Pick The Best Electric Shaver For Black Bald Head In 2023

Black bald men are often riddled with challenges while picking out the most suitable shaver for their particular needs. Should it be electric? Which features are essential for this specific purpose? Which one is the most convenient to clean and offers a clean, faster shave?

These are some of the basic questions that may prove difficult to find the answers to. To make your life easy – not only in terms of picking the best electric shaver for black bald head, but also to make your shaving journey as smooth as it can be, we’ve composed this article.

It covers the common challenges you usually face while using a regular shaver, and justifies why going electric is the best option. Also, it offers you a purchase guide with 10 qualities that you should be looking for in your electric shaver.

Additionally, our experts have done the research for you in case of picking the right shaver, and presents you with 5 of the most unique, convenient and easy-to-use electric shavers for your distinctive head shaving needs.

While doing that’ we’ve highlighted the essential features in each shaver for your ease of understanding, and provided first hand user reviews because we believe that simply looking at fancy features isn’t enough before making a shaver commitment.

And that’s not all! This article includes an FAQ section to clarify some of the confusions you might have along the way and put you in the best possible seat before buying your next electric shaver! So without further ado, let’s dig into this article and come out with the best electric shaver for black bald head!

Electric Shaver For Black Bald Head – Comparison Table

Name & Brand
Run Time
Skull Pitbull Gold PRO90 Minutes
1.57 Pounds
Check Price
Remington Balder Pro40 Minutes
1.15 Pounds
Check Price
Remington HC425060 Minutes
1.15 Pounds
Check Price
Remington Balder Pro50 Minutes
0.5 Pounds
Check Price
Skull Pitbull Silver
90 Minutes
300 Grams
Check Price

Top 5 Electric Shavers For Black Bald Head

This section will give you a detailed insight to 5 of our hand-picked & best electric shavers that’ll cater to your particular needs while shaving your black head bald!

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO Head Shaver for Men

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO

Skull Shavers have always been a popular choice in the market for men’s shaving choices, and when it comes to innovative and user-friendly design, the Pitbull Gold PRO Head Shaver for Men ticks all the boxes for ease of use and flexibility.


While this shaver has tons of new features and setting options, let’s look at the ones that should help your black bald head to keep it shiny without much effort and difficulty.

Flexible Blades

With 4-directional rotary shaving and adjustability to skin texture, this shaver can become one of the must-have shaver items in your arsenal. The FORTE PRO blades in this shaver contain springs which allows the user to shave as close to the skin as possible while avoiding razor bumps. It can also glide over skin-imperfections with ease and respond to pressure by slowing down the rotaries.

No Irritation

Due to the flexible blades, this shaver will cause no irritation to black bald heads with sensitive skin. The blades will adjust to the texture nicely and provide a smooth shave.

Unique Design

The unique design in Skull Shaver Pitbulls allow the users for a more versatile shaving experience. This shaver will fit in the palm of your hands and enable you to reach difficult areas at the back of your head without shedding a sweat! Also, the design has the capability for rigorous shaving of your curly/coily hair very quickly.

Battery Life & Charging

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold PRO has a gigantic battery life of 1400 with 90 minutes of relentless runtime. It also comes with USB quick charging technology to ramp up your shaver in less than no time.

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Water Resistant

The IPX 5 water resistant certificate renders this shaver capable of both dry and wet shaves. Also, it lets you wash the blades easily and clean out the residue hair stored in the hair chamber underneath.

Users’ Feedback

This shaver receives mostly positive feedback from its users, and most of them have appreciated the razer-like shave, powerful rotary and cleaning application.

Battery Indicator Issue?

Some users have faced difficulty regarding the battery indicator which is due to the unit being faulty and can easily be replaced from the store.

Even Shave

Very few have complained about uneven shaving, which happens due to uneven pressure. If you maintain the same level or pressure (which is possible due to its unique design), then your black bald head won’t face such problems.

Based on all the features and first hand reviews, we believe this shaver to be a very strong candidate for shaving your black bald head with the most comfortable application.

Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver

Remington Balder Pro

Remington series shavers have always been in top priority for shaving enthusiasts for a long time. The Remington Balder Pro Head Shaver however is something that is precisely made for head shaving purposes, and if you’re looking for the best electric shaver for black bald head, then you won’t have to look very far.


This shaver doesn’t feature a wide variety of options, instead it only offers you the most essential and handy things you might need while shaving your head.

5 Blades For Better Angles

Unlike the Skull Shaver Pitbulls, the Remington Balder Pro comes with an additional blade in their shavers, making it a total of 5 angular ones. What these specifically angled blades do is, they tackle the hair from different angles making micro-adjustments to the skin texture and dents.

Having 5 blades also helps out in the electric shaver for black bald heads in the sense that they run over the thick and curly hair more than once. This ensures a clean and even shave all over the head without leaving back any hair patches, and saves you plenty of time due to its quickness.

Shower Shave

The WETech water resistant technology pushes the Remington Balder Pro up a few levels as it allows you to take your shaver into the shower. This way, you don’t need to worry about hair spillage and save some time by shaving your head while taking a shower.

The nature of these blades don’t demand any gel or foam, so you can shave with or without any additional shaving applicables. This is a big plus for using your shaver into the shower.

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Better Grip

Whether you use it in your shower or not, this shaver comes with a strong grip around the base. This confirms a firm grip of the shaver during shaving at any awkward angles. It makes the shaving experience in the shower much more enjoyable since there’s no risk of having it slip out of hands or uneven shave due to lack of traction.

Hair Capture Chamber

Like the Skull Shaver Pitbull, the Remington Pro too comes with a hair capture chamber. What this chamber does is, instead of spreading the residue hair over your shoulders and pinning them to your shirt, it collects them and stores them in the chamber inside.

You can always clean it out after each shave. And due to the shaver being water resistant, you can wash these off without any worries of messing up the system.

Users’ Feedback

User reviews for this particular shaver range between very good to average. It’s good in the sense that the blades do what they are intended to do. They offer neat and clean head shaves that black bald heads can get habituated to. It helps you maintain that bald look, good for regular shaves and water resistant feature is exactly on point.

Battery Indicator

Some drawbacks that had been mentioned by the users include the battery indicator dying out. Much like the previous shaver, this too is a result of faulty product and it is easily replaceable.

Battery life can be an issue for some people, as it doesn’t come with a gigantic pack such as the Skull Shaver Pitbull, yet carrying on around 50 minutes after each charge is more than enough time for you to get your head clean and shiny. The reason being, this is only a head shaver and it doesn’t require much runtime unlike the ones that shave both head and face.

Skin Condition

Also, some mention this shaver causing acne breakouts on their heads, and that can be due to a number of reasons. It is better to consult a doctor before proceeding further, but these are only unique cases that this shaver has encountered.

Head Shave Only?

Lastly, this is a dedicated head shaver, so if you are looking to shave your black bald head as well as your beard, then you should probably settle for some other shavers in the list. But an exclusive head shaver focuses its design only in one department and aims to give you the cleanest and smoothest head shave possible.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Remington HC4250

The Remington HC450 Shaver is an all-round package for not only shaving your black bald head, but also it has the functionalities to trim your beard and clip your hair. The Kit that this shaver comes with contains a wide array of accessories to satisfy your particular needs while offering you the best results.


This feature oriented shaver for black bald heads can become your most reliable shaving/trimming partner anywhere you may go.


This shaver comes with 9 length combs that can be adjusted to the sizes between 1/16” to 5/8″ (5mm to 15mm) hair size. This renders it capable of shaving your hair down to the precise shape and size of your desire.

It can also be used as hair clipper/beard trimmer due to its versatility of comb sizes which is unique in such compact and handy shavers. You can carry this around with you and have your every trimming needs sorted out with ease!

Extra-wide Stainless Steel Blade

Unlike other shavers, this particular one by Remington comes with an extra-wide stainless steel blade that covers extensive head area for a faster shave. The wideness of this blade allows it to follow your skin textures and bumps perfectly for a shiny clean shave.

This strong blade can cut through thick and dense hair without any strain so you don’t need to worry about curly/kinky coarse hair anymore! Also, this detachable steel blade is removable and washable. So once you’re done shaving, you can easily rinse it with water and let it dry.


Remington packs this shaver with a 14-piece kit containing different sized combs, cleaning brush and hair oil. This allows for modularity in picking hair lengths and keeping the shaver clean & running smoothly. As a gifted bonus, it comes with a fancy pouch for you to carry everything around effortlessly!

Ergonomic Design

This electric shaver for black bald head comes with an ergonomic and compact design for your comfort in shaving and trimming. The wireless shaver comes with a battery life of 40 minutes which is more than enough for your shaving/trimming activity at one go.

Also, it has built in rubber-grips to allow you to reach difficult places and have a quick and convenient shave all around your head.

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Users’ Feedback

Most of the feedback by the users suggest that this shaver perfectly does what it’s intended to, and it’ll leave you satisfied with a cleanly shaved black bald head. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects that the users have mentioned.

Battery Drain?

Some users have experienced battery drain after a certain period of usage. This happens to every battery in the world, and we’ll have to accept that no battery can last forever. However, you can always keep this shaver plugged in while shaving if your battery runs out and get immediate shaving results!

Cutting Own Hair Has Never Been Easier

This shaver has been regarded as efficient in cutting your own hair at home. If you don’t want to spend $20 getting a haircut, or if you need to shave your head bald, then you have the support of many first hand users for this.

Comfortable Shave

This shaver has been claimed as a very comfortable device particularly for the head by its users. So if you are looking for the best electric shaver for black bald head, you can put your faith into this one, as this hasn’t disappointed the consumers.

Philips QC5580 Do-it-Yourself

Philips QC5580

It’s not possible to list out best electric shavers for black bald head and leave out the Philips Head Shaver from the list. The Philips QC5580 DIY shaver comes with everything one can dream of – detachable clipper and a shaver. It’s a two-in-one device to cater to your every grooming needs!


Unlike the Remington HC4250 shaver, it doesn’t come with a variety of features, but what it delivers is rock solid and will make you forget about other shavers – it’s that good!

Clipper & Shaver

This shaver plays for both teams – it has a detachable clipper and foil shaver. So whether you want to trim your beard or shave your head down to a neat bald, you can simply swap the heads and you’re good to go!

The foil shaver for shaving your black bald head offers a big advantage in terms of shaving, since foil blades can grip on to your hair at the root and shave it out for a neat shave. If you’re travelling or find it difficult to maintain separate shavers for trimming & shaving, this one by Philips will answer your heart.

Good Battery Life

Philips delivers their premium quality with this shaver’s battery as well. It comes with a powerful battery that’ll be good for at least 3-4 shaves and it charges super fast. This makes it easier to deal with as you won’t have to deal with cords while shaving, and get all your shaves done!


This shaver comes with two clipper combs, a clipper, a shaver and a neat pouch to support all your shaving needs.

Users’ Feedback

The user reviews for this shaver are through the roofs! Multi-purpose use and a clean shave – what more could you ask out of one shaver unit?

Easy To Use

This is probably the easiest multi-purpose shaver out there. Simply attach the trimmer or shaver and start your shaving right away! Many users have reinforced on how this shaver is so easy to use, and can become your daily companion for shaving your head bald.

Lasted 10 Years

One highlight review of this was – it lasted for 10 years and is still going strong for a user! And he used it for all the shaving/trimming needs. So if longevity is in your checklist of shavers for black bald head, then this is the one you’ve been looking for.

Foil Decay?

Some have mentioned in their review of the decay in the foil. It happens to any foil shaver if used everyday and the foil blades need to be changed once a year. You can purchase only the foil attachment separately online without any hassle!

Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO

Pitbull Silver PRO

In search of the best electric shaver for black bald head, we’ve found the Skull Shaver Pitbull Silver PRO to be an efficient and budget friendly option. Much like the Pitbull Gold PRO, the Silver PRO comes with almost identical features with minor changes here and there.


The features in this shaver are precisely for your head shaving needs, while its facilities can be extended to your beard shaving endeavour as well in all conditions.

What’s Different From Pitbull Gold PRO?

The major differences from Pitbull Gold PRO are – the Silver PRO comes with a smaller battery life (but still more than enough for 2-3 shaves) & a unique LED indicator.. It has a different blade architecture than the Gold PRO’s Forte PRO blades.

Lastly and more importantly, the Silver PRO comes in a more budget-friendly price range than the Gold PRO. So if you’re thinking of getting into this 4-blade compact & user-friendly designed head shavers, then this could easily be your entry point into this world.

Carver PRO Blades

The Carver PRO blades in this shaver are particularly built for shaving your black bald head. The flat meshes in the blades allow for a smooth & clean shave while the hair chamber holds the residue hair.

These strong blades enable you to go closer to your skin without causing any skin irritation and get the best shave out of it. It offers you exceptional contouring over your head with maximum adjustability and the best result.

Water Resistant

This shaver, much like its successor, is an IPX5 certified shaver. Which means, you can wash the blades without any concern, and use it to shave your head during the shower. Getting wet is not a problem for this handy little shaving device.

No Chance Of Accidental Cuts

This friendly device is designed in such a way that you can reach the back of your head while holding it in your palms and yet it won’t make any nicks or cuts. The safety that this shaver offers for black bald head is unmatched by any other head shaver in this price range, and the comfort – unquestionable as well.

Users’ Feedback

Before getting into the feedback, you must remember that this is a budget-friendly choice for shaving your head, so hoping it will handle everything like the more expensive shavers would be expecting too much out of it.

Weak Blades?

Some of the users have claimed that the blades get weaker after a couple of shaves. Since this is a battery powered device, we advise you to charge it fully before diving into a longer shaving session with thicker hair.

Plastic Build

A few of the users have complained about the build-quality and the body falling out of shape. You must remember the price-point of this device and using it with care is somewhat essential for the device to last longer.

Budget-friendly Option

Despite all the positive and negative reviews, one aspect that has stood out in all of its users is that – this is one of the best budget-friendly electric shavers for black bald head. It delivers what you need and can be handy for regular use, you’ll only need to take care of it while using.

Once you go through our 5 picks for the best electric shaver for black bald head, you’ll get a comprehensive idea of how each of them work and how they can suit your particular needs.

Why Use Electric Shavers For Maintaining Black Bald Head?

Maintaining Black Bald Head

One may ask – why should I go for electric shavers to keep my head cleanly shaved? Why can’t I opt for alternate methods? Well, the answer is that, black men often face a variety of difficulties while shaving their head. Some of these difficulties may be so serious that you might find the need to visit a doctor.

So, to properly understand the risks alternative shaving methods can cause to black bald heads, we need to check out the challenges associated with them and how electric shavers can help you mitigate those.


Let’s take a look at the challenges black men face while using regular shavers/trimmers to shave their head bald:

Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are a very common issue that black men face and it can often be very painful. Razor bumps are mainly ingrown hair that are turned inwards after a shave.

What happens is, when you shave with an unsuitable shaver, your hair growth direction can turn inwards causing a blockage. It can happen a week after your initial shave and the inwardly grown, trapped hair causes bumps on the skin.

Black men are often faced with this difficulty after shaving their head. You shouldn’t look at this as a limitation, rather an incorrect choice of shaver and it can be mitigated by picking the right shaver for your particular skin/hair type.

Curly/Kinky Hair

Shaving curly/kinky hair for black bald head is often very demanding due to the nature and texture of the hair. These thick hair types often cause razor bumps as well as difficulty in shaving. You need to have precise knowledge about your hair type and pick your shaver accordingly for the best result.

Risk Of Getting Cut

When we deal with shavers for black bald head, we often hear the complaints of shaver-related injuries to the scalp. It happens because the coarse nature of the hair prevents the shaver from a clean shave, and the users end up pressing the blades tightly against the skin.

But with the right shaver for your unique needs, you can minimise the risk of getting cut down to almost zero and have a safer shaving operation.

Regular Shaving

Regular shaving for a black bald head becomes a part of daily routine and it can cause certain disturbances. Blades that are easily blunt might hurt your hair roots, trying to get a clean shave may leave you with razor burns, inconvenient structure may cause you to pain your hands – and the list goes on.

Thus it is wise to pick out a shaver that treats this problem more generously and offers you the best shaving experience possible for your particular hair and skin type.

Sensitive Skin

Black men with sensitive skin are riddled with shaver related complexities since a lot of shavers tend not to be well-suited for them. These can cause skin rashes to more serious problems like infections. So this is another issue that can be solved by selecting the right shaver for you.

Electric Shaver Is The Way To Go For Black Bald Head

With difficult hair texture and skin complexity paired with regular shaving related issues, we suggest for black men to make a shift from manual razor or shaver to the electric ones. These can cater to your needs better than the others, make room for adjustment, treat your skin gently and give you the perfect shave without causing any damage.

Let’s now focus our attention on electric shavers for black men who need to regularly shave their head to be neat and clean.

10 Electric Shaver Qualities Men Should Consider For Black Bald Head

Electric Shaver Qualities

Choosing a new shaver can often be challenging because there are so many features advertised that renders it impossible to pick the right ones out of these. Our article is particularly targeted to help you pick the best electric shaver for black bald head, and explore the certain qualities that you should look for before buying your head shaver.

  • Sharp Blades For Smooth Shaving

First and foremost, the electric shaver you pick should be able to offer you a smooth shaving experience. And to have that, containing sharp blades is a must for the shaver you pick.

Because most black men have strong Type 3 or 4 curly/kinky/coily hair and regular blades may not be able to clean them out properly. Blades that are easily blunt can cause certain disturbances to the skin that not only will hamper your shaving process, but also can do harm to your skin.

So making sure that your shaver can deliver the best result with the sharpest of blades should be on top of your priority list before making your purchase.

  • Strong Rotating Blades

Right after the sharpness comes the strength of the motor that rotates the blades. Having sharp blades but enough rotating power can disrupt a smooth shaving experience and it might leave you with patches of uncut hairs.

Also, strong rotating blades will ensure that the shaver for black bald head can deliver to its full potential, and clean out all the strong & coarse hair from the root. You should always consider this while selecting your next electric shaver.

  • Economic Choice

There’s an idea I personally endorse while making my shaver purchase is ‘frugal efficiency’. It means, you have to pick a shaver that serves all your purposes while keeping the price range within your reach.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good & expensive shavers out there that can offer you varieties of cool new features. But you should keep in mind the features that you need particularly for your black bald head shaving purposes, and find the most economic option with the most efficient outcome.

  • Low-maintenance

Since you’re surfing for the best electric shaver for black bald head, it implies that you’ll be using it on a regular basis to keep that head clean and shiny. For that purpose, you’ll need to be shaving your head quite frequently.

An electric shaver with a high-maintenance can prove to be time consuming and difficult to manage. So, it is essential that you pick one that is low in maintenance, cleans easily and is one less problem to your daily shaving needs.

  • Longer Battery Life

Electric shavers come with the options of running with direct electricity or a battery. But the trouble with electricity is that it needs to be plugged into a socket while you shave, and it restricts your operation in more than one way.

So what we suggest for you is that you pick a shaver that runs on battery, and a battery that lasts a significant amount of time. Having longer battery life will ensure that your shaver won’t die out on you while you’re shaving, and allow for more flexibility. This is something that you should make sure of while getting a new electric shaver.

  • Adjustable Settings

Some electric shavers come with only a default intensity setting that cannot be altered. But for piloting on a black bald head, having the ability to adjust your settings will be a big plus. Let me tell you why.

Not all curly or kinky hair come with the same texture, and not all black men have the same level of skin sensitivity. For all these variable scenarios, a shaver with a single intensity setting may not always be an optimum option.

Some coarse or bristly hair might require a more deep shaving requirement to get the hair chopped from the root, or some sensitive skin might be prone to damage to such close skin shaving settings. In these cases, having adjustability should make your life easier and serve you a better experience with your electric shaver.

  • Water Protection

Since we’re dealing with electric shavers for black bald heads, there can be times where you’ll need your shaver to come in contact with water. Ensuring that your electric shaver has the capacity to perform both wet and dry shaves will be a big advantage for you.

So make sure that your electric shaver can do both and comes with water protection. It makes the cleaning process easier as well, otherwise exposure to water can cause leakage that can eventually kill your shaver should it not come with water protection.

  • Shavers With Foil

For a black bald head, shavers that come with foils have the potential to offer a better shaving aftermath than other kinds of shavers. Foils are metallic meshes that rotate and pull your hair towards the blade, so that there’s minimum skin to blade contact.

Also, having foils will guarantee that your hair is cut down from the root and give you the cleanest shave for your black bald head. You’ll be able to shave even your two-three day baby hair without any difficulty!

  • Specified For Black Skin

One speciality that you can look for in your electric shaver is whether it’s specified for black skin. The shavers that belong to this category often carry the features that facilitate the shaving challenges that your curly hair or sensitive skin might face.

Before buying, you can check for such features on the packaging. Having such a shaver can ease your shaving life by a landslide.

  • Structure Of The Shaver

The final quality that you can look for in your electric shaver is its physical structure. Using shavers that are difficult to hold can become a toil for longer or regular shaving sessions and end up hurting your hands in the process.

A well-structured shaver on the other hand can be agile and adjusted to unique shaving angles for maximum result. It can also offer you comfort and make your shaving experience something that you can look forward to!

So, keep these 10 qualities in your memory while buying your next electric shaver for shaving your head regularly and you’ll be having less drama during your shaving process.


To offer a clearer understanding of these shavers and shaving related concerns, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet.

Q: Can you shave your head bald with an electric shaver?

A: Of course you can! But you must consider if you have any skin condition before making a purchase and consult a doctor about this. In general, electric shavers are the most convenient devices to shave your head bald in the quickest possible time.

Q: Is it better to shave your head wet or dry?

A: This is preferential and sometimes depends on your hair texture. If you have coarse curly/kinky hair, you can opt for a wet head shave for an effortless shave. Shaving dry is an option too since most of our features shavers come with hair containers to collect the residue hair, so that it doesn’t make a mess.

Q: Which shaver is better: foil or rotary?

A: This is another preferential question. To have a good understanding of both, you can check out our foil vs rotary article and it’ll help you in more than one way. In short, both have their benefits and shortcomings, but picking either can give you a good, close head shave.

Q: Do you need to use shaving cream while using an electric razor?

A: No, this is not a MUST for electric shavers. You can easily go away with shaving your head dry and get the best result.

Our Verdict

Based on our findings, you can use the Pitbull Gold PRO, Silver PRO or Remington Balder Pro if you find the compact, handy rotary shavers appealing. These can be used inside your showers while giving you the finests of shaves to your head. They can fit on your scalp texture very easily and respond to any amount of pressure.

If you’re more into feature-oriented flat blades that can do both shaving and trimming with versatility, then the Remington Shortcut Pro is the answer of your desire.

Lastly, if you demand a premium shaving journey with a foil shaver and one that can both shave and trim, the Philips Do-It-yourself shaver can perform on each field very smoothly.

We are certain that this article will help you in finding the best electric shaver for black bald head, because we have thoroughly researched every possible option for your needs and provided you with the most appropriate shavers for your particular need!

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