Which Is The Best Trimmer For Balls In 2024? Healthiest Way To Shave Your Man-Jewels

Are you like me when it comes to ball trimming? I never looked forward to this procedure and it dreaded me whenever my balls would sprout out some sizable hair.

I used to make a bloody mess every time, and even when I managed to get away with it, my jewels surely felt some tugs or pulls during the operation.

As a professional barber and an aspiring protector of my manhood, I combed through every possible device that could spare me the pain and aches that began in my adolescent years. I’ve spent countless hours trying out different devices that left me scarred and taken consultation with experts online and in person.

Finally, I am able to reach the satisfying place of safe ball trimming, from where I’m offering you the fruits that were so difficult to harvest. The complete guide here, including the 7 best trimmer for balls, is the outcome of my years of perseverance and experimentation that I ask you to go through to ensure your balls’ safety & comfort!

Top 7 Ball Trimmer Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Run Time
Our Rating
Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.090 Minutes
4.8 Check Price
Philips Norelco BG7030/4980 Minutes
4.8 Check Price
Norelco OneBlade QP2630/7060 Minutes
4.5 Check Price
Meridian - The Trimmer90 Minutes
4.6 Check Price
Philips Norelco BG204050 Minutes
4.7 Check Price
CLEANCUT ES412 ShaverBattery Operated
4.2 Check Price
Mangroomer Lithium Max Plusn/a
4.3 Check Price

Common Ball-Shaving Challenges

Common ball-shaving challenges

Shaving the balls is a mountainous task that probably none of us look forward to doing very frequently. I’ve highlighted some of the most common ball-shaving problems that I regularly face or have faced before while shaving your balls without the proper instruments.

Getting Cut Or Irritation

Cuts and nicks are some of the most common difficulties I usually face during shaving or trimming your balls. 67% of the manscaping related injuries were made at the balls, which is 2 out of 3 injuries down there. And even if I manage to avoid getting injured, it’s not uncommon to be left with burning skin or other sort of irritation. And these often happen due to using incorrect instruments for shaving the testicles.

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is a very common and painful ball shaving obstacle. After shaving my balls, I find some of the hair to change its growth direction towards the inside and in a couple of weeks I’m left with inward growth resulting in bumps and inflammation, which is very painful. Shaving without the correct tools can cause such casualties.

Time-consuming & Messy Process

Shaving or trimming the balls has always been a time-consuming process due to the uneven nature of the skin texture. I can’t simply fast forward and do it actively without much thought, then I might end up cutting myself.

This also becomes a messy process, having to apply shaving foam or gel or any other cream before starting to shave. It creates a mess that requires an unpleasant cleaning process afterwards. Having a shaver/trimmer dedicated to this purpose however can help mitigate these issues.

Uneven Surface

The uneven surface texture of the balls causes quite a lot of problems. Having skin to blade contact becomes risky as sudden pressure can easily damage the skin. Specialised instruments can operate over uneven surfaces while maintaining the optimum pressure and automatically adjusting to the uneven texture.

Sensitive Skin

The scrotum skin is in general lighter and leaner than skin from other body regions. And some of us have a degree more sensitive skin there which renders it near impossible to shave with direct skin-blade contact. It can cause inflammation, allergies and what not. Using a ball shaver may reduce these risks and make ball shaving a viable option for you, but that should OF COURSE be done with doctor’s approval.

The Best Ball Trimmer: Our Top 7 Picks For You

In my quest to find the best ball trimmer that I can settle down with for frequently trimming my manhood without any damages or cuts, I’ve tested out tons of devices and ended up in pain 90% of the time. But the 7 trimmers that I’ve listed down below has proved to stand out from the rest and they guarantee a drastic upgrade to your ball shaving affairs!

MANSCAPED™ Electric Lawn Mower™ 4.0 Trimmer

1. Delicate trimming1. Doesn’t provide a very close shave
2. Great price to performance balance2. Larger power button
3. Easy to clean
4. Shower-friendly
5. Great battery life

Whenever someone is searching for a device that has something to do with shaving other than the face or head, MANSCAPED has been my go to suggestion. This is the brand I always wait out for for their latest products as the Lawn Mower line has been the most comforting to my balls other than my own self. And with the 4.0, I finally stopped fearing for my nut’s shaving safety because of its supreme performance on the wrinkly area shaving!

MANSCAPED electric groin hair trimmer

Outstanding Features

There are quite a few things that I love about the Lawn Mower 4 trimmer, one of which is the ceramic blade. Unlike other metal blades that immediately make my hair jump due to the coldness felt on my balls, the ceramic blades are quite soft and gentle. It’s highly essential for operations of such delicate nature, and my balls have felt more comfortable ever since I took up this trimmer.

Another handy feature is that the trimmer guard keeps a certain distance between the blades and the skin. It prevents any accidental nicks or cuts which has been the most usual scenario of my ball shaving journey. With a good battery life, I never felt it’s out of charge each time I needed to trim my balls. The charging dock has been an additional help in terms of maintaining charge.

Stress-Testing Results

For my reviews, I tend to push devices to their edges to see how well they perform even at the most stressful scenarios. It’s quite risky for trimming my balls however, as oftentimes I’ve been left with my balls itching or soaring due to experiments. That wasn’t the case for the Lawn Mower 4.0 and it did really well to trim off my one month-old bush quite effortlessly and I really didn’t expect such a degree of result.

I took it inside my shower so that the hairy mess is easier to clean, and it did live up to its 100% waterproof certification without causing any leakage. The portability as well as the grip helped me out even in the wets, because without a firm grip there’s always a chance of getting myself cut. It takes me around 20 minutes to trim my man-bushes even if I go slow, and I was able to squeeze in four shaves after a full charge and there was still some juice left in the machine!

Scope For Improvement

Some people have complained that it doesn’t give your balls the closest of shaves. I agree with this, but it’s solely because of the skin’s safety. I mean, it’s a trimmer in the end that glides over your wrinkly skins, so a close shave there could mean all sorts of accidents. I appreciate the trimmer guard’s 1-4 length setting, just the wet shaving proves to be a little challenging due to this factor which is better in the Norelco series.

The power button has been a concern for some consumers as they accidentally switched it off during shaving. Firstly, a large power button helps you switch off your device immediately during an accident. There’s also a lock feature that prevents you from switching it off even if you press the power button while shaving. This has made my travelling easier since it doesn’t turn on automatically inside my luggage.

Overall Assessment

Considering the price point and the level of service it provides, I’ll say it’s perfectly balanced between cost & performance. My balls haven’t felt such trimming comfort in a long time, and the Lawn Mower series, especially the 4.0 has made it all possible. It’s good for frequent pubes shaving and has lasted me a long time without giving me any headache!

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Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

1. Two shaver ends for all purpose
1. Average build quality
2. Can also remove body hair2. Limited battery backup
3. Wet-shave functions
4. Safe for balls
5. Ergonomic grip

The Philips Norelco Series 7000 shaver caught my attention at first sight due to its unique double head design – a trimmer on one end and a foil shaver on the other. This gave me so many ideas of trimming not only my balls but the pubic area as a whole, and I purchased it right away to test out what it can truly achieve. Let’s just say, it’s been one of the best investments so far that I’ve made for my scrotum area!

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000

Outstanding Features

As I’ve mentioned, the two shaver heads were my main area of interest, and Philips didn’t disappoint me! The trimmer bit has 5 adjustable length settings, I usually picked the closest one to trim my balls if the hair was longer. Since I have a faster growth, the trimmer step is necessary for me, otherwise you can directly go to the foil portion for a smooth removal.

What I did is, stretch out the wrinkly skin and run over the foil head which draws in my ball hair without having to scrub over much. Since it’s an automatic foil shaver as opposed to a manual one, the risk of accidental cuts have been significantly reduced and I get away with a much closer shave with very little threat!

Smooth Ball Shaving Journey

Both of the ends can be used for shaving in the wets, but I’ll recommend using the foil in wets and the trimmer during dry shaving for the best outcome. The battery life has been optimum, one full charge took me around an hour which gave me four complete shaves of balls as well as the pubes. The ergonomic grip never let it slip out of my hand and it resisted water sufficiently enough. Also, the cleaning has been straightforward, so that’s an added quality to be the best trimmer for balls.

Scope For Improvement

Since the Norelco 7000 isn’t priced at a very high end, the mediocre build quality can be forgiven. The former variants of the Norelco Bodygroom series had sturdier quality of charging port which felt quite feeble for this device and an area that Philips can look into. It’s good for travelling in general, but if you should choose to use it as a body shaver as well, the battery life could be a little better like the MANGROOMER Lithium device.

Overall Assessment

If I have to pick a device that can serve all my body grooming needs – starting from body shaving and ending with a cleanly shaved cut or tug-free balls, I’ll definitely pick the Norelco 7000 over anything else. For the price, this device is truly a miraculous invention fused with technology that caters to ball grooming needs and ensures your testicles’ maximum safety. Just, make sure you know how to utilise it properly!

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Philips Norelco OneBlade

1. Lightweight1. Expensive replacement blades
2. Two-in-one shaver2. Not a close shave on the face
3. Easy to operate
4. Has blade guard attachment
5. Great as a backup device

I never recommend anyone to use the same shaver for your face and private parts due to obvious reasons mentioned later on in this article. But the Norelco OneBlade has managed to walk past my concerns with alterable blades that makes it a convenient pick for your ball shaving needs. It’s a minimal device that’s not feature-heavy, yet manages to get the job done without causing much trouble.

Philips Norelco OneBlade

Outstanding Features

One of the main captivating aspects of the OneBlade is its size. It’s so easy to handle and manoeuvre around my testicles that makes the operation easier than doing with a bulkier device. The shaver comes with 5 comb sizes with a guard that protects my sensitive bits from accidental cuts which always is my prime concern for shaving down there.

It’s waterproof and I’ve tested it out, but generates better results for my balls while shaving dry. I shave right before the shower with it, so that cleaning becomes easier since it doesn’t have any chamber to hold the hair inside. The battery life has been slightly above par, but considering the size of the device and the price point, I can’t really ask more than what it has given me.

Multipurpose Shaver

This unit does excel at serving every shaving need that I have. I snap on the face shaver for a stubble shave and swap it out for shaving my balls if needs be. The click-on guard for my testicles has proven to be fruitful because I would never let the blade it has anywhere near that area without ensuring distance between skin to blade.

For body shaving, it never really cut or tugged me and I used shaving gel for such purposes. For my balls, I had to stretch out the skin because otherwise I’ve received a couple of cuts when I’m not too careful. This is acceptable because it’s a basic electric shaver which needs to be enabled by my shaving prowess, especially when it comes to folded skins down at my scrotum.

Scope For Improvement

There are a few pointers that I’d like to mention for this shaver. No matter how long you take to shave, the battery life still could do better or at least should have allowed for a replaceable unit. The shaver head isn’t made for angular shaving which is beneficial for ball trimming duties. If you aren’t paying close attention or trying to get those lying hair with the blades, it will cut you for sure.

If you want to use this shaver for shaving your face as well, remember that it doesn’t provide the closest of shaves since the guards are made for your ball duty and their safety. Note that the replacement blades are quite expensive but that’s the case for most shavers of such stature.

Overall Assessment

I’d recommend it to ones with sensitive skin if you’re looking for an all-round razor within budget. I personally keep it in my backpack for short trips where I might need to use it for shaving my balls as well as my face. It spares me the pain of carrying more than one device and offers me quick results. Just, be mindful while shaving your balls with it, because extra-caution never fails to treat you right.

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The Trimmer by Meridian

1. Rounded ceramic blades1. No charging adapter
2. Powerful motor2. Can’t trim vigorously
3. Soothing grip
4. Fine design
5. Great price to performance ratio

The Meridian trimmer is a close call when it’s placed against the Lawn Mower 4.0 since both of them share similar features along with ceramic blades. However, the Meridian trimmer contains additional skin-safety features that do well around the pubic region, especially the balls. I’ve made frequent uses out of it and figured out its strengths as well as the weaknesses aiming to enrich your knowledge.

Trimmer by Meridian

Outstanding Features

Right out of the box the Meridian unit’s housing impressed me. It’s sleek and smooth, yet allowed me to grab a firm hold on it. Apart from the build, the blades are actually skin-friendly. I’ve had shaving cuts before with other trimmers that dragged on the skin for the blades’ sharp corners. The Meridian team seems to have a good idea on what they’re doing, thus they’ve rounded up the edges.

I never go for a direct blade shave for my testicles as there’s no technology in the world that could prevent a cut if I do so. With this device, I generally attach the length comb with the lowest setting. Then I hold the flat side of the blades against my skin as this has proven to give me the best and safest outcomes. It’s cordless so I was able to twist my wrist at the most diverse angles to get the best out of it.

Best For Balls

What I’ve found out from my experience is that it’s the best trimmer for balls, if not, one of the best for reasons apart from the ergonomic design or smooth ball shaving. The blades are sharp yet forgiving to the skin if I stretch it out while passing over. It requires the minimum amount of time and a gigantic battery life allows me to travel light without the charger!

I’ve used it in both wet & dry conditions and realised it withstands water nicely without ever shocking me. I usually used lukewarm water to drench my balls before applying the blades which you can follow for added comfort. There are additional guards that you can use for your butt shaving, and with a battery that can last me an entire month makes this possible without shedding any sweat!

Scope For Improvement

I wouldn’t call it an area to be improved, just a gentle reminder that this won’t give you a shave as clean as a manual razor due to the limitation of technology. Other than that, my unit didn’t come with a power adapter so I had to use my phone’s adapter with the cable that’s been provided in the box. You still can’t be reckless around your balls with this shaver and be mindful of how you’re operating because it can still cut you!

Overall Assessment

Coming from someone who’s tried out numerous trimmers for balls and have spent countless hours healing my bleeding balls, this stands out by a significant margin in terms of performance and quality of shave. The price point it comes at is completely justifiable and I’ll definitely recommend it to you if you’re looking for a safe & sound method for shaving your testicles. This can also be used for body grooming needs, but make sure to clean the blades thoroughly beforehand!

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 [BG2040]

1. Finest ball shave1. High price
2. Both trimmer & shaver ends perform equally well2. Charges only with the dock
3. Unmatched post-shave comfort
4. Durable for many years
5. Includes charging dock

If I was listing down ball trimmers solely based on their shaving performance, then I’d probably place the Norelco 7100 at the top spot without a second’s thought. But I have to consider the subsidiary factors as well so that you’re able to find the best trimmer for balls overall. Apart from the supreme delivery, let me elucidate on the areas that you need to be aware of before making this purchase!

Philips Norelco bodygroom series 7100

Outstanding Features

The blades in this device have given my balls such a smooth feeling which left my jaws dropped at the floor. It has a double sided design like its predecessor Norelco 7000 with superior neatness and comfort in terms of shaving. The adjustable comb guard on the trimmer end is fixed so I never lost it  inside the pouch. I even used it for other manscaping services to find out it’s actually made for all purposes if need be!

The foil end feels like a knife through the butter when I pass it over my shorter ball hair. If it’s as long as an inch, I generally trim down a little using the trimmer with the lowest comb length. Then I run the foil end over which works great in dry and also with foam under the shower! Unlike most ball trimmers that struggle to perform on balls in the wet, this one excels at this by a long shot!

Maximum Comfort For Balls After Shaving

I’ll admit that I’ve tried being careless while shaving my balls with it and have cut myself, because no trimmer is above that. But even the nature of the cut hasn’t been brutal in its case. While I’m focused during the shaving, I barely nicks or even tugs my balls. It has become my one shaver to rule them all sort of device due to having both a trimmer & a foil shaver on the same device, and a shaver head that follows my balls’ contours precisely.

Cleaning is also very easy with this. I could easily pop-out the shaver head and rinse it under water due to its water-resistant quality. The charging dock that comes with it is very lightweight and I can dock in the device so that the charging is automatically taken care of. It never irritated my sensitive ball skin and spared me the pain of having ingrown hair or razor burn of any sort.

Scope For Improvement

There are two major concerns that prevent me from making it my regular ball trimmer. The first of them is the high price range. For such a price, you do get a decent stubble shave on your balls, maybe the closest on the list, but when it’s more than double priced than its previous instalment, we surely will ask Philips to reduce the cost.

However, my fellows who have been using the Norelco 7100 made their device last around 7-8 years with it still running. So if you’re looking for a long-term investment into the most delicate ball trimmer, this could be your option. Another downside is the battery as it’s a MUST to charge it on the dock. But considering the prolonged battery life with around an hour’s backup with a full charge, I didn’t need to frequently use the dock on my ball grooming days.

Overall Assessment

I’m someone who keeps on searching for different ball trimmers, so this isn’t really the one for me due to the expense. But if you’re someone who’s looking for a long-term commitment into a device that takes care of your scrotum like none other, then this should be your pick despite the cost. It’ll balance out your investment over the years and ensure the balls’ safety to such a degree that isn’t matched by all the other trimmers in the market.

Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver

1. Unmatched dry ball shaving1. Can’t shave wet
2. Removes stubble effortlessly2. Non-rechargeable battery needs to be replaced
3. Long battery life
4. Gentle on testicle skin
5. No pull or tug

The Cleancut ES412 is probably the most uniquely built device in our list and it’s a great alternative if you’re willing to regularly shave your balls. Many people buy it with absurd expectations that it’ll take care of any length of hair down there, while Cleancut clearly states it’s only made of stubble hair. So, adjust your expectations accordingly and see if it fits your description for ball trimming.

Cleancut ES412

Outstanding Features

This device is essentially a trimmer that’s covered by foils. For short ball hair, I’ve found the trimming experience to be very pleasant as it didn’t pull or tug me in any way. The best part about it is that, even if you’re not careful enough, you won’t get yourself cut for the safety cover. The worst I got was a couple of tugs that weren’t as painful as the other devices.

The cleaning has been very straightforward since the top head comes off very easily. The blade however is screwed in, so in terms of a clogged motor you need to unscrew before you get to clean it thoroughly. It didn’t leave behind any razor burn or ingrown hair whatsoever, and marks as one of the most convenient ball trimming experiences I’ve had in quite a while.

Dry-shaving Supremacy

One of the major highlights of this trimmer is that it’s only made for dry use. It’s not meant to be washed or used inside the shower. I trimmed dry to get the best out of it and you should follow along as well. I stretched over my ball skin and gently rubbed it over. Since the motor isn’t really a beast, being gentle and slow is of essence for this unit.

Scope For Improvement

One thing I’ve found to be a little underwhelming is the design. It felt slightly cheaper and the grip isn’t the best one in the market. Considering it’s not made for wet shaves, the grip level can be pardoned. Also, I’m more used to rechargeable trimmers while this one uses replaceable batteries. But the takeaway is that, one battery lasted me a couple months of just ball shaving, so that’s a major compensation on that end.

Overall Assessment

Overall, I’d say it’s a great value for money if you’re looking for something that you’ll use frequently. Otherwise you’ll have to seek refuge in something like Norelco 7000 or have an additional trimmer at hand to trim down the long hair for the ES412 to work on. It’s safe, it’s durable and is something I’d settle for if I trimmed my scrotum every week!

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus Electric Trimmer

1. Unmatched dry ball shaving1. Can’t shave wet
2. Removes stubble effortlessly
2. Non-rechargeable battery needs to be replaced
3. Long battery life
4. Gentle on testicle skin
5. No pull or tug

If you’re looking for a performance that resembles the Norelco 7100 but comes at a highly affordable price range, the MANGROOMER device is here to do your balls some justice! It follows the same dual end trimmer-shaver design with a superb battery life that exceeded my expectations by a huge margin. With everything assessed, I think it’s a great ball trimmer for ones who are young and thinking of their first scrotum shaving operation.


Outstanding Features

I’m going to be brutally honest with you about this device. It has never nicked my precious boys while shaving with the shaver side provided I used it on shorter hair. The trimmer is safe when it’s used with the guard on and it manages to remove longer ball hair without causing a scene. This is what has made me fall in love with the device as I can perform everything that two separate units were supposed to do!

Gigantic Battery Life Against The Price

I’ve never felt so satisfied for a battery life of such high order. It lasts me around a month without any need for charging even if I shave my balls using both the trimmer and the shaver end once a week. If you’re new to ball grooming and feel your pubic hair is  hurting, it could be one of many things that’s related to these operations.

Scope For Improvement

There are reasons I won’t say it has surpassed the Norelco 7100. Firstly, the weight is a little bit hefty due to the big battery placed inside. But as a compensation, you get to travel with it discarding the charger entirely. Secondly, it’s quite loud and vibrates more than other trimmers at this range, but you’ll get used to it over time like I did.

Thirdly, the housing isn’t rubbery, it’s only matte but manages to provide grip even when it’s wet. Another design weakness that could be improved are the two charging ports on either side that sometimes ache my hand, especially when I’m holding it tightly to perform delicate shaving on my balls. It’s also something to get habituated to after spending time with the device.

Overall Assessment

It’s literally a budget killer as it aspires to provide similar quality ball trimming like the Norelco 7100. In terms of price to performance, I’ll place it above all the other trimmers in the list. For comfort however, I’d pick the Meridian or the Norelco 7000. But in terms of what we’re trying to achieve, generating a smooth shave that renders softness like a baby’s butt as my balls is something I’ll settle for over every other factor at this price!

What Makes One The Best Shaver For Balls?

What Makes One The Best Shaver For Balls

There are so many feature oriented shavers and trimmers out there that only confuses you even more, whether to choose this one or that. To make your life easier in terms of making these decisions, I’ve noted down 9 essential qualities that the best trimmer for balls I think should have. Checking for these features will drastically reduce the trouble of making the right shaver choice!

  • Battery Life

While picking out the best trimmer for balls, one thing that I always consider is the battery life. Some use trimmers or shavers with wire, but it makes the operation difficult as wire gets into the way or the cable doesn’t reach my area of shaving.

So it’s wiser to pick a portable trimmer with a good battery which should support you for a minimum of 30 minutes at one charge. Having a bigger battery and quick charge functions would be an added bonus, but it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to clean your genital area, regardless of the volume of hair down there.

  • Ergonomic Design

The best trimmer for balls should contain an ergonomic design since you’ll be dealing with a sensitive region with it, and you need all the help you can get. A well-designed shaver has always allowed me to reach difficult places and shave smoothly over uneven surfaces. It makes for better grip and some are even made with additional traction pads for being used in the shower. Overall, an ergonomic design makes the shaving operation more convenient!

  • Budget Friendly

Finding the best ball shaver is quite a toiling job, since there’s so many options at different price points. Price tag is a big issue and you should be looking for the most efficient choice within your price range. Expensive shavers have their own perks & additional features, I’m not going to lie, but shavers within a reachable budget can also get your work done just fine. So, you have to assess which qualities you need for your ball shaver and assess how many boxes are ticked for your shaver contenders within your budget.

  • Waterproof

The best ball trimmer should come with a waterproof certification, either over IPX5 or any other testimonial provided by the trimmer company. Having a waterproof trimmer has saved me in more than one way: they were easy to wash & clean, and I could opt for wet shaves for your balls. I frequently take my trimmer into the shower for shaving purposes and reduce the nuisance of creating a hairy mess all over the place.

  • Strong Motor

For your ball shaver, you must pick one that has a strong motor. If the blades and the motor aren’t strong enough, then you’ll face hairpulls while shaving or trimming, and trust me that’s not something you want to experience on a regular basis. Having a strong motor will easily remove hair from the ball surface without shedding a tear and offer you a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

  • Ease Of Cleaning

The best trimmer for balls should allow you to clean them easily. It could contain a hair storage, detachable & washable blade or a water resistant body. Whichever it may be, having the comfort to clean it out properly is a big advantage for ball trimmers, otherwise I personally hate the large amount of time trying to brush the blades and wiping them clean. Trimmers belonging to a higher price point come with a self-cleaning kit which makes life even more effortless.

  • Blade Quality

Having specific quality of blade is a must for the best ball trimmer. You need to make sure that the blades are made out of quality materials such as stainless steel, ceramics etc. Blades made out of metal would come with the risk of corrosion, difficulty of cleaning and getting blunt after a very short while. I always avoid blades made out of anything but steel or ceramics.

  • Wet Shaving

I don’t necessarily shave my balls in dry conditions, as some shavers allow me to use shaving creams or gels during the process. Having the wet shaving quality would be a good plus for the best trimmer for balls, as you’ll have the flexibility of switching between wet and dry. Wet shaving prevents you from creating a chaos of spilled hair and gives you an even shave.

  • Blade Type

The best ball trimmer should come with some particular types of blades due to its nature of operation. Come on, our testicles are vulnerable to injuries while using regular shaver or trimmer blades. There are specialised blades such as: foil blades, bent-headed blades, ceramic blades for this particular purpose and you need to make sure that your new trimmer embodies such tools. These unique blades will give you an injury-free and effortless shave to your most precious parts.

Why Is Shaving Your Balls Necessary?

While picking the best trimmer for balls, you might wonder, is it truly necessary to shave your balls? What could possibly prevent you from keeping your hair stay hairy? Let’s look at some of the reasons why I, along with some experts, think that it’s necessary to shave your balls.

  • Health Concerns

First and foremost, it’s good for your health to keep cleanly shaved balls. Having unshaved testicles cause sweat to form into dirt, make cleaning more difficult & ineffective, and these buildups can transform into fungal or bacterial infection any day. So having the best ball trimmer will spare you these pains.

  • Make Oral Sex Easier

Some argue that having shaved balls makes oral sex easier. You should consult with your partner whether she’d like your balls to be shaved or not, because it can become a good incentive for you to shave regularly.

  • Preference

You may prefer to have your balls shaved. Many men are doing it, there’s no harm in it, and tons of people I know claim it to be even a healthy practice. So if you prefer to have cleanly shaved testicles, go out there and buy the best trimmer for balls right away!

  • Comfort

Having a cleanly shaved genitalia always provides me with all sorts of comfort – ensuring air flow, less sweating and most of all, easy access to the private parts. If you want to have this comfort in your life, then shaving your balls is the way to go!

  • Religious Reasons

There’s a big amount of men out there who shave their genitalia due to religious reasons. Although it is disputed whether shaving balls should fall under the same category, some do it nonetheless to keep themselves holy from all the dirt anywhere on the body. If you feel you should shave your balls regularly for such reasons, then you should visit the store to buy the best ball shaver out there.

Why Do You Need A Separate Shaver For Ball Shaving?

It is very normal to ask why one should go through the trouble of buying a separate shaver for shaving your balls, while you already have one at home for your beard or hair. Being a professional barber myself, I’ll explore the major reasons why a separate shaver for manscaping is essential for men.

  • Hygienic Reasons

Hygiene is a big issue when it comes to using the same shaver for both your scrotum and your face. Your testicles come in contact with tons of bacterias each day which cannot infect the skin of the balls. But if you use the same shaver afterwards for shaving your face, then it could turn out to be a medical occurrence.

  • Shaver Specialisation

No matter how much anyone denies it, specialised shavers tend to work 10 times better than regular shavers in terms of cleaning the balls, which I’ve learned first-hand. This should be kept in mind while buying your best shaver for balls, that any other shaver won’t give you the same level of comfort and convenience the way a specialised shaver would do.

  • Skin Problem

Some of you may have skin problems on your genital area, and you can’t hold off shaving until fully recovering. It could also be a permanent condition, and in both cases, it would be very unwise to use the same trimmer for your pubes and rub it on your face. Keeping separate trimmers or shavers for these occasions should spare you the risk of spreading, and also precise shavers can help you out with your skin condition while shaving.

Things To Remember

Things To Remember

Let’s take a look at the things you should remember when you shave your balls, because having the best trimmer for balls is never enough for your safety.

  • Keep First Aid Around

You MUST always keep the first aid kit around while you shave your balls. Having the best trimmer for balls may reduce the risks of accidents, but it is never zero. So having safety precautions can help you in the long run, should there be any accidental nicks or cuts.

  • Always Disinfect

REMEMBER: I always disinfect my blades after each shave. Our genitalia boards a wide variety of bacteria each day, and leaving the shaver blades uncleaned after a shave can cause a bacterial infection on your next shave. Thus, disinfecting your blades will mitigate such risks and make your ball shaving a healthy, risk-free process.

  • See A Doctor For Skin Problems

If you have any skin problem down at your balls or genital region, you should definitely seek doctor’s advice and take proper precaution. You should discuss whether your genitals can be shaved and which sort of blades you can use while having the skin condition. Also, if you get a new shaver and it causes any skin related complications, you should run to the doctor as well.

  • Be Patient

Always be patient while trimming your balls. You may have the best trimmer for balls, but it will do you no good if you’re not patient enough. Taking your time will avoid risks of injury and offer you the cleanest, smoothest ball shaving experience.

Things To Avoid

There are some actions that need to be avoided even if you’re using the best ball shaver on the market. It’ll make your ball shaving journey more comfortable and safe.

  • Alcohol Based Aftershaves

You should avoid alcohol based aftershaves on your testicles. Such products dehydrate your skin and can cause you all sorts of troubles, so it is wise to avoid them and better to use nourishing creams for your genital region.

  • Shaving Vigorously

Despite having the best shaver for balls possible, shaving vigorously has made nicks and cuts to my testicles in the past. Ball skins are wrinkly and uneven surfaces, and you cannot rush it down to shave, even with your specialised shaver.

  • Shavers Meant For Other Purposes

Avoid shavers meant for other purposes, such as trimming or clipping hair and beard. Such shavers are more likely to cause you unwanted injury and won’t offer you the cleanest of shaves like shavers particularly made for ball shaving purposes.

Frequency Of Ball Shaving

Some of you often ponder over this question: how frequently should I shave my balls? There isn’t one answer for this, as it depends on a lot of things. If you are to shave your balls regularly, then I’d suggest shaving it once a month. That is the general timeline, because hair on balls takes 3-4 weeks to grow up to the length of having to cut off.

But if you prefer to have completely clean balls at all times, or your partner prefers it that way, then you can crank up the frequency up to weekly shaves with the best trimmer for balls. Other trimmers wouldn’t be able to give you the level of comfort and ease like the specialised ones.


Let’s explore some of the commonly asked questions that may arise when you think of shaving your balls. It’ll help you comprehend the entire activity even better.

Q: Does shaving my balls increase my risk for an STD?

A: No, this is completely a rumour. STD stand for Sexually Transmitted Disease, and it’s called sexually transmitted for a reason – it cannot be transmitted any other way, and DEFINITELY not by shaving your balls.

Q: Are trimmers good for balls?

A: Trimmers can often be risky for your balls, since there are blades in motion involved. But if you select trimmers specialised for this reason, then you’ll be safe from harm’s way.

Q: Can females use male trimmer?

A: Of course females can use male trimmers. You need to read the description first because some trimmers are particularly made for male use.

Q: Are shaved balls more sensitive than hairy ones?

A: It is definitely better to shave your balls. Waxing includes pulling and a sensitive spot as your testicles, you wouldn’t want to be messing around with something like that.

Q: Is it better to shave or wax your balls?

A: It is definitely better to shave your balls. Waxing includes pulling and a sensitive spot as your testicles, you wouldn’t want to be messing around with something like that.

Q: Do women prefer shaved balls or not?

A: It is a highly subjective question. Around 80-90% of women prefer some amount of grooming in the pubic region. But the number is significantly lower when it comes to cleanly shaved balls.

Final Thoughts

Our journey through all the knowledge and information regarding ball trimming comes to an end. Remember, the best trimmer for balls is the one you find the most comfortable with, because each of us have unique conditions down there that can’t be generalised.

However, the 7 devices that I’ve suggested have not only been tested first-hand by myself for a certain period of time, but also been confirmed by prolonged users and experts on the matter. These trimmers tend to take the best care of your man-jewels while ensuring the maximum safety.

So follow everything that I’ve gathered and shared with you to pick out the device that aspires to serve you better than every other device. I hope you’ll get the smooth & fine experience of trimming your balls with any of these like I have, and remove one major headache that all of us men share!

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