Andis Master Vs Wahl Senior: Which One To Buy in 2024?

We are going to enter a brawl between Andis Master vs Wahl Senior clippers as both of them are of a superior class than to most premium grade clippers. Some might argue that one of them is a clipper and the other is a trimmer, but experts suggest that these two can easily be utilized in alternate ways.

This article focuses solely on these two units from the renown brands that are consumer favorites worldwide. Our experts have used them first hand, drawn feedback from professional barbers and accumulated a finding that should prove to be fruitful for your next big purchase.

Buckle up right now to dive into this extensive battle between two of the giants in this market. You’re going to learn a great deal about these clippers during the process and by the end, we’ll help you reach a verdict that’ll be the most favorable to your requirements!

Andis Fade Master vs Wahl Senior Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Andis Fade Master Wahl Cordless Senior
Run Time
Apx 50 Minutes
70 minutes
Guards Included
3 guards (1/16" to 3/16")
454 Grams
13 Ounces
Carbon Steel
Our Rating
Check Price Check Price

Spiciest Challenge Between Andis Fade Master vs Wahl Senior

Both Andis and Wahl are ranked among the top hair clipper brands due to their masterclass performance, durability and captivating styles they are able to produce effortlessly. In this section, we’ll explore their qualities to understand which one is more suitable for your needs.

Do You Prefer Shiny Or Classy Design?

Andis Master Shiny Design

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There’s a recognizable difference between the housing for each of these devices. Such variations stand out and arouse the aesthetic sides of the consumers. For instance, the Andis Master features a strong build made out of metal and it’s so shiny that you’ll probably be able to see your own reflection into the body of this trimmer.

On the other hand, the Wahl Senior contains a more elegant body that comes in midnight black. The color as well as the bulky design appeals to a certain group of people. If you’re into classy objects that display premium outlooks, the Senior should be your pick. Or you can settle for a more shiny and unsubtle bodywork with the Master – it’s completely up to you!

Grip Level Deficiency

Clipper Grip Level Deficiency

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You must assess the comfort level of grips as well while picking your perfect device. Because if you’re a barber and plan on performing frequent haircuts on your customers, a loose grip on your clipper should prove to be quite a hefty task. It also cuts down on your efficiency.

Our experts have used both the Master and Senior for a prolonged period of time to understand the key difference while using them. They’ve suggested that, despite being made with a bulky body, the Wahl device feels more comfortable in hands and agile with a high-level of grip.

The Andis Master isn’t that far off with the lean & shiny body and for consumers who aren’t going to use it professionally will easily make do with it. And to maintain the shininess of the Andis housing, clean it regularly following proper methods!

How Powerful Are These Motors?

Both of these devices have incorporated their most powerful motors ever to have been produced for clippers. Such integration makes the contest of Andis Master vs Wahl Senior even more so intriguing!

The Wahl Senior motor has a very narrow upper hand at the Andis Master in terms of raw power. Master’s electromagnetic motor has the ability to perform 14,000 cutting spm, but it falls a little shy to the Senior’s V9000 motor which beats almost every other motor in the race.

Such a minor deficit doesn’t really have much of an impact performance wise, but the Senior is preferred for styling longer hairstyles due to the flexibility the motor can offer. As opposed to it, Master’s motor is suitable for clipping through thick or coarse hair that’s not easy to get rid of.

Adjusting Efficiency For Barbers

For a barber, being able to adjust the clipper blades or comb should be very straightforward and effortless. Because you’ll have to constantly deal with customers with different requirements or varying hair types and conditions. Thus, you’ll require the swifest service out of your clipper, especially in terms of properly aligning your clipper blades.

Since both of these are adjustable clippers, you’ll be quite glad to utilize this function more often than not. In such a case, the Andis Master proves to be somewhat challenging during making such tweaks.

You’re going to require both of your hands to play with the lever, and even then you might not get the most satisfactory tightness level. But the upside is that it’s a step-by-step lever, so you’ll at least know where you are with your blade.

The Wahl Senior in this regard is a piece of cake! The lever is placed right at the position where your thumb is supposed to be with a natural grip. This makes adjusting with the lever much easier and you can do it mid-shave without even pausing!

There’s a downside too though, the Senior’s blades don’t adjust in steps, so you’ll have to have a proper mastery of the device until you can precisely align your blades at your desired level. It seems, both of these clippers have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to adjustment issues!

Clipping Difference Of Blades For Certain Hair Types

Blades For Certain Hair Types

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These two have significant variations of blades and their functionalities which should assist you in this Andis Master vs Wahl Senior duel. Based on the blade materials, coating and operational abilities, you’ll figure out your perfect clipper for your unique purposes!

The Andis Master features carbon-coated steel blades. Such blades perform flawlessly during  your haircuts – be that any type of fade or a clean, bald head. But our experts have found out that these blades are ranked a little higher than the Senior blades while chopping through coarse hair that’s usually somewhat challenging to trim off.

Wahl Senior blades are made out of stainless steel and is named as #1005. These blades always offer smooth clipping and a result that’s of a professional grade. The blades are aligned a bit better than of the Master’s which makes it a prime pick for not only barbers, but also for consumers at home.

While zero gapping is significantly straightforward for Wahl blades, the Master blades flourish in accuracy. Even though we’ve picked Wahl blades to be the superior one, for delicate cuts you can easily opt for the Andis variant any day!

Are Accessories A Big Deal For You?

Clipper Accessories

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If receiving accessories out of your clipper’s box matters a lot to you, then you’re going to find it significantly easy to reach a verdict for Andis Master vs Wahl Senior. Because these two aren’t synonymous in this regard and one has a clear upperhand.

Wahl Senior comes out on top here as it includes guide combs from 1/16″ to 3/16″, cleaning brush and lubricant that’ll help you keep your clipper in check. It’ll allow you to perform specific endeavors effortlessly at your desired length.

Andis Master doesn’t have any clipper guard or any sort of accessory included within the package. You can make separate purchases for Andis accessories however from their official website or any vendor that are available in your local area.

The comb guards you’ll get from Andis have been tested by our experts, and it seems these are quite sharp and are in no way friendly for sensitive skin, so keep that in mind. Going about such an operation with a Wahl clipper should generate a more comfortable result!

Heat & Noise Prevail

You must understand that heavy-duty clippers with powerful motors will always generate a certain degree of heat and noise. This is the confinement of physics and we must accept such a compromise as opposed to the supreme performance that we receive.

Both of these clippers display unique characteristics when it comes to heat. Since the Andis Master houses a full stainless steel body, it heats up drastically and sometimes it can cause havoc during a long day of shaving.

On the other hand, the Wahl Senior houses a plastic body, which means it doesn’t heat up super fast. But when it does, it takes almost the same amount of time to cool down for the same reason.

There’s a quick escape for the Master though, you can always use a cooling lube to decrease the temperature within a couple of minutes. However, it’s not going to be as effective with the Senior device and you’ll have to bite down on your tongue as it cools off.

For the sound part, both of these are very loud because of the powerful motors. You can apply a few tricks to cut down on the noise which have proven to be of great benefit!


It’s really a tough call between these two devices as on some grounds, they are oddly similar for differentiating. And in other aspects, they feature unique concentrations that can’t truly be compared to one another.

Let’s make this easier for you. If you’re on a budget, Wahl Senior should be your clear victor as it’s much more affordable than the Andis Master, comes with accessories that you won’t need to buy separately with a device that’s more or less similar-performing to the Master.

Then again, the Master has its own charms in the Andis Master vs Wahl Senior contest with a captivating body, stronger blades and cooling convenience – it’s a prime pick for barbers who are looking for a professional-grade clipper for everyday use.

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