Well-Crafted Circle Beard Ideas: 16 Ways To Bolster Up Your Looks In 2023

When it comes to underrated beard styles with maximum potential for exquisite styling, circle beard is one such name in this arena. Supposedly a younger brother to regular goatee styles, circle beards can be put on by almost anyone and they will offer you a drastic enhancement to your current style!

Our article today sheds light on this trendy style by exhibiting some of the highly revered styling ideas. Also, you’ll learn a great deal about its origins and a DIY tutorial to apply this style at home, all by yourself.

So sharpen your razor blades and brush up your trimmer, because you won’t be able to resist yourself once you get to explore the captivating styles we have in store for you! By the end, you’re going to thank us for introducing you to this new world of fashionable beard styles!

Where Did The Circle Beard Originate?

Circle beard is basically a specific kind of the broader genre goatee beard. As the latter is based on beard only around your lips’ surrounding area, the former does the same. The major difference is that the circle beard must have a connection between the beard part and the mustache.

As for the origin of this beard style, it actually dates back to ancient Greek and Rome. It’s claimed that the god Pan used to carry around this beard style. However, in recent times, The Guardian has featured such a beard as highly trendy in popular culture!

Fabulous Circle Beard Ideas For Stylish Men

Let’s take a look at some of the circle beard concepts that you can apply on yourself to achieve an exclusive upgrade to your existing look!

Thick Bottom Circle

Thick Bottom Circle

The first beard in our list features one of the most classic circle styles that you’ve probably seen a lot of times on the big screen. This style relies heavily on a thick beard with a sizable texture that remains visible even from a really long distance. Wide soul patch beneath the bottom lip makes this beard more exquisite that can be charming for people of any age!

To start the styling process, you have to begin with a stubble. Once there, you’ll start shaping up using your trimmer and razor to be made into a circle. After reaching that point, all you’ll need to do is groom the edges with time. Based on your hair growth rate, it can take you a couple of months to reach the desired density and complete the look!

With A Heavy Mustache

With A Heavy Mustache

Your circle beard can be modified in many different ways considering it has a lot of styling potential. This time round, you’re going to focus on your mustache more than the rest of the beard body. Thin lines on either side with a short & wide patch on the chin, your mustache should grow up to be significantly long in contrast.

The grooming process requires you to emphasize letting the mustache build up while trimming the remaining goatee body down to a minimum level. Although you have to allow the growth of your mustache, it does require some degree of shaping on the edges. When all of it comes together, you’re going to end up with a fanciable look!

The Heisenberg Circle

The Heisenberg Circle

If you’re a fan of the popular TV Series Breaking Bad which premiered the finale back in 2013, then we’re sure you’ve fancied the Heisenberg beard during the runtime. It’s a menacing style that reflects the terror Walter White was able to draw upon his enemies, and you can interpret it in your own way to take this style to the next level. Just don’t become the next Heisenberg who made drugs!

It’s a solid look really, with thick and dense goatee circling around your lips perfectly. It’s going to take a significant amount of time though, to reach the length that matches Heisenberg’s precisely, but with patience you’ll get there to earn the bragging rights. We dare you to throw the iconic hat and the jacket into your style, you’ll turn heads for sure!

A Longer Circle

A Longer Circle

This rendition of beard covers a larger radius than the traditional circle beard, as it goes the extent past your chin. The mustache and beard body contains different widths, while the former is quite thin with the latter significantly voluminous. The transition between the beard and the mustache goes gradually rather than a sudden shift makes the look very smooth!

Such a heavy beard should settle nicely with a short hairstyle on top. Faded sides will only add to the look and overall make you look highly presentable to the onlookers. Scrape off the soul patch so that the oval aspect of the beard is made apparent to naked eye. It’s the perfect look for your corporate office as such styles are trademark utilities in the field of business!

Mr. Elegant

Mr Elegant

Make yourself look classy with the elegant variation of this genre of beards. Although it’s classified as a circle beard and aligns with the basic principles of this style, it does however sport a pointy end at the bottom. The mustache is a fine reflection of the beard part and the sides hang on with significantly thinner lines of hair.

You probably wouldn’t require a lot of time to get the mustache part done, but the beard part is quite longer so give it a couple of months to form the desired shape. An explosion-shaped soul patch sits proudly over the beard body. You can apply a couple of methods for the pointy beard end – one is to apply pomade and shape it with your hands, the other is to trim down to make it look that way.

The Radical Look

The Radical Look

Let your inner edginess break all the barriers of social confinement with this radical and amazing looking beard! This beats most of the other beard styles in terms of uniqueness and it’s crafted by merging a few styling trends that are currently prominent worldwide.

Shape your beard initially to lay the foundation for the final outcome. Keep your mustache length in check while your beard down below grows. Once the length reaches an optimum size, glaze it with a caramel dye and apply gel to make the straight brushing the major feature of this beard!

Perfect Circle Beard

Perfect Circle Beard

This varian of circle beard is probably the most ideal style that you can hope out of this particular type. With a thin beard and mustache line overall, it remains sleek and classy at the same time. Anyone with different shapes of face can pull it off easily without any hesitation!

Since it’s based on a short length beard, you won’t need much time to reach the required length of this style. The soul patch is up to your preference, but if you feel like keeping it, we recommend you to detach it from the beard body to make this look agonizingly sharp to the styling enthusiasts!

Circle Minus The Soul Patch

Circle Minus The Soul Patch

Imagine if the crime lord Pablo Escobar grew a beard with his mustache! This beard style does just that in real life! With a mustache almost covering your top lip and a beard thick enough to surpass your chin area, this beard falls to the gradient of casually stylish trends!

Let your beard grow for a couple months while keeping the shape in check. You’ll require some finesse with your blades to maintain the area your beard covers as well as the soul patch removed. Once it takes proper shape, stop with the neat lines so that the edges get softened!

Michael Jordan Style

Michal Jordan Style

Michael Jordan is the living epitome of circle beard with his distinctively searing beard he carried around during his Bulls days. This style walks the fine line as the barely visible beard encourages many of us to get it for ourselves. The subtle style is something you should definitely consider as your summertime look!

All you need for this to work is a two to three week grown beard, or even a stubble can get you started for the style! Shape it up to match with Jordan’s style with regular trimming that’ll keep the length in check!

A Solid Circle

A Solid Circle

Speaking of hair density, a voluminous circle style can rock your world in the best possible way in terms of styling. A solid area to grow your bushes around your lips within a perfect shape can give you a boost that you’ve always wanted. Throw in your very short or even bald hair into the mix to make the contrast highly appreciable!

It demands a couple-month long beard flaunting around your lips. If your soul patch area doesn’t grow a complete beard and leaves bald patches, consider growing the surrounding area slightly longer to cover for that. This solid beard projects boldness and confidence through the way you look!

Circle With A Brush

Circle With A Brush

Treat your garden like a temple and your beard like the eden – that’s how it should be with beard styles as such. A circle beard that grows a large brush on the chin with a very thin beard that reaches the bottom portion. It looks even better in contrast if you don’t have any sizable hair on top of your head! Just make sure to keep everything in check so that it doesn’t become an overgrown mess!

The Cool & Gray Look

The Cool And Gray Look

If your beard has started to turn gray, this would be the perfect opportunity that you can seize to get this cool look! Applying the typical circle beard look with sufficiently long hair, the contrast in colors of black, gray and white will fill in the aesthetic quota! You’ll become a voguish and classy dude within your circle should you choose to keep this style!

Curly Circle

Curly Circle

Your curly hair can easily implement the circle trend of beards with no trouble at all! Plan your preferred style ahead and let it grow until it reaches the required length. Keep trimming the edges frequently so that they don’t run out of control and ruin the beauty aspects of this trend!

Extreme Circle Beard

Extreme Circle Beard

If going over the top had a language, then this beard style would be its dictionary. Interpreting the circle principles in a completely different way, this style goes over the top in terms of how to wear it. Instead of a beard surrounding your lips, it magnifies the beard around your head starting from the bottom of your chin. Just so you know, it utilizes your hair as well, so don’t plan on working with your hairstyle if you consider getting this beard!

Messy Contrastive Look

Messy Contrastive Look

Go messy once in a while with your facial hair to tone down your look and generate a more casual effect. With a long beard around your lips, you can even keep a stubble if you want to. It’s for those who don’t want regular maintenance and sharpen up the edges frequently. Make sure to trim your mustache once in a while, otherwise it’ll get into the way of your food!

Sleek Circle

Sleek Circle

The last circle beard in our list is the sleek style. Based upon very thin beard and mustache lines, this style makes you look equally cool and dashing. A beard style for every occasion, it keeps the chin area slightly thicker than the mustache to create an aesthetically superior look!

DIY: Circle Beard At Home

Guide To Do Circle Beard At Home

Let’s take a look at the ‘do it yourself’ section for circle beard so that you don’t feel the need to go to a barber and have it styled in your own way at the comfort of your home!

Step 1

You have to pick your preferred style and then lay down a plan to be followed. Things to consider are the length, type and spread of your beard. Once settled, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2

According to your roadmap, let your beard grow for a week. With a stubble, draw out the beard style of your desire with your trimmer or razor.

Step 3

Keep the initially drawn out shape in check. Over time, it’ll grow up to the necessary length and trimming down the edges frequently will give it the character.

Step 4

Do the additional adjustments like coloring or styling with hair pomade. This won’t be necessary for all the styles.

After following these steps, you’ll be the proud owner of some magnificent circle beard!


In our FAQ section, we’ll elucidate on circle beard and the relevant questions that enthusiasts ask frequently online. Scrolling through this section should give you better insight into this beard style and settle some doubts you may have had on the matter!

Q: Are circle beards attractive?

A: Circle beards are definitely attractive and are currently trending in the fashion industry. From a wide variety of options, you can make your pick and be a part of popular trends!

Q: How long does it take to grow a circle beard?

A: It depends on the style you are going for and the growth rate of your beard. Ideally, it can take between two weeks to a couple of months to grow a complete circle beard.

Q: What is the length of a circle beard?

A: The length might vary based on different styles, but it can reside between 10 mm to even past 100 mm in length.

Q: Will my oval face suit a circle beard?

A: Of course! Circle beards are suitable for any shape of beard due to its diverse nature!


Now that you’ve reached the end of this journey through circle beard ideas, we hope that you’ve been able to pick out a style for your next look. We’ve displayed a wide variety of styles so that there’s one for everyone! No matter how your taste works, you’ll certainly be able to relate to one of the given styles!

And if you don’t find anything that floats your boat, our in-depth guide along with the DIY process should help you invent one of your own! Implementing such a unique style might render you to be a fashion guru for many people who are willing to commit to this trend!

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