About Us

Grooming Insider is the digital reflection of Tony Richards’ barber-shop in Brooklyn that aims at satisfying the customers with the highest-quality service. The service begins from men’s grooming to styling counseling with suggestions of products for everyone’s specific needs.

Our Goals

Our first and foremost goal is to offer unique grooming & styling ideas to the readers who can’t physically visit our shop. With the vast knowledge & experience Tony has, which he has obtained for two preceding generations, the deliveries are always on-point and up-to-date with the contemporary fashion industry.

The second and most important goal of Grooming Insider is customer satisfaction. This business and the subsidiary deliverables are solely produced so that people in need of grooming ideas & solutions are met with the highest degree of opinions.

Honesty is Our Motto

Our goals have extended out to one prime motto for all the products that we review, which is being completely honest and transparent about them. To ensure that the reviews don’t turn out to be biased, we have an excellent team who collect data from other users of the same products and cross-reference them to see how they stack up against our own opinions.

From planning out the basics to the final blog that we publish, we have a dedicated team that works relentlessly to ensure that the information we provide is valid and going to help the readers out in the long run.

Our sustainable and honest approach is one of the main reasons that we were able to grow this far, and now we aim at transcending past any measurable point of growth to give our readers the best possible treatment that they deserve!

Our Team

The Grooming Insider team contains three individuals who specialize in unique sectors that make this organization what it is. Learning about them would create a personal bridge between the readers and the writers who commit to provide the most authentic reviews for them.

Muckther Hossain




Muckther is the founder and biggest contributor of groominginsider.com. With a passion for technology and innovation, he leads a small but dedicated team in the relentless pursuit of uncovering and evaluating the latest products across various industries.

Muckther’s insightful reviews, marked by a keen eye for detail and a commitment to impartiality, have established him as a trusted authority in the realm of product analysis.

Under his visionary guidance, the team diligently explores a diverse range of products, offering comprehensive insights to assist consumers in making informed decisions. Mukther’s leadership style fosters a culture of excellence and integrity, ensuring that each review reflects the team’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Flori Richards

Professional BarberFlori Richards

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Among the Grooming Insider team, Flori is the one with the supreme degree of experience in the field and in the grooming industry overall. Flori is a veteran barber of three generations who owns 11 shops all across the Queens region. Despite his success, he chooses to practise at his grandfather’s original location where people know him by his first name.

Due to his talent with the scissors, experience in grooming and styling guides that he passes on a daily basis, free of cost, the respect for Flori’s family in the area has never been higher. These qualities are the aspiring factors that drove Grooming Insider to form in the first place and during the growth that turned into the popular website that it is today!

Thomas Fisher

Tester, EditorThomas Fisher

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Thomas is a childhood friend of Flori who have shared the same enthusiasm for grooming from a very early age. The Richards family has left a strong influence over Thomas’ personality and he found the technical side of grooming to be very fascinating. From using the first generation

Panasonic trimmers to the latest & most expensive ones effortlessly and pushing to the limit, Thomas provides a keen insight on each of these devices catering to the needs of many. Apart from testing out products for Grooming Insider, Thomas reads through every article before going into publishing to ensure that proper and transparent reviews are being conveyed to the readers.

Jabed Hasan

Project ManagerJabed-Hasan


Jabed’s inclusion in the Grooming Insider team is a remarkable story. He is a prominent entrepreneur and was a regular customer of Flori’s until he faced some grooming problems himself and asked for Flori’s counsel. The way Tony resolved the matters struck upon Jabed’s head as an idea that would be able to help out many people who are in need of such guidance but can’t visit Flori in person.

With that notion in mind and technical expertise to tie them down together, Jabed initiated the Grooming Insider venture and included Thomas as well so that the two friends can write and share their grooming concepts, solutions and reviews to the personal computers or mobile phones of everyone in dire need of it.