Best Electric Razors for Elderly Man: Keep A Stylish Edge Over Aging

When it comes to shaving the skin of elderly men, you need to know what their sensitive and comparatively loose skin needs. A common mistake would be to just pick a razor randomly for the brand value or the gimmicky features that it has.

I’m not saying that the premium ones won’t cut it. However, you need to know what you’re dealing with here. That’s exactly why I’m here. This article will guide you through all the details and tips you’ll need to get it right.

Apart from some friendly advice, the well-researched best electric razors for elderly men that I handpicked should prove to be worthwhile. Enough of the introductory part, let’s hop in and start the ride. Hope you’ll find exactly what you need here, and more.

What Exactly Does the Skin of Elderly Men Need?

Older men don’t have the same skin type as the young folk do. So, let’s discuss the key factors that we need to focus on here. Follow each one step by step.

  • Durable Sharp Blades

The blades that deal with loose skin have to be durable and sharp. This is to make sure that the job gets done with a single sweep of the blades. If you have to struggle with shaving the hair of a tough corner and have to keep gliding over and over again, then what’s the point here?

  • A Razor Ready for Thick hair

It’s to be expected that elderly men will have a thicker beard than a guy who’s in his twenties. The hair strands get denser and thicker with continuous shaving for years. In this case, apart from super-sharp blades, you’ll need a powerful motor that won’t falter to deal with the most demanding beards.

  • Skin Care Is Mandatory

Old men’s skin is more sensitive than usual. That’s exactly why you need to be extra careful about the blade’s hypoallergenic features. It’d be wise to avoid any sort of skin irritation. Plus, to avoid nicks and cuts, a closer study on the shaving mechanism is required.

You won’t want bleeding skin after a shave each time..

My Picks for Best Electric Shaver for Elderly Man

Now that we’ve discussed the necessities for the skin of old men, we can finally take a look at the best options available in the market. Read carefully to know what each razor has to offer. So, let’s begin!

Braun Series 9 9385cc

Now, when we say Braun Series 9, we mean some serious business. And the 9385cc is no exception here. This one is an electric foil shaver that easily outshines the competition. Loaded with premium features, this baby here certainly isn’t built to disappoint.

Braun Series 9 9385cc

The first thing to notice about this awesome razor are the five synchronized shaving elements which are great for dealing with the skin of elderly men. There are two specialized middle trimmers that are built to capture just about any type of hair. It really won’t falter when it comes to the question of efficiency.

The design and the build quality of the razor are really commendable. It feels awesome to hold, and the structure is solid nevertheless. Such is to be expected from German craftsmanship.

Remember when I said that it’s best to get it done with one stroke? This shaver promises just that. The shaver intelligently responds to every single contour of your face and beard density. High-density beards are not a problem at all. You can use it in dry shaves or with gel and water. Won’t make a difference.

A close shave is often preferred by many. Especially when you’re about to deal with loose and sensitive skin, this one offers a real close one. By close, I mean to say 0.05mm. This is made possible with the 40,000 cutting actions that the Series 9 9385cc offers.

This thing is very gentle on the skin. Which should be music to the ears of the elder folk. With the help of 10,000 Sonic vibrations, the razor can easily glide over the skin with zero difficulties. Now that’s what I call a super gentle premium shave.

This baby here is 100% waterproof as well. You can shave inside the shower, use foam or gel, or just do it dry. Depends on your wish entirely. That’s the kind of liberty we all love to have.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the cleaning business. This, too, is absolutely hassle free. The Clean & Charge station allows you to select the cleaning program you prefer. It does it all with a touch of a button. Intense cleaning, lubricating, and drying will all happen with a single push of a button.

And before I forget, the battery should be absolutely the last thing to worry about here. The advanced lithium-ion battery now lasts about 20% longer than before. Just charge it once and shave for a month without any worries.

The BaBylissPRO FOILFX02

Yes, apart from awesome hairdryers and hair straighteners, BabylissPRO makes great shavers too. This time, we’ll be talking about the BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 shaver. It might be a bit minimalistic, but it gets the job done just fine.

The BaBylissPRO FOILFX02

The first thing you’ll notice about the shaver is, of course, the metal frame that it has. It’s a really nice touch because even the most premium shavers out there often have a plastic body. The stainless-steel frame is really hard and gives off a strong feel. It’s great to hold in your hands as well.

What I’m trying to get at is, if reliability and durability is your thing, then you’ll love this little one over here.

The next thing to look at of this fine little razor is the two cutting elements. The double foil cutters used here are specially designed to reduce the overall shaving time. Compared to the single foil shavers, the Foil FX2 is twice as fast. Not to mention, the performance is top-notch as well.

The foils used here are gold hypoallergenic ones. These ensure a skin-friendly and irritation-free shave all the way. Just so you know, these foils are built to last twice as much as basic steel foils. Super comfortable glides are promised with the up and down movement of the flexible foils.

The thick beards of the elderly folk often require a powerful motor. The rotary motor used in this one offers heavy-duty performance even on coarse head hairs. Whether you’re planning to do smooth shaves, outlining, fades, or anything stylish on thick hair, this razor definitely won’t disappoint.

The shaver can be used corded or cordless, depending on your wish. The device is equipped with an auto sensor technology that automatically shuts down the shaver without turning the power off. Just place it on the countertop without any worries of unwanted hazards.

The running process should terminate after just about one minute.

Lastly, let’s talk about battery performance. This one uses a NiMH rechargeable battery. With a full charge, this shaver can offer up to 3 hours of cordless shaving. This is really impressive as many other premium razors on the market hardly offer more than an hour of cordless performance.

The BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 is just great if you consider a balance in power and performance. A highly recommended option for those who love efficiency above all else. This holds its rightful place as one of the best electric shavers available in the entire marketplace.

Braun Series 7 790cc

Let’s talk about a great option from the Braun series of razors yet again. This time, we’ll be looking at the Series 7 790cc. This might not offer all the high-class features as the first one we talked about. But it doesn’t fall short on any of the requirements that you could possibly want.

Braun Series 7 790cc

This particular razor is all about making each stroke count. It ensures the experience is as smooth and as comfortable as possible. The innovative tech used in the mechanics of the razor and other intelligent features allows more hair to be captured each time. It’s built to read and adapt to the beard.

Unlike the 9385cc, this one has four shaving elements. Three cutting elements and one skin guard combined promise to do in one stroke what others do in two. And this bit is proven on a three-day beard. The active lift trimmer also really helps out in capturing flat-lying hair.

I also should mention the 8D contour adaptation feature. This is basically the eight directional shaver head that can move according to the demand and the floating shaving elements that adapt to the skin. Capturing hair in hard-to-reach areas should seem like a total breeze.

Of course, this one also offers 10,000 micro-vibrations and an adaptive shaving motor. This is absolutely awesome for capturing the dense beard of an elderly man. That’s not all; you can even set five different sensitivity modes according to your needs. Power or gentleness? Take your pick.

Just so you know, the device is 100% waterproof. If you fancy a shave under the shower or want to use some foam or gel, please feel free to do so. You shouldn’t have any problems in dry situations either.

The four-action alcohol-based clean and charge station is also a nice touch. It both lubricates and charges the razor at the same time. The lithium-ion battery takes only an hour to get fully charged and offers 50 minutes of cordless shaving.

The dedicated display even allows you to see the status of the battery in three different stages. Cool, eh?

Let’s finish this one off with the shaver’s intelligent sonic technology that automatically increases power when dealing with denser hair or difficult areas. But hey, that’s pretty much expected from German engineering.

Philips Norelco Shaver 9700

A list of best shavers wouldn’t really be complete without a product or two from Philips now, would it? Introducing the Philips Norelco Shaver 9700. This device is all about offering a close and comfortable shave each time.

Philips Norelco shaver 9700

First of all, let’s talk about the 8 directional contour detection technology. This allows you to follow pretty much every contour of your face and neck. This ensures 20% more hair capture than the competition in every stroke. Resulting in a super close, smooth shave all the way.

If you’re facing trouble capturing hair from your three-day stubble, then have no worries. The new and improved V-Track Precision Blades PRO are designed to help you gently capture hair of pretty much any length (Up to 1-3 days of growth). This results in smooth and comfortable shave worth appreciating.

The best bit about the blades is that they’re self-sharpening. This offers a premium shaving experience for days to come.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the personal comfort settings. You can have a fully custom shave by choosing the speed settings according to your needs. This is great for those who want a gentle yet thorough shave every day. You can just select the fast mode if you’re willing to have a time-saving quick shave.

Well equipped with the AquaTec technology, the shaver allows you to choose a dry shave or a refreshing wet one. You can even add some shaving foam or gel if you want to without facing any kind of problem whatsoever.

Also, the digital user interface of the shaver comes in really handy. It really helps out a lot by indicating battery level percentage, low battery indicator, cleaning indicator, a travel lock indicator, and a replacement head indicator.

As expected from a shaver like this one, the Lithium-ion battery offers a whole hour of cordless shaving. Apart from that, you can just use the quick charge feature. Charge the razor for five minutes for a fast single shave. Seems really useful if you ask me.

They even included a SmartClick oil-control cleansing brush with the package. This really helps to wash the face and cleans up the oiliness. It offers longer oil control than what you’d expect from manual cleansing.

Lastly, I must talk a bit about the SmartClean PLUS System. It not only cleans and lubricates the device, but after each cycle, it thoroughly dries and charges the shaver so that you can be ready to shave again at any time.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

The next contender in our list of best electric razors for elderly man is the Panasonic Arc5. This awesome little device offers what you need and even more so. Cutting edge tech combined with an awesome design makes it a great option for both young and elderly men alike.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

The first thing to notice about this razor is the five-blade system. The blades are honed at a thirty-degree edge, and the ultra-sharp inner blades are designed to offer a clean cut from the base of the hair. There are five total arched foils used in this one. These catch and cut hair of various types and lengths.

The blades are constructed with hypoallergenic stainless steel. These reduce the chances of irritation. Which is a huge plus when dealing with the sensitive skin of old men.

The razor is well equipped with a 14,000 CPM linear motor. These help to drive the blades through the thickest of hair. This is just perfect for shaving the dense beards of elderly men. This linear motor doesn’t falter in maintaining full speed till the charge is fully depleted.

Thanks to the active shave sensor technology, the device can detect the difference of beard density of different areas. The power flow adjusts accordingly to the areas where it’s needed the most. And it also softens up where beard density is low. Pretty awesome, right?

Just like all the good ones, this razor too offers equal performance in both wet and dry situations. Your shaving experience will be great even if you choose to shave under the shower or add a bit of foam or gel.

Matching the contours of the face has never been this easy, thanks to the multi-flex pivoting head. It can move side by side or back and forth according to your needs to offer a personalized and comfortable shave.

If you’re into detailing your sideburns or mustache, you’ll be glad to see that the razor offers a pop-up trimmer too. This gets the detailing done fast and easily. You can even use it to trim down the stubble before getting into shaving.

On the go grooming is very much possible, too, with the addition of the travel lock and the included travel pouch. This whole thing is a complete package that doesn’t disappoint. This also comes with a Panasonic shaver replacement outer foil and inner blade set.

Braun Series 8 8417s

This time, we’ll be discussing the Braun Series 8 8417s. This high-end shaver lives up to the very definition of powerful yet gentle razors. This paves the way for next-level shaving while keeping the safety of your skin in mind.

Braun Series 8 8417s

If you want a clean and effective shave, closeness is something you don’t want to sacrifice on. The compact 40° swiveling head of the razor closely adapts to the contours of the face. A gentle and 0.05mm close shave is something rather praiseworthy, I’d say. And the 8417s doesn’t fail to deliver.

The next thing I’d like to focus on is the Sonic Technology that Braun uses. 10,000 sonic vibrations really help to gently capture more hair in each stroke. Plus, the AutoSense feature ensures unwavering performance even on the densest of beards.

The shaver is built to adapt to your beard type. The AutoSense feature helps to deliver the exact amount of power each area of your face needs. This really helps out in getting an overall efficient shave, especially if you’re an old man with a thick beard.

Just like the other Braun products we discussed, this too is 100% waterproof and can be used under the shower with foam or gel. This one here is good for dry shaving as well. Whatever the condition is, it guarantees a fulfilling and refreshing shaving experience.

Also, if you have trouble dealing with long hairs, the precision trimmer is there to save the day. The precision lock is there to lock the shavers head and it gives you the liberty to capture unwanted and tricky hair. Now that’s what I call unmatched precision and control.

Lastly, the battery. The powerful Li-Ion battery in this one offers 60 whole minutes of cordless operation. And you guessed right. The 5-minute quick charge feature is available with the model as well. It offers nothing less than the best ones out there.

Philips Norelco Shaver 3800

Let’s finish this off with yet another awesome razor from Philips. This time, we’ll be looking into the Philips Norelco Shaver 3800. This one isn’t a small fry by any means. It checks all the right boxes and proves itself to be one of the best options for elderly men.

Philips Norelco Shaver 3800

The prime feature of this shaver is the 5D pivot and flex heads. Following the tricky contours of the face is very much possible now with the five-directional pivot, flex and floating movements. The head is well designed to reach the face at ideal angles while keeping a smooth contact with the skin.

The next thing I should talk about is the comfort cut blades. These offer a clean and comfortable shave all the way. If you look closely, the rounded blade caps on the shaver shield twenty-seven self-sharpening blades in total. These are designed to gently cut hair just above skin level.

Needless to say, this one too offers both wet and dry shaving options. Be it a normal dry shave, or a refreshing wet shave under the shower, this baby can handle it all. You’re free to consider some gel or foam to the shaving experience as well.

Just like the previous few shavers, we discussed, this one also comes with a trimmer. It houses a pop-up trimmer that allows you to stylize sideburns and mustaches. Pretty handy if you ask me.

Philips went ahead to offer a rubber grip in this one. It offers a comfortable hold on the device, and it’s easy on the palms. Also, there’s little possibility of it slipping and falling.

Apart from this, the shaver comes with a battery that delivers 60 minutes of cordless shaving when fully charged. The three-level battery indicator makes the deal even sweeter. And yes, the five-minute quick charge feature is available with this one too.

Putting aside the basic features, the razor comes with a charging stand and a travel pouch. These accessories prove to be useful in various perspectives.

Final Words

Getting the best electric razor for elderly man can prove to be a real challenge. I’ve already laid out seven options that proved to be most worthwhile to me. Apart from this, you can dig into the marketplace yourself and do your own research. But make sure to follow the tips I gave you.

That’s pretty much it for now. Hope you enjoyed the read. Catch ya later!

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