Andis 17150 Vs 17200: Which One Suits You Best In 2024?

When it comes to affordable foil shavers for regular use, you’ll hear two names that are frequently echoed through the shaving community. They are the Andis 17200 and Andis 17150 foil shavers, the former is brought as an upgrade to the latter to satisfy your everyday shaving needs.

The Andis 17150 vs 17200 is a really close contest because there’s not really much difference between the two. Andis has decided to continue on with their grand success in providing comfort and a good shave with the features that have already been receiving positive feedback.

That said, it’s vital to explore the features to understand what they are capable of doing and what are the significant differences that set them apart. It’ll help you find your right shaving fit and make your spending cost efficient.

Our article today does just that under the domain of duel between these two high-performing shavers. The analysis is based on our personal experience that’s tied to our expertise regarding the shavers. All you have to do is scroll through the article that’ll surely help you make up your mind!

Andis 17200 Vs 17150 : Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Andis 17150
Andis 17200
Charging Stand
Noise level
Bit Louder
Less Louder
Our Rating
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Check Price

Why Is The Duel Between Andis 17200 Vs 17150 Necessary?

Difference Between Andis 17200 Vs 17150

With these two oddly similar foil shavers, it’s not a crime to ask why we should learn their differences. As these shavers come at slightly different price points, we reckon it’s important for consumers who are willing to make a purchase to have a proper understanding of what they would be getting against their money.

For instance, the upgraded features in Andis 17200 may come in handy for some people that aren’t present in the Andis 17150. In such a case, you might consider the additional cost with the features and assess whether you require it and if it’s worth the investment.

It’s vice-versa for the other group, as spendig extra for the features you don’t really need in your shaver would only go to waste. So going through our article will help you save some money and not run after a newer model just because it’s the latest installment.

That’s why differentiating between these two shavers has become necessary. You’ll have to think what are the qualities you need and pick either of these two to make your purchase worthwhile! Also, learn how to use them properly to get the best out of them!

Comparative Analysis: Andis ProFoil 17150 Vs 17200

These Andis shavers are top-tier productions in their line and are fan-favorites because of the neat shave they offer. With so little difference in features, you’ll have to take it from the ones who are experienced in using them to gain the insight for which one to choose. Understanding both of their similarities and differences of performance should be of aid in such regard.

Foil & Blade Quality

Andis ProFoil Blade Quality

The Andis 17150 ProFoil shaver and the Andis Profoil Lithium Plus Foil shaver are oddly similar when it comes to their quality of foil and blades. As the foils are made of gold-aluminum, you’re going to have foils that last the longest time without receiving any corrosive damage. Thus both of them check the boxes of sustainability and will demand less maintenance cost from you.

When it comes to the blades, the 17150 and 17200 share identical ones as the upgrade doesn’t change the blades from the original. It’s probably because of the supreme cut we’ve been receiving from the Andis 17150, a neat, close shave that’s often unimaginable at such a price point.

The consumers such as ourselves have complimented Andis for such a fine performance in shaving which they picked up and carried on to the Andis 17200. For both of these shavers, we guarantee that you’ll be able to remove your stubble easily with the foil shaver technology which will give you the smoothest outcome!

Charging Dock

Andis ProFoil Trimmer Charging Option

Let’s see a recognizable difference between the two! One of the major upgrades the Andis 17200 brings in contrast to the Andis 17150 is the charging dock. It’s going to take away your trouble of bringing out your charger and plugging it in every time you run out of charge since you can simply place it in the dock and forget about it!

It’s an upgrade we believe will cater to barbers more than casual shavers like ourselves. Because it’s going to save you some time in-between each shave. All you have to do is grab your 17200 from the dock, get on with the shaving and put it back!

If you wake up in the morning and find your shaver dead out of battery, the Andis 17150 can easily be plugged into the electric outlet with the charging cable. It runs on electricity as well so running out of charge is not really going to bother you much. So upgrading solely for the dock would be handy for barbers, but probably not for home users.

Travel Check!

The travel enthusiasts will find these shavers to be a delightful gift because they are made in a travel-friendly manner! They weigh around 10 ounces each and are pretty concise in dimensions, so it’s no hassle to pack inside your bag unlike other shavers that are significantly larger.

On top of that, each of them contain a pop-up trimmer for additional grooming like drawing edge lines or trimming off the mustache. This renders carrying a separate trimmer for such reasons redundant. And the 80 minutes runtime on battery after one charge should seal the deal for you, as you won’t need to carry the charger during a short trip around the weekend!

Difference In Grip Levels

Difference In Grip Levels

Another recognizable difference between these two shavers is in their rubber grips. While the Andis 17150 has a pre-existing rubber grip on the body, the Andis 17200 brings an upgrade which is more tactile and prevents slip in a superior manner.

If you’re planning on operating a long grooming session or have sweaty hands, the 17200 should fall right into your playground. It’s also an added advantage for barbers as you have to use the shaver frequently all day long. So a slip-proof, better-grip shaver will be beneficial to you in these demanding hours.

These two shavers are ideal for ones who don’t like spending time on cleaning shaving accessories. With a little knowledge on shaver cleaning, you can easily keep these shavers maintained as we found it to be very straightforward. It took us only a couple of minutes to clean either of them, and that’s a great benefit when it comes to such foil shavers!

Value For Money: Good Or Bad?

Which Andis Trimmer Should You Choose

The Andis 17120 vs 17200 is really a bargain when it comes to price against performance. You’ll not only get a close shave or a frequent, fine outcome both for your head and your face, but also it’s great for the ones with sensitive skin as well! You can assign them next to some of the most prominent shavers that specialize in sensitive skin, so imagine that!

Such a high degree of performance has been proven when we tried them out for shaving our neckline. It felt heavenly during the shaving and the whole operation left behind no trace of itchiness or discomfort in any way! The advanced foil in both of these shavers has made our experience comfortable beyond description.

Both of these shavers are notorious for head shaving. We’ve received the finest of shaves using Andis 17150 and Andis 17200. They generated similar results so if you’re looking for a shaver to frequently shave your head, opting for the 17150 should serve you fine and give you the cleanest of shaves!

Sound Level

The only downside we can think of for these two shavers is the sound. You must understand that you’re getting so much in such compact devices, so they’re bound to make some noise while they offer you such premium services.

However, the sound is only the loudest when you’re shaving near your ear region. But that’s not the area you’ll be spending most of your time around. When you move away from this area to your chin or neck, the noise is very tolerable, just keep the expectation that it’s not going to be completely silent. Then again – none of the shavers really is.


Now the time has come for us to place a verdict between Andis 17150 and Andis 17200. Before we declare one as the winner, you must understand that both of these are highly affordable shavers and the price point they come at, you won’t find anything else that can top them in performance.

We’d say, if you’re a barber who needs to perform frequent shaving the entire day, the charging dock and additional rubber grip would make your life tons easier. It’s an upgrade you should go for with the additional expense, and in this battle between Andis 17150 vs 17200 – the Andis 17200 is a clear winner.

But for a regular home consumer who wants to shave stubble daily or clean the head as well as the neck area, Andis 17150 should serve you just fine. You’re going to save money and receive a masterclass performance at a price which is too good to be true! So in this case, Andis 17150 would be the public’s winner!

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