Learn The Beard Length Chart To Get Any Beard Style Effortlessly At Your Home

Measuring your beard to trim down at the precise length of your desire shouldn’t be something really difficult, but for a lot of people out there it’s a tough challenge that they face very often. Whether it’s for regular maintenance or a styling preference, gaining a better understanding of the beard length chart is a very important factor in our grooming department.

One might ask, what is the beard length chart? How does it help one to groom effortlessly following this chart? Our guide here today will answer all of these questions by equipping you with the knowledge that’s going to make your life significantly easier! Having a thorough understanding of your beard trimmer attachments will come in handy in this regard!

So, keep us on your tab for a fabulous journey through some of the most fashionable beard styles from our beard length chart with a comparative understanding from one to the other. You’ll also be able to learn the ways you can utilize this chart to upgrade your grooming methods and become the most fanciable guy in your corporate office or your everyday classroom!

What Is The Beard Length Chart?

What Is The Beard Length Chart

The beard length chart is a tool which you can apply to your grooming methods for a more refined outcome than regular grooming. It combines the ideas of different trimmer guard sizes with the output length of your beard.

Whether you’re looking to trim your beard down at a particular length or want to inherit a specific beard style, the chart will tell you which setting you should put your trimmer in or how long the beard should be kept. Also, it’s going to help you maintain your regular style in terms of trimming and sharpening up the edge lines.

It’s the necessary bridge of knowledge between your beard length in inches and millimeters with your grooming prowess. After making a proper acquaintance to the chart, you’ll automatically know which mode you should drive into for the different styles that are prominent in the world of fashion right now!

Beard Lengths Comparison

Here, we’re going to offer you a comprehensive table that’s going to tell you everything between your beard style’s name, length and the general duration you might require to grow your beard to that particular length. Although hair growth varies from man to man, it’ll give you an idea so that you can roughly plan ahead for your desired look.

Length Name Length (mm) Length (inches) Style Duration
Length 0 >0.5 mm >0.02” Zero 1 day
Length 1 0.5-1 mm 0.02”-0.04” Stubble (light) 3 days
Length 2 1.5-3 mm 0.06”-0.12” Stubble (med) 5-7 days
Length 3 3.5-5 mm 0.14”-0.2” Stubble (heavy) 2 weeks
Length 4 7 mm 0.3” Sleek 3 weeks
Length 5 9 mm 0.35” Corporate About a month
Length 6 12 mm 0.46” Full 5 weeks
Length 7 15-22 mm 0.6”-0.87” Medium 7 weeks
Length 8 50 mm 2” Long 4 months
Length 9 >50 mm >2” Very Long Over 5 months

The 10 lengths that are mentioned above encompass any beard style in the world with varying lengths. You now know which length represents which specific beard type as well as the length you’re going to cut or trim down to. And if you’re a barber, this article is probably like a birthday gift for you! In such a case, don’t forget to settle for anything less than an optimum  trimmer!

Captivating Beard Styles From Beard Length Chart

Let’s now check out 10 of the most unique beard styles picked out from our lengths mentioned above! It can function as a styling inspiration as well as a guideline for your next beard style which you can flaunt everyday in public!

Zero Beard

Zero Beard

This style is popularly known as the zero style or zero cut. The name is derived from the zero trimmer guard during the grooming process, it means there’s no guard at all and the blade trims down your hair to the shortest possible level.

It’s a great alternative that men often use to avoid going through a shaving procedure. It’s often preferential and knowing the differences between shaver and trimmer should help you make up your mind whether you’re going to go for it or not.

Whatever your preference may be, you can’t deny that this style at length 0 has every potential to make you look like a revered professional!

Light Stubble Beard

Light Stubble Beard

The length 1 beard relies on your stubble and your hair growth. Light stubble beard is often called the evening beard as many people can’t go an entire day having their face cleanly shaved as their beard starts to form by the end of the day.

If that is the case, we recommend you to skid into it rather than driving away because that way you’ll be able to make it into your fashion choice. Learn to trim your beard to the length of your desire to maintain the length between a millimeters constantly!

We can vouch that this style is in no way unprofessional if you cater to it regularly and keep the length in check!

Medium Stubble Beard

Medium Stubble Beard

You can allow a little growth to your stubble beard to make it into something more fashionable and impose a mature look on yourself. Medium stubble allows you to get away with the least amount of maintenance and grooming on a regular basis.

With a length up to 3 mm, you can achieve this by trimming with your particular trimmer guard. One run over should be sufficient to keep the growth in check and become the most elegant looking man wherever you step your footing!

This beard compliments ones with a sharp jawline since most of your skin would be visible through the short length of beard.

Heavy Stubble Beard

Heavy Stubble Beard

Trimming a longer stubble beard is not as easy as the shorter ones. You should learn the procedure precisely before you commit to such styles because it can otherwise end in catastrophe. Once you’ve acquired the knowledge, you’ll start generating more sophisticated results right at your home!

A heavy stubble demands additional grooming than the shorter ones. You must keep the excess hair growing around your beard in check and shape the lines more frequently. Due to the length of such styles, it becomes essential to make the contrast more apparent!

This style falls between the gradient of formal and stylish as it contains elements from both of the departments!

Sleek Beard

Sleek Beard

If you’re a minimalist and prefer subtlety in your looks instead of going extravagant with your styles, the sleek beard at length 4 should be your ideal get away. You won’t have everyone turning heads to have a stare at your beard, rather they’ll look at you for the entire look to which your beard will greatly contribute.

Sleek beard requires some attention to keep the neat features intact. For such exquisitely tasteful styles, one trimming mistake can prove to be very costly and you’ll have to start over, so avoid errors as much as you can by being delicate through the process.

If done perfectly, you’ll find that only a handful of people are matching the level or stylish aura that you radiate at each location!

Corporate Beard

Corporate Beard

Going corporate can quite often be terrifying and a mountainous task as you have to maintain so many things including your looks. A corporate beard at around 9 mm length can boost your confidence in the best possible way and generate your productivity by a long margin!

It should ideally take you about a month to reach the length that this beard relies on. Once there, you have to keep on maintaining it so that there is a visible shape to the beard. Such shapes speak character which is highly appreciated in the corporate sector!

Whether you want to wear tuxedos or a jacket over your shirt – this corporate beard will suit everything perfectly!

Full Beard

Full Beard

Having the ability and genetic backup to grow a full beard is always a blessing and a welcoming factor into the various trends of beards. It can enhance your manhood by presenting you as the alpha male in the territory with the magnitude of style unforeseen by anyone around!

Your growth must be optimum for this style along with no bald patches within the beard lines. Learn to stylize your beard at home with reduced hair beneath your chin, which can prove to be difficult if you don’t know the proper methods of getting done.

When everything comes together, a full beard will grant you access to people or places that you’ve probably never even given thought to!

Medium Beard

Medium Beard

Medium beard at length 7 is the transition point between the short & long styles and this is also an area that can be nurtured in many different ways! If you pick this style from our beard length chart, you’ll never have to look again for another style for many days ahead!

It’s also ideal for people who are looking forward to growing their beard to longer styles. During this phase, you shouldn’t just let your medium beard sit idly and do nothing. Instead, style it up in diverse ways and make the best out of the opportunity that’s been presented to you!

You can get away with both high and low maintenance for this beard length, as a groomed beard will make you look more refined, otherwise it’ll generate a casual look.

Long Beard

Long Beard

This is where the big boy league starts! After your long patience that can last around 4 months, you’ll achieve the beard at your desired length which you can play with in many different ways! You can keep it carefree or you can groom regularly to create effects of all types!

Some of the most elegant beard styles are set at this specific length. Be that the one of Andrea Pirlo or film stars like Ben Affleck, your long beard promises to take you sizable distance in the world of fashion. You’ll witness men women alike lining up behind for your time or some styling tips!

If your goal is to go even longer with your beard, you should keep into consideration whether you should shave your neck in the process.

Very Long Beard

Very long Beard

We’ve arrived at length 9 – which is the most majestic section of this article. You might require 6 months to even years to achieve such a category of beard. These styles not only reflect your tastefulness and grooming skills to the onlookers, but also your composure and passion behind the craft!

These styles can always include a beautiful mustache to be paired with. Whether it’s a regular one or significantly long, you should match it up with the shape of your beard to make it look coherent. Using pomades, beard oil etc. can help achieve a better texture for your beard.

Even though it’s long, you should always use your scissors to shape the ends and trimmer to remove residue hair from the areas you don’t need any growth.

Benefits Of Beard Length Chart

There are a few major benefits of our beard length chart that can help you in both short and long run. These are:

  • The chart makes beard styles and length comprehensive
  • You gain a rough idea on the duration of each beard style
  • You can now ensure better maintenance for your unique beard
  • Beard length chart allows you to understand your trimmer guards in a new light
  • It encourages you to groom your beard in the most organized frame of action

So, it’s evident that the beard length chart is relevant to the grooming sector and something significant to ensure you a composed styling & grooming procedure.


Let’s find the answers to these frequently asked questions to solidify our knowledge on the beard length chart!

Q: How long does it take to grow a stubble beard?

A: It varies from person to person, but for a standard stubble you can give it 3 to 5 days’ time!

Q: What length of beard is most attractive?

A: Attraction is a subjective term as many people find shorter beards alluring to longer ones. For a short beard, the length 2 has generated more positive feedback from people. On the other hand, lengths 8 and 9 are also prominently admired by beard enthusiasts!

Q: Why do girls like beards?

A: Beard is a sign of peak confidence and masculinity which often attracts many women.


Now that we’ve reached the end point of this article, we hope that our beard length chart benefits you in more than one way. It’s a great tool for getting into beard grooming or sustainable maintenance for the ones who already possess one.

It even opens doors for you to try out and experiment with new beard styles. It makes applying the latest looks possible right at your home, without running to your stylist and spending a significant amount of money on your desired style.

Lastly, our experts believe that aligning the beard styles, lengths with the duration and particular ways of achieving it is a healthy practice for groomers. In such a way, your beard remains in shape, receives proper maintenance and ensures sustainability in the long run.

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