Buzz Cut Lengths Breakdown: Number 0 To 8 Dashing Concepts For Modish Men

The recent pandemic crisis has seen the upsurge of buzz cuts among people of all ages as picked up by CNN. It was the case because there weren’t any operating barbers around and we had to make do within the confinements of our home.

No matter what drove us to reviving these buzz cuts, a lack of properly understanding the buzz cut lengths created numerous hilarious hairstyles worldwide!

Since buzz cuts are currently trending now, we believe it’s the perfect time for us to offer you insight into the buzz cut lengths so that you know beforehand what you’re committing to.

A thorough understanding would not only tell you which length of cut you’d be getting, but also the particular clipper guard you need to be using for that cut.

So follow our article to gain access to a better knowledge of the different buzz cut lengths, learn about the basic principles and understand both the positive and negative aspects of these styles!

What Are The Basic Principles Of Buzz Cut?

The Basic Principles Of Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are always based on short variants of hair. The charm is in uniformity and convenience as well as the charm for low-maintenance all around. You can always throw in different shapes or a shaved line at the side to make it look more fancy.

Different types of fades like low, high or taper in general are often included in buzz cuts. Using clippers and trimming down to a specific length is the major principle of this haircut. It’s a shortcut to getting a defined face and such styles go hand in hand with almost all the face shapes.

Styles like butch, crew cut or flat tops derived from the original buzz cut principles as they are styled in similar fashion. People from tropical areas or localizations that are always high in temperature often prefer different buzz cut lengths that are both stylish and provide enough ventilation for the scalp.

Buzz Cut Lengths Chart: How To Pick My Desired Length?

If you are confused between all the buzz cut lengths, what they mean or what size they signify, our chart will help you understand all these in a better way. Also, you’ll learn which clipper guard you can use to attain those particular buzz cuts.

Buzz Cut Number Clipper Size Length (inches) Length (mm)
Buzz Cut Number 0 0 1/16” 1.6 mm
Buzz Cut Number 1 1 1/8″ 3.2 mm
Buzz Cut Number 2 2 1/4″ 6.3 mm
Buzz Cut Number 3 3 3/8″ 9.5 mm
Buzz Cut Number 4 4 1/2″ 12.7 mm
Buzz Cut Number 5 5 5/8″ 15.9 mm
Buzz Cut Number 6 6 3/4″ 19 mm
Buzz Cut Number 7 7 7/8″ 22.2 mm
Buzz Cut Number 8 8 1” 25.4 mm

From the chart mentioned above, you can now realize the correlation between buzz cut numbers and clipper guard numbers. Basically, your particular buzz cut name comes from the same clipper guard number, so there’s no confusion between that.

So when you’re thinking of a specific buzz cut, you know now which clipper guard you should use and how long your hair is going to be. It’s vice-versa as if you’re looking for a specific length of buzz cut, you can now assess the buzz cut name as well as the clipper guard to be used from our complete chart!

If you’re interested to know more about different haircut numbers that aren’t strictly buzz cut but are achieved through these clipper sizes, you can check out this article to equip yourself with better knowledge!

Buzz Cut Styles: From Number 0 To Number 8

Now, we are going to offer you some exclusive buzz cut hairstyles based on the varying lengths which you can lay down as basic ideas for your next haircut. We’ve covered all the numbered cuts between 0 to 8 in our all-inclusive buzz cut guide.

Buzz Cut Number 0

Buzz Cut Number 0

The number 0 buzz cut is the shortest form of this hairstyle in our list. This style has the potential to serve a lot of purposes while making you look handsome at the same time! Whether you want to take better care of yourself, looking for a new & short haircut or want to upgrade your look since no other hairstyle is suiting you, this is your perfect answer to all of these!

Ones who are getting a bald patch can easily opt for this style since it’s going to merge your natural hair with the absence perfectly. You’ll have to remove your clipper guard to achieve this length of haircut because this way your blades will reach closest to your scalp. You’re going to end up with a fine texture that’s not exactly bald and has some character of its own.

Growing a beard with this style is always welcome in the style department due to the stark contrast it creates on your overall look. You can literally forget about any kind of hair maintenance once you give yourself this cut, and the best thing about it is you can apply it by yourself right now within a matter of minutes! How awesome and inspiring is that!

Additionally, a close shave razor can help you clean up the sides so that the number 0 length on top can be separated distinctly!

Buzz Cut Number 1

Buzz Cut Number 1

The number 1 buzz cut leaves behind a hint of hair on your scalp, separating it from the number 0 cut. The length stands around 3 mm, so you can understand it’s not really a bald style and getting such a cut will ensure that everyone can realize it’s a fashion statement. With such visible length, you can play with your style in many ways with fade, taper or beard.

Basically, you have to slot in the clipper guard 1 to get this cut. Seamlessly trim off all the hair that you have on your head as the canvas of your creativity with hair. You can add a high fade on the surrounding areas to set the top portion apart from the rest of the hair body and make the existing hair apparent to the naked eye.

Growing a stubble with this length of hair drastically improves the look and deems you worthy of classy fashion!

Buzz Cut Number 2

Buzz Cut Number 2

There are a lot of ways to interpret buzz cuts in the modern age, as you find available fashion trends everywhere you look! Once such an interesting interpretation is done here with the number 2 buzz cut. From the buzz cut lengths chart, you now know that this style will reduce your hair down to the length of 6 mm, which is ideal for reducing hair maintenance.

This style can be tangled up with a high fade on each side. To give your look a touch of genius, you can draw a curved thunder line with your razor between the top and side part – exactly on your parting line. Such audacious attempts are what makes buzz cuts more intriguing than the rest as these remain relevant to contemporary culture.

You can see this style as a form of artwork as well, and instead of a thunder line you can draw any design of your desire to make this style unique to you alone!

Buzz Cut Number 3

Buzz Cut Number 3

Ones with curly hair often struggle with maintenance issues as these sensitive hair types become prone to damage and breakage. Despite these challenges, your curly hair is one of the most charming hair types out there, and adding a buzz cut to such types can unlock the doors of comfort and convenience at the snap of your fingers!

With your clipper guard number 3, you’ll find it highly efficient to get done at home by yourself. After a seamless 9.5 mm cut all over, you can use a smaller guard size to fade the sides. Such contrast between the top and the sides add new dimensions to your existing look, and spare you the trouble of regularly shampooing, conditioning or spraying anti-frizz solutions.

Growing a neatly lined beard with the same length or even a longer one promises to upgrade your look in the best possible way!

Buzz Cut Number 4

Buzz Cut Number 4

The number 4 version of buzz cuts is the ultimate military inspired haircut that sits at the most ideal sport. On one hand, it gives you an exclusive hairstyle which is certain to make you look attractive while being a low-maintenance style. On the other hand, the 13 mm long hair on top protects your scalp from the sunlight, so there’s no fear of getting sunburnt being outdoors!

This variant is one of those high and tight buzz cuts which flourish with varying length between the top and the sides. The top patch is left isolated as there’s a skin fade adjacent to the top part. The hairline remains intact as lack of taper makes the transition between two lengths highly abrupt, and it makes up for a striking haircut for everyday use!

The best thing about this haircut is that it highlights your facial features like no other style would and does you justice if you have a sharp shaped face.

Buzz Cut Number 5

Buzz Cut Number 5

If you’re a fan of soccer, then you must’ve heard the name of Kyliian Mbappe, the French icon footballer popular worldwide. Considering the doubts surrounding buzz cut’s prominence in the modern fashion trends, Mbappe’s number 5 haircut from medium buzz cut lengths is the living proof that it’s being worn actively by famous celebrities and icons everywhere!

This style keeps your hair at around 16 mm in length, which is significantly longer than the initial buzz cuts. Whether you have curly hair or fine, this style caters to each of the hair types equally well. Throw a low fade into the style to create a gradual flow of hair, and bleaching it the way Mbappe has done would only shoot your style out of the world!

It’s the standard shape for short hair enthusiasts since it’s neither too short nor too long. You can wear any kind of attire with such an outrageous haircut at all occasions!

Buzz Cut Number 6

Buzz Cut Number 6

From this point onward, you’ll witness sizable hair patches sitting on top of the heads of the models. The number 6 buzz cut trims your hair at 19 mm length which allows you to work with the texture in a more liberating fashion.

Tapering the sides always generates a fine result for buzz cuts, and this style in particular is no different. Low fades on either side with the same effect up to the nape at the back, you’ll receive a grand upgrade in your styling department straight away!

Don’t forget to sharpen the edge lines with your razor to make your look sharp and distinct to the onlookers!

Buzz Cut Number 7

Buzz Cut Number 7

Whether you’re a fan of the popular TV show Prison Break or not, there’s hardly anyone who isn’t familiar with Wentworth Miller and his death stare. His sense of fashion is highly admired by experts everywhere in the world, and a major part of his looks is his constant number 7 buzz cut!

With your hair sized at 22 mm, this style can be worn with or without taper or fade all around. The way Miller did, you too can have a seamless number 7 style out of different buzz cut lengths.

Whether you’re seeking validation or trying out different styles, we say – Miller has gained this style so much validation that it’s only left for you to put it on before receiving all the praises!

Buzz Cut Number 8

Buzz Cut Number 8

The last buzz cut in our list sports a style that encompasses varying lengths of hair on the top and the sides. Your hair is to be trimmed down at 25 mm length for the look, which is significantly longer than the rest of the cuts we’ve covered in this very article.

The number 8 buzz cut is for the ones who don’t prefer to trim their hair very short. Merge a high fade like crew cut or butch cut on the sides to spice up the styling potentials. Keep the front part a little longer so that you can spike it up to generate unique trends!

Pros & Cons Of Buzz Cut Lengths

We are now going to elucidate on some of the positives and negatives of getting different buzz cut lengths as there are many factors to be considered before you actually get one. Going through this section will help you make up your mind on which particular buzz cut would be the most ideal for you.


There are a lot of upsides to getting a buzz cut. The major positives are discussed hereafter:

  • First and foremost, buzz cuts are very low-maintenance. Since your hair would be trimmed down to a very short length, you won’t feel the hassle to take care of it every now and then. You can roam freely wherever you want without your hair holding you back at every step!
  • Secondly, number 0 to number 6 buzz cuts give you access to your hair roots. Which means, if you want to provide enough nourishments like oil or hydration to your roots to make the strands healthy, you can achieve that without long & dense hair strands blocking your path to a nutritious hair.
  • Another good side of all the buzz cuts is that it’s really easy to do! It’s so straightforward that you won’t even have to visit a professional barber! All you need to do is grab your clipper, plug in your clipper guard based on your desired length and clip everything off!
  • Lastly, buzz cuts help you with problems like lice or bacterial infection to the scalp. Many of these problems occur due to unhygienic hair or sweaty scalp based on heat. Buzz cuts remove all the lice from your strands as there won’t be much to cling on to, and provide less room for sweat to build up a base for bacteria or fungi to grow in!

So you can see that there are many alluring upsides to getting a buzz cut and it’s something you should definitely consider trying out.


Like every other thing in the universe, there are some minor downsides to buzz cuts as well. Check them out below to gain a proper understanding of what you’re getting into:

  • Basically, buzz cuts endorse fades all around and cuts like number 0 or number 1 expose the major portion of your scalp to the sunlight. It can cause problems like sunburn or similar occurrences. This can be mitigated easily by wearing a cap while being outside or applying sunscreen to the exposed area.
  • Another downside to getting a short buzz cut is that it’ll restrict your fashion variation as there won’t be much hair to play around with. But be assured that buzz cut itself is a highly fashionable style and you won’t be requiring much modularity to look desirable with it.
  • Lastly, since buzz cuts trim your hair down to a very short length, it’s going to take some time for your hair to grow back up. If you’re planning on changing your hairstyle each month, then ones like number 0 buzz cuts would slow down your tempo for an additional month. So plan ahead of time before committing to any of these styles.

Most of the negative aspects can be mitigated with proper planning and setting precise expectations with the help of buzz cut lengths knowledge, so don’t get unnerved by seeing such downsides!

Buzz Cut Origin

Buzz Cut Origin

Nowadays, buzz cuts have in a way become synonymous with the military apart from fashionable men who prefer to have their hair cut short. But it wasn’t always the case. Buzz cuts rose in popularity holding hands with technological advancement and growing popularity of different fade types.

Serbian inventor Nikola Bizumić was the one who created manual hair clippers that could easily remove hair without getting the combs and scissors involved. Such ease and straightforward approach saw buzz cuts rise in popularity, as it provided comfort and looked fancy – all at the same time!

Eventually, the military picked it up as their go-to cut, not because of the look though, but for removal of lice during longer stay of soldier groups together. The ease & convenience was identified shortafter, and since uniformity between soldiers was becoming relevant those days, buzz cuts took prominence in that particular culture.

After World War II, buzz cuts boomed in popularity among young men and it was the symbol of peak manhood that lasts till date. Today, men who prefer a low-maintenance, easygoing and manly look, often seek refuge in the comfort of various buzz cut lengths!


In this section, we’ll answer some of your queries posted online regarding various buzz cut lengths and concerns associated with the haircut in general.

Q: Can you wear florals on your buzz cut?

A: The New York Times has answered this question beautifully. The gist of their thought is – yes, you can wear florals on your buzz cut! It’s the perfect synthesis of bold & alluring – all in one place!

Q: Are buzz cuts in Style 2022?

A: Buzz cuts are definitely in style in 2022, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic crisis drive toward this style that witnessed a massive revival.

Q: When should you not get a buzz cut?

A: When you have a sensitive scalp, you have to work extended hours under direct sunlight or when you’re in extreme cold conditions that demand a certain degree of heat on your head – these are times when you shouldn’t get a buzz cut.

Q: Is buzzed hair unprofessional?

A: No, buzz cut is in no way unprofessional as it’s a highly recognized hairstyle in most formal spaces.

Q: Does a buzz cut reset your hair?

A: No, removing your hair has nothing to do with resetting your hair, as growth is directly related to your genetics and has nothing to do with buzz cuts.

Q: Does a buzz cut make you look younger?

A: Yes! Buzz cuts are one of many ways to make yourself look younger by a significant margin!

Concluding Thoughts

We’ve reached the endpoint of our detailed article on buzz cut lengths. From our experts, we hope that you’ve been able to gather comprehensive knowledge on the varying sizes and found stylish examples of each length that you can apply to your looks easily.

The styling guides have enlightened you on all the positives and negatives of every style, with length and clipper size guides that’ll keep your company for the longest time. If you’re looking for DIY tutorials to try it out at home, you can follow the one provided by GQ Magazine and use hair clippers particularly made for buzz cuts in this process.

Lastly, we believe that buzz cuts are some of the highly revered hairstyles despite the length or lack of customizing opportunities. Regardless, these make up for the shortcoming in so many different ways that not a lot of haircuts fail to address.

We think you should definitely try out a hairstyle from the nine buzz cut lengths to make your life much easier!

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