Do Men Shave Their Armpits? How To Do It?

Long gone are the days when shaving body hair was considered a feminine trait. In fact, it is all the craze right now for men. But, there is still confusion among men about the hair of which areas are acceptable to remove?

The confusion has recently been mostly about armpit hair. There are people on both sides arguing that men should or should not shave their armpits.

We believe that it is important to know the pros and cons of shaving your armpits before you make a decision. That is why we crafted this article to answer all your questions.

We have listed reasons for men to shave or not to shave their armpits. We will also describe the correct way for shaving your armpits for those who have chosen to do so.

So, stick with this article for learning everything you need to know about shaving armpit hair, and at the end you will be able to choose for yourself.

Do Men Shave Their Armpits?

Do Men Shave their Armpits

Before we can get to the benefits and drawbacks, we must first find out how many men are actually shaving their armpits.

According to, a survey conducted in 2017 shows that 25% of U.S. males shave their armpits several times per week. Only 9% of men never shave their armpits. All the other men do it once every week, every second week, or every month.

Another survey conducted in 2015 by Men’s Health similarly shows that only 1 out of 10 men has never shaved or trimmed their armpits. The rest of them have at least tried it once.

So, you can clearly see that it is extremely common now for men to shave their armpits and a huge number of them are doing it regularly. You should probably consider these stats while making your choice.

Why Should Men Shave Their Armpits?

Why Should Men Shave their Armpits

Now that we have established that a lot of men are shaving their armpits, let’s look at the advantages of doing it. Spoiler alert, there are plenty of them.

  • More Hygienic – It is definitely more hygienic to shave your armpits. A cleaner armpit will keep all the dangerous bacteria away and protect your skin. Not to mention there will be way less dirt and gunk in your underarm.
  • Less Sweating – It is a proven fact that armpit hair will absorb and hold onto more sweat. If you shave your armpit hair, there will be less sweating. You will also reduce visible sweat on your clothes as there will be less sweat patches or rings.
  • Less Body Odor – Less sweat already ensures less odor. Also, armpit hair creates a situation where odor-inducing bacteria can multiply themselves. Shaving your armpit hair will send them away and keep you smelling fresh.
  • More Effective Deodorant – Having shaved armpits will make sure that your deodorants are working extra effectively. So, you must do it if you want to smell better.
  • Athletic Advantages – If you are an athlete, then you should certainly consider shaving your armpits. You can just look at world-famous sports personas like Michael Phelps, Adam Peaty, or Cristiano Ronaldo for inspiration. They all shave their armpits, which results in less rash and chafing, and that helps them to perform better. It is also highly recommended to bodybuilders to better show off their muscle definition.
  • Aesthetic Preference – Besides all the great benefits mentioned above, it could be just your personal choice. Maybe you like to look more presentable in short-sleeved or sleeveless clothes. You are bound to feel more confident, and appear sharper on those beach days with your shaved armpits.

Why Don’t Men Shave Their Armpits?

Why Don’t Men Shave Their Armpits

Apart from the advantages, there are quite a few reasons for men to avoid shaving their armpits as well. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • Skin Issues – The skin on your underarm is very sensitive. It is also uneven, which makes it difficult to shave. So, if one is not careful while shaving, they can easily suffer from skin burn, itchiness, rashes, or inflamed follicles. If you are unlucky, a problematic razor can give you skin infection as well. That is why many men avoid shaving their armpits altogether.
  • Regular Maintenance – Men’s hair usually grows more rapidly than women’s hair. This can cause an issue, because you have to shave your armpits quite frequently to keep it clean. Some men might not have the time or energy to spend on shaving their armpits regularly.
  • Darkening of Skin – For men with sensitive skin, shaving their armpits can lead to darkening of their underarm skin. This is another reason for avoidance.
  • More Masculine – There are men who believe that keeping their armpit hair in their natural state makes them appear more masculine. It has been the case for a long time that not caring about how you look is thought of as a masculine characteristic. So, a lot of men actively try to avoid looking neat and tidy, and want more of a rugged vibe.
  • Social Acceptability – This is a major difference between men and women. It is more socially acceptable for men to not shave their armpits. Many men are happy to use this privilege and not bother shaving their armpits. Whatever may be your reason, we completely understand if you want to keep it au naturale.

How to Shave Your Armpits?

How to Shave Your Armpits

We believe that you can avoid having all of the skin issues mentioned above by following the appropriate guideline. Our tips and tricks will ensure a smooth experience and result for you. So, keep these steps in mind while shaving your armpits.

Step 1: 

Judge yourself if your armpit hair is too long to be shaved directly. If yes, then trim it first. It will make the whole process much easier. Also, your razor will not get clogged, and the shaving experience will be hassle-free.

Step 2:

Now, get into the shower. Take a shower with warm water to get wet and clean. It will soften your armpit hair and make it easier for you to shave. You should do the shaving in the shower as well to make less of a mess. You need to also exfoliate if you can. It will help you in removing the dirt and dead skin cells. But, exfoliating is not mandatory, and if you shave regularly, it would be wise to avoid over-exfoliating.

Step 3: 

Choosing the right razor is one of the most important parts. Do not use a razor with multiple blades. It might be great for shaving your facial hair, but using it for shaving your armpits has a higher chance of causing harm to your skin. The best option is to use body razors, which are specially designed for grooming body hair. Apart from that, a safety razor or a straight razor will also do. Just make sure that the blade is sharp and not dull. Otherwise, it could be a horrible experience.

Step 4: 

Before you start shaving, you need to lubricate your armpits with shaving cream or gel. It will protect your skin from all sorts of issues and give you a smoother shave. Use a translucent cream so that you can see underneath it. If a cream or a gel is not available, soap will do as well.

Step 5: 

Once you are done properly applying cream, start shaving gently. Keep in mind that armpit hair can grow in any direction. So, you need to shave up and down, and also side-to-side for a clean armpit. Be extra careful about not hitting moles or spots with your razor.

Step 6:

Clean up and dry your armpits after you have finished shaving. Remember that your underarm skin was already sensitive, and it is even more now after the shave. So, never forget about the after-shave treatment. Wait for 3-5 minutes before using an after-shave balm or cream, because the pores are still open and it will sting a lot. Apply a non-alcoholic after-shave product after the wait is over.

We should also remind you to use a razor, shaving cream and after-shave product of great quality to ensure the best possible shaving experience, and protection of your skin. Finally, we congratulate you on having clean and smooth armpits.


Now, it is time for judgment. Thanks to this article, you have all the information now to choose the best option for you. So, what have you decided?

We know that both shaving and not shaving your armpits have their advantages and disadvantages. But, if you ask us, we would say that the benefits outweigh the downsides.

You will be missing out on a lot if you decide not to shave your armpits. It is too difficult to say no to the hygienic benefits, less sweat and odor, and better performance and appearance.

You can also avoid a lot of the negative concerns regarding shaving your armpits by following our carefully-crafted guideline. Again, we completely understand that it is solely your choice and acknowledge that both the choices make sense.

We can also offer you the best of both worlds, which is trimming your armpit hair. If you have never shaved your armpit hair before, we would suggest giving trimming a try and see what it feels like. It might further help you to make a decision.

Whatever you choose, do it confidently and carry your own style with pride.

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