, and could even be a good match for you especially due to its advantages, which are listed right below this paragraph.

It Is Time Efficient

On an average, dry shaving takes around 5-10 minutes. This can be music to the ears of those that are often unpunctual, working around a tight schedule, or an hour away from heading out for a date. The duration is also flexible and could even be as short as 2 minutes if the area you’re trying to trim doesn’t have enough hair to begin with!

Simple To Carry Out

Dry shaving doesn’t require pre-shaving items like shaving gel or foam. It doesn’t even require an aftercare lotion on most occasions. In fact, in order to hop on the bandwagon of dry shaving, all you need is an electric razor or shaver.

Doesn’t Shave Off Everything

Although this could also be one of its drawbacks, the fact that an electric razor doesn’t shave off every piece of hair possible could be a relief to many, and a blessing to those that are in love with their 5 o’clock shadow.

Defends The Skin Against Nicks And Cuts

Despite coming in contact with naked skin, an electric shaver isn’t as harmful as it seems. In fact, users who have incorporated an electric shaver into their grooming routine are typically free of razor burn, bumps, folliculitis and skin irritation.

The Minor Drawbacks To Dry Shaving

Drawbacks To Dry Shaving

While dry shaving could be a gem of a discovery for many, it could bring to the table certain disadvantages that could be difficult to comprehend and manage, such as:

It May Lead To Skin Irritation

Since electric razors often accumulate build up and even strands of hair, causes such as razor bumps, ingrown hairs, as well as razor burn could be a common drawback that users might face.

Not The Best Option For A Clean Shave

If you’re seeking a bald look, perhaps the act of dry shaving should remain a thought, as it rarely ever results in a clean shave. Since the blades are often more skin friendly, the edges of each blade are more lenient than that of a razor, which is great if you’re careless with the sharp tool, but an inconvenience if you’re heading out for an interview.

Things To Consider When Dry Shaving: Useful Tips and Tricks To Bear In Mind

Dry shaving could be an excellent idea in most scenarios. However, to get the optimal results while dry shaving:

  • Wash your skin first before using the electric shaver.
  • Use gentle strokes around the area when shaving for avoiding razor bumps.
  • Moisturize the skin once it’s been shaved.
  • Avoid shaving the skin right after waking up as it retains tons of moisture around that time.
  • Don’t use an electric razor on irritated or damaged skin.
  • Clean your electric shaver regularly and replace the blades whenever it seems dull.
  • Refrain from dry shaving if your skin is prone to acne or if you suffer from skin conditions like eczema.
  • Take your time to avoid a botched outcome.

Final Verdict

Using an electric razor to dry shave could be beneficial if you’re seeking a method that is time-friendly, and offers tons of safety. However, it isn’t your cup of tea if you’re seeking a clean shave, have sensitive skin, and have skin conditions like acne, eczema, and dermatitis.

That’s all for today, folks! If you liked reading this issue of ours, make sure to skim through the articles on our website for solving all the questions you have regarding grooming!


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